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Lose Fat the Cool Way – Freeze Your Fat Cells

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Muffin tops and love handles are common concerns that just don’t go away with diets and exercise. There is now a cool way to remove this unwanted fat – CoolSculpting! This breakthrough procedure is based on a cooling technology designed to freeze your fat cells without surgery or pain.

The treatment is quite unlike other non-invasive procedures. The FDA approved CoolSculpting device developed by Zeltiq Aesthetics uses cryolipolysis to destroy fat cells by freezing them. The frozen fat cells then break up and are permanently eliminated through the body’s natural metabolic processes. What makes this such an attractive and exciting liposuction option is that it is completely non-invasive – no needles, no incisions, no bleeding. This patented process simply targets, cools and eliminates fat cells without any damage to your skin. The procedure can effectively treat areas such as abdomen, love handles, bra rolls, and muffin-tops.

How does this revolutionary treatment work? It’s pretty simple. A specially designed gel pad is applied to the treatment area. Your cosmetic surgeon will position the device at the site. The device will then draw the unwanted fat up between two cooling panels. The sensation is a firm pull and pressure which will ensure that the selected tissue is cooled efficiently.

Being completely non-invasive, the procedure takes very little time. A typical treatment could take about 1-3 hours to complete. Patients can read, work on their laptops, and relax during the treatment and return to their regular activities immediately.

Ideal candidates for the procedure are those with noticeable bulges in certain areas and only need minimal fat reduction. Your plastic surgeon will determine if you are the right candidate for the CoolSculpting Zeltiq procedure. Noticeable changes will appear as soon as three weeks after the treatment and more dramatic results in about two months. Long-term results should remain stable as long as you maintain your weight with your normal diet and exercise.

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