NewBeauty® Magazine Names CoolSculpting(R) the Best Fat-Reducing Treatment

CoolSculptingCoolSculpting is one of the latest innovations in fat reduction technologies which offer individuals a non-invasive way to safely and effectively get rid of the fat deposits. This procedure makes use of cooling technology to eliminate fat without the need for any surgery. According to a news report, the procedure was named as the “Best Fat-Reducing Treatment” recently by NewBeauty® magazine, ‘the definitive authority on all things beautiful’. The treatment is the recipient of the magazine’s fifth annual Beauty Choice Awards highlighted in its Winter 2015 issue, getting voted as the "hottest choice" by a panel of experts, editors and readers.

The manufacturer of the CoolSculpting system, ZELTIQ (NASDAQ: ZLTQ) was delighted with this achievement. “We are honored that NewBeauty magazine and its panel of judges has recognized the CoolSculpting procedure for a second year in a row, this time as the ‘Best Fat-Reducing Treatment’".

Interestingly, the CoolSculpting procedure "New Year, New You" survey results were revealed the same week the award was announced. The online survey was conducted by Kelton among 1,009 American women in the age group of 25-54 during November 24 to December, 3 2014. The survey found that

  • 51% of the participants intended to make "losing fat" a resolution in 2015
  • 7 in 10 (71%) of the women had made this resolution in the past
  • Nearly a quarter (22%) of respondents cited ‘not seeing a quick enough change’ as one of the barriers to success

CoolSculpting resolves these issues.

CoolSculpting eliminates fat safely and effectively in the least time frame. This FDA-approved procedure requires no downtime and provides lasting results. Physicians have reported a 95% patient satisfaction rate.

  • This targeted cooling process kills the fat cells below the skin, and accurately freezes them to the point of removal
  • The treatment requires no downtime and provides lasting results.
  • Individuals can see results as early as three weeks after their session
  • The most dramatic results are usually seen 1-3 months after treatment
  • FDA has cleared it for non-invasive fat reduction in the abdomen, flank and thighs
  • The process gently cools surplus fat cells in the body to induce a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells
  • The surrounding tissues are not harmed and the treated fat gets removed through body’s normal metabolic process.

The popularity of the procedure worldwide is an indication of the effectiveness of the treatment. According to the CNN press release, up to 1.5 million CoolSculpting treatments have been performed in over 70 countries around the world.

More Men Seeking Plastic Surgery to Boost Career Prospects

Aesthetic treatments have ceased to be a woman’s prerogative. An increasing number of men are investing in cosmetic surgery and it’s paying off. Recent reports say that men are going under the knife to enhance their appearance, boost their competitive edge, and climb the corporate ladder. Most men believe that it’s important to look more youthful and confident especially when they are in a new job or competing with younger co-workers, and having cosmetic procedures provides the solution.

According to one report, the proportion of men who had plastic surgery rose by 273% between 1997 and 2013. Men are trying out invasive, minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures to achieve their cosmetic goals and boost their confidence. Popular procedures include liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, gynecomastia treatment and ear shaping. Liposuction dramatically reduces localized deposits of fat and improves areas such as the abdomen, waist, and chest.

Many men are seeking a more masculine facial profile. This explains the rising demand for facelifts inclusive of neck lift, eyelift, jawline re-contouring and lipolysis. It is reported that chin augmentation alone went up by 7% from 2000 to 2013. Even non-invasive treatments are becoming popular among men, with more than 380,000 Botox procedures performed in 2013.

The reasons why non-invasive procedures so popular are as follows:

  • Removes the risks of surgery
  • Simpler methods that require less downtime
  • Ideal for busy professionals who don’t have much time to spare
  • Minimal discomfort and trauma
  • One session
  • No incisions, scars, or post-operative complications

Whether any of us likes it or not, looks do matter, a fact that men are now being faced with more than they ever have before. As long as cosmetic procedures continue to become more socially accepted, the technology keeps improving, and the stakes remain high in corporate America. Male cosmetic surgery – and more specifically, the Forbes facelift – will remain on the rise for years to come. It might only be a matter of time until men frequent the surgeon’s office as often as women do!

The male makeover for career advancement is now known by unique names such as the Forbes Facelift and the Executive Makeover. New and more effective techniques, reduced risks, simple procedures and minimal downtime are important factors fuelling the popularity of male procedures. Cosmetic surgery has also gained social acceptance and with leading plastic surgeons offering personalized solutions, there is every reason for this trend to continue.

Thigh Lift Surgery Helps Massive Weight Loss Patients

Thigh Lift SurgeryLooking to get ready to welcome the summer with firm, well-toned thighs? If your diets and exercise regimens have accomplished your goal, then think about getting a thigh lift. This cosmetic surgical procedure is a great option to contour the thighs and make them proportional to the rest of your body. The procedure is part of body contouring treatment after bariatric (weight reduction) surgery. The latest statistical report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows that the popularity of the procedure has surged during the past decade, with a 64% increase since 2000.

The availability of advanced techniques has contributed to the popularity of the treatment. It involves enhancing the overall contour of the thighs by targeting inner thighs, the upper thigh area, and, if necessary the hip/saddlebag area too. You are an ideal candidate for the treatment if you

  • Have folds of excess skin in the thigh area following excessive weight loss
  • Are in good health with no serious medical issues
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcome

Of course, as with any type of surgery, thigh lift also comes with risk of complications. A reliable surgeon will inform you about the benefits as well as the risks of the treatment so that you can take an informed decision. However, the good news is that new research has found that complications can occur after thigh lift surgery, but they are usually minor. The study was published in the January issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

According to the lead researcher, an ASPS member surgeon, "Wound complications in medial thighplasty are common, but most are minor and can be managed without re-operation".

