Women Prefer Mommy Makeovers to Stay Young

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take their toll on women, damaging their youthful appearance and thereby bringing down their self-esteem. Mommy Makeovers are ideal solutions to address the aesthetic concerns women have post-pregnancy. A mommy makeover procedure can be costly, and the cost varies with the amount of work done. However, women are not much bothered about the cost and are even willing to shell out their hard-earned savings to get back their pre-pregnancy figure. Many of them want to feel good about themselves.

Beautifully contoured breasts and an enhanced abdominal profile are two important considerations for looking young and beautiful. Women experience issues such as excess abdominal fat and skin as well as deflated breasts after delivery. Mommy Makeover combines breast augmentation, breast lift surgery and tummy tuck to help women regain their attractive physique. Cosmetic surgeons performing this surgery have made it clear that those women planning to have another baby should go for this procedure only when they are sure that their child-bearing days are over. This is because pregnancy and breastfeeding can reverse the good results obtained from the surgery.

It is surprising that most women undergoing this surgery are those in their 30s. A recent study by the American Society of plastic surgeons made it clear how impressed women are about mommy makeover benefits. There is a steep increase — 85 per cent and 70 per cent increase respectively – in the demand for tummy tuck and breast lift from 10 years earlier. These procedures have become more socially acceptable now, which could be one of the reasons for the popularity.

Women choosing to undergo mommy makeovers to stay young should maintain realistic expectations regarding the results of the surgery. They should also understand that the liposuction procedure is not an easy way to reduce excess fat. It can only work on the excess pockets of fat that remain after heavy exercise and strict diet.

Preparing for Your Facelift Surgery

A facelift or rhytidectomy involves lifting the facial skin, tissues and muscles. The procedure can improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck, and enhance facial contour and profile. Careful preparation is necessary for any plastic surgery procedure and a facelift is no exception.

If you are considering rhytidectomy, the first step should be to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon experienced in performing the procedure. During the consultation, the surgeon will assess your medical history and perform a thorough examination of your face, with attention to your skin elasticity, bone structure and severity of wrinkles and folds. The right plastic surgeon will discuss your cosmetic goals as well as the benefits and risks involved.

Make sure to have realistic expectations on the result of the procedure. This cosmetic plastic surgery does not change your fundamental appearance and cannot stop the aging process.

It’s important to adhere to your surgeon’s pre-op instructions. Below are additional items you should consider when preparing for your facelift surgery.

  • Evaluate before and after photos: Make sure to look at before and after facelift photos of former patients before undergoing the surgery. This will give you an idea about the surgeon’s skill.
  • Anesthesia: Plastic surgeons may use local or general anesthesia for surgery. Local anesthesia provides less chance of postoperative nausea. Ask your surgeon about the type of anesthesia he will use in your case and why.
  • Follow medication directions: Your physician will most likely instruct you to avoid blood thinners, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements one week prior to the surgery as these can increase bleeding.
  • Assess the risks involved: Every surgery has certain risks involved in it. Be prepared to discuss the possible risks and complications involved in the procedure with your surgeon. Rare complications may include bleeding, infection and wound healing problems.
  • Stop smoking: Your surgeon will advise you to stop smoking at least 2 weeks prior to facial cosmetic surgery as smoking may negatively impact the healing process.
  • Weight reduction: If you are overweight, try to cut down some pounds and achieve a weight that you are comfortable with. Maintaining a stable body weight can improve the outcome of the surgery.
  • Arrange for help during recovery: If your facelift is performed on an outpatient basis, you should arrange someone to drive you home after your surgery and stay with you for at least the night following surgery.

There are different types of facelift options such as full facelift, mid facelift, neck lift, brow lift and eyelid surgery. Your surgeon will recommend the procedure or procedures that are most needed to address your specific issues.

Expert surgeons in AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices provide customized facelift surgery with safe and efficient advanced technologies such as BodyTite radiofrequency liposuction. Fractora™, an advanced fractional radio-frequency treatment is often used to provide anti-aging improvements on skin tone and texture. With the right surgeon, men and women can enjoy superior results and quicker recovery with minimal complications.

U.S. Man Spends Life Savings on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Justin Bieber

Who wouldn’t want to look like their favorite idol? Spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to achieve this is something quite extraordinary. But that’s what some people are doing. Of the several cases reported recently, the one that made big headlines was that of Toby Sheldon the 33-year old song writer who spent $100,000 to look like teenage pop idol Justin Bieber!

Reports say that Sheldon underwent extensive procedures over five years including smile surgery to lift his upper lip and plump out his lower lip, eyelid surgery, Botox injections, chin reduction and hair transplants to get the Bieber look. But even after spending $100,000 on these cosmetic procedures to look like his baby-faced idol, Sheldon said he still hasn’t achieved that dream look.

“I know there is more work to be done in order to make a full transformation into Justin Bieber’s doppelganger like a nose job and jaw reduction, which my surgeon has suggested,” Sheldon remarked.

While celebrities are constantly influencing people’s perceptions about the way they should look, you don’t have to go to these lengths to improve your looks. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), “Plastic surgery is a personal choice and should be done for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit an ideal image.”

If you are healthy and have realistic expectations about the outcome, a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can help you alter the size or shape of your nose with nose surgery, get rid of sagging brows or bags under your eyes with blepharoplasty, reduce facial sag with a facelift, or improve overall body contour with a liposuction procedure to eliminate unwanted fat deposits and loose skin. Innovative technologies and techniques have made plastic surgery easier and safer with minimal side effects. Being realistic about what cosmetic surgery can do means that you should understand that it can only improve and not perfect your looks.

You should also know that there are risks and complications involved and that these are minimized when you choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. So spend some time doing some research to find the right plastic surgeon and an AAAASF-accredited surgical facility that can provide you with safe, standardized procedures in a private and comfortable setting.