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Breast Lift Surgery at bodySCULPT® Effective in Restoring Feminine Proportions

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An established Manhattan-based practice dedicated to cosmetic breast surgery, bodySCULPT® offers a wide range of procedures to help women improve the appearance of the bust line. Breast lift surgery at this NYC practice is an ideal option for women looking to address sagging issues and achieve a more proportional, youthful breast contour.

Breastfeeding, aging, genetics and rapid weight loss are the main factors leading to drooping, saggy breasts. By removing excess, stretched skin and reshaping the breast tissue, the surgeons restore a firmer and more aesthetically pleasing contour. The procedure can also resolve breast asymmetry and reduce stretched, large areolae, thereby improving feminine proportions.

The surgeons use advanced mastopexy techniques such as ‘anchor’ or ‘inverted-T’ mastopexy, and vertical breast lift to perform the surgery. They recommend the optimal incision pattern based on the correction required and breast and body anatomy. Care is taken to see that scars remain hidden in the natural creases.

Safe procedures, quick recovery, long-lasting outcomes and dedicated follow ups are the highlights of the services provided at this NYC plastic surgery practice. At the initial consultation, patients are informed about the nature of the treatment as well as the risks and benefits so that they can take an informed decision. The use of 3D imaging technology enhances the consultation experience for both patient and surgeon.

The other benefits of breast lift treatment at this practice include:

  • Individualized solutions
  • Short procedural time
  • Minimal discomfort and pain
  • Less downtime
  • End-to-end care

The surgeons may recommend a combination procedure of breast augmentation and lift to enhance the outcome, especially for women who could benefit with improvements in breast size. The dedicated support staff ensures that every patient gets personalized attention and care from the moment they arrive at the surgical practice, through treatment and up to their complete recovery.


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