The study analyzed the experience with medial thigh lift of 106 patients with massive weight loss, mainly after bariatric surgery, which included 90 women and 16 men of average age 45 years.

  • About 68 percent of patients reported some type of complication after the procedure
  • The complication rate differed based on the extensiveness of surgery
  • Common issues were minor wound healing problems related to wound closure and fluid collection or seroma
  • Most minor problems were managed without the need for any further surgery
  • Only 6 % of patients had complications that needed additional surgery and 14 percent underwent optional surgery to improve their cosmetic results
  • Infections were seen among certain category of people such as older patients, those undergoing liposuction in combination or with low thyroid function

The researchers concluded that complications can occur in thigh lift surgery, but that they are mostly wound healing issues which get resolved over time.

According to them, "Despite these considerable challenges, massive weight loss patients also stand to benefit immensely from contouring procedures". They believe their results will be useful in helping plastic surgeons to counsel patients on what to expect after thigh lift surgery.

New York City’s Renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Spero Theodorou Predicts Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2015

Dr. Spero TheodorouA new year, a new beginning and new trends in plastic surgery! Fashion and beauty connoisseurs are all looking forward to see what’s hot for 2015. Celebrities have always contributed to setting new trends in fashion and beauty and this is evident in the field of cosmetic surgery as well. Influenced by the curves of some of our "shapeliest celebrities", Brazilian butt lifts soared by an amazing 58% in the US last year. This is an innovative procedure that sculpts and lifts the buttocks giving them a very attractive shape. As featured in The Fashion Times, Brazilian procedures such as butt lift and tummy tuck are expected to remain popular through 2015.

New York City’s renowned plastic surgeon and surgical director of bodySCULPT®, Dr. Spero Theodorou has predicted the major cosmetic surgery trends for 2015. Speaking to Beauty World News, the surgeon explained why the Brazilian Butt Lift is still so in-demand, "The reason the butt lift gives such a good shape is because as well as the augmentation of the buttocks, we also remove unwanted fat around the waist and love handles, which accentuates the curves and frames the buttocks better".

Brazilian tummy tuck, which offers many more advantages than the traditional method is your best option if you want to look great in your bikini this summer. He remarks, "This particular procedure offers several new advantages over old types of tummy tuck". You can wear even a lower-cut bikini as the scar is much further below the waist. The excess skin is effectively removed, the waist is pulled in and the possibilities of laser lipo make it seem even smaller. Another benefit of this advanced tummy tuck is that it has a rejuvenating effect on the pubic area that may have dropped with age. The recovery time is less compared to the old method – just ten days compared to the 2 weeks for the older method.

Dr Theodorou expects other procedures also to be in the favorites list; composite breast augmentation and laser arm liposuction.

Composite breast augmentation is a good aesthetic procedure for women who do not have enough breast tissue to hold the implant, and those for whom the results of implant augmentation are not looking natural. This procedure involves using both implants and fat transfer augmentation. Excess fat extracted from other body areas such as the buttocks, hips and thighs is purified and injected over the implants and molded to the desired shape. The fat transfer process offers the additional benefit of contouring the donor site. For instance, if the fat is taken from the waist for the procedure, not only do the breasts look perkier and more natural, the waist would also look slimmer and petite.

With strapless and sleeveless tops at the forefront of fashion, laser arm liposuction is bound to rise in popularity, Dr. Theodorou noted. Sculpting of the upper arms with laser liposuction will remove excess fat and tighten the skin, making the arms look slimmer and more attractive.

View 3D “Before and After” Images of your Breast Augmentation Procedure without Leaving your Home

Breast AugmentationDo you want to see the ‘new you’ before undergoing your breast augmentation procedure and be confident about the outcome? This is exactly what advanced 3D imaging technology offered at bodySCULPT® allows you to do. The latest innovation in the technology is a web-based 3D simulator. bodySCULPT® is the first plastic surgery center in New York City to offer this latest exciting 3D simulation technology that allows you to view three dimensional “before and after” images of your chosen breast procedure without leaving the comfort of your home.

Many Benefits for Surgeons and Patients

The 3D online platform we offer is a great option for candidates to review changes and make suggestions. Surgeons use it to understand what exactly patients want and make the necessary changes in the surgical plan for your breast enhancement procedure. This new technology allows patients to express their breast augmentation goals in terms of volume, cup size and types of implant. It is designed to help patients get actively involved in planning their breast procedure, and the plastic surgeon to provide them with the results they want to see. “This will give patients the technology to experiment with different shapes and sizes to design the type of breasts they want and get the results in real time on their own computer,” says Dr. Spero Theodorou, M.D, leading plastic surgeon at bodySCULPT®.

  • Once the surgeons at bodySCULPT® receive your “before” 3D breast photos, and understand your wishes, they select what they consider the most suitable breast implant option.
  • The 3D images of your new breasts are simulated, which can be accessed via the web at your own home.
  • The images can be viewed from any chosen angle. The platform allows you to visualize how breast implants of varying sizes and shapes would look on your body, helping to choose the right option.

The best thing about this technology is that all this can be achieved without you leaving your home. Once you are happy with the ‘after’ photos, you can make the actual visit to the surgeon in person to discuss the procedure and schedