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bodySCULPT® Offering Innovative Non-invasive CoolSculpting Procedure

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Men and women seeking a non-invasive solution for fat reduction can benefit from CoolSculpting in NYC. An established AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice based in Manhattan, NYC, bodySCULPT® offers CoolSculpting procedure to get rid of excess fat. The right candidates can benefit from this safe FDA approved treatment to effectively address fat spots that are resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting Zeltiq addresses excess fat by freezing and eliminating it through controlled cooling.

The plastic surgeons at the practice are skilled, experienced and specialized in the procedure and help patients achieve noticeable and lasting results with no downtime. Surplus fat in almost all areas such as abdomen, flank, inner thighs, outer thighs, neck and chin can be effectively resolved using the treatment. During the treatment, the surgeon applies a specially designed cooling applicator to the area where the individual needs fat reduction. For delicate areas such as neck and the chin, the surgeon will use the more delicate, scaled-down applicator, CoolMini.

The CoolSculpting process selectively targets localized fat deposits to freeze and destroy them, leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. No separate suction process for removal of destroyed fat is needed as the dead fat cells are eliminated through the body’s natural metabolic process. This unique fat reduction treatment comes with the following advantages:

  • No knives or suction hoses
  • No needles or anesthetic
  • No surgical incisions or scars
  • Individuals may remain active during treatment

Normal activities can be resumed almost immediately after the treatment. Visible changes are seen in about three weeks and greater improvements, in two months. Those who want further improvements in the outcome can opt for additional treatment sessions. Individualized care and attention and customized solutions are the highlights of treatment at this NYC plastic surgery practice.


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