Regain Your Pre-pregnancy Figure with Mommy Makeover Surgery

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With celebs slimming down soon after having a baby, the average housewife is also feeling the urge to get back to the pre–baby state as quickly as possible. Following pregnancy, despite regular exercise and diet, most women find that they are left with excess fat and skin in the lower abdomen and that their breasts have lost volume and sag. If you are a new mom who wishes to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape – then try a mommy makeover.

Plastic surgeons have coined the term mommy makeover to describe the package of surgical procedures offered to correct the changes that the body displays after childbirth and that diet and exercise just can’t fix. This is not just a single cosmetic surgery procedure, but rather a sequence of cosmetic procedures that new mothers undergo in order to achieve a figure close to their pre–pregnancy shape.

Typically, a mommy makeover consist of procedures such as abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck surgery), breast lift or mastopexy (with or without breast augmentation) and liposuction. Often, the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding on the tummy, breasts and other areas of body last well even after the cessation of breast feeding. Together, these procedures are designed to neutralize the visible effects of childbirth and to enhance your physical appearance.

Are You Ready for a Mommy Makeover?

Ideal candidates for this surgery are woman who:

  • Have given birth to a child
  • Have stopped breast-feeding
  • Have achieved a stable weight and are in a regular exercise program

Common Plastic Surgery Procedures Involved

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck – With pregnancy, the tummy contour is one of the most common areas affected as the skin and muscles stretches in this area resulting in wrinkles and stretch marks. A tummy tuck tightens and reshapes the loose or stretched abdominal muscles and removes excess skin and fat deposits. This helps restore a more natural, trimmer abdominal contour.

Liposuction – Liposuction is also performed for toning and sculpting the abdominal area. Though both tummy tuck and liposuction are performed to improve abdominal contour, both work in different ways. Liposuction helps to eliminate the stubborn fat deposits stored in different parts of a woman’s body such as hips, thighs, arms and midsection. This is done by making a few incisions in the treatment site and inserting a cannula to melt and remove the excess fat.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures – One of the most common issues faced by women after childbirth is a change in the size and shape of breasts. They often experience breast deflation and are left with sagging or drooping breasts. A breast lift or mastopexy (with or without breast augmentation) is often performed to improve and restore lost breast shape and volume and to reduce sagginess. Saline or silicone implants can be used to augment breast size and create a bust line that is proportionate to the body.

Leading plastic surgeons offer the facility of Vectra 3D Imaging system which allows patients to visualize what the post-surgical results will look like. For instance, this 3D imaging system will enable them to try different sizes of implants, view the results, and choose the one that best suits them.

Generally, these procedures are conducted on an outpatient basis. The total cost will vary depending on the specific surgical procedures needed. If you are interested in mommy makeover surgery, make sure you consult a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon.  A reliable plastic surgeon will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to meet your goals. Do a detailed online research before undergoing this surgery as this will help you to understand the different surgical options involved. Understanding your options is the first step in determining what you want to change.