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Monthly Archives: November 2014

How Facial Cosmetic Procedures Can Improve the Signs of Aging

When photographs of Renee Zellweger’s new face were published recently, a report quoted leading plastic surgeons as saying that that transformation in her looks could be the result of “minor procedures”. Zellweger looks very different now, the reason being that her most distinctive features have changed. Read More about Facial Cosmetic Procedures

How Cosmetic Breast Surgery Makes a Difference

When it comes to the bustline, women may face various aesthetic issues such as loss of volume, asymmetry, sagginess, and overly large size. There are different types of cosmetic breast surgery procedures designed to provide solutions for each of these issues, and more and more women are taking advantage of them. Read More about Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Recovery After Brazilian Butt Lift

A well-shaped posterior makes women to look attractive in various outfits, especially their swimsuits. Butt augmentation can be done using implants, but the results may not be natural looking. Moreover, many women are not comfortable with the insertion of foreign material in their body. Read More about Brazilian Butt Lift

Men Opting for Cosmetic Surgery to Boost their Career [Infographic]

The misconception that cosmetic surgery is the prerogative of celebrities, and mostly women, is fast fading. Recent reports say that plastic surgeons report a rise in the number of men who want aesthetic surgery to improve their looks and boost their careers in an environment where youthful good looks and masculinity are prized. Read More about Male Cosmetic Surgery

Demand for Arm Lift Procedures on the Rise Since 2000

Arms are one of those hard-to-treat fat spots that don’t easily yield to rigorous workout sessions and dieting. Women desire shapely upper arms that would look good in sleeveless outfits. Excess fat and skin in the upper arm region that refuses to go with strict diet and exercise measures can be removed via arm lift cosmetic surgery. Read More about Arm Lift Procedures

How Effective is the Vanquish Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment?

With a trim figure, Whoopi Goldberg looked awesome at the Academy Awards and she credited Vanquish for her great looks. Most men and women aspire to have a well contoured body but the stubborn fat deposits that don’t go away despite diet and exercise stand in the way of their dreams. Read More about Vanquish Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment

Common Aesthetic Concerns Driving Demand for Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

More and more people are becoming aware that cosmetic surgical procedures can effectively address several common aesthetic issues. While some men and women fret over flaws in specific features, others worry about visible signs of aging. Some people may be looking to improve specific spots and others to enhance overall appearance. Read More about Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Taking Care During the Postoperative Period of an Arm Lift Surgery

People having loose and hanging skin at the back of the arms have concerns about wearing sleeveless clothing. Rigorous workout sessions or dieting can bring little change in the appearance of the arms as it is one of the hard-to-treat fat spots. Arm lift or brachioplasty is the ideal solution in such cases, which effectively removes the excess fat and provides well-contoured arms. Read More about Arm Lift Surgery

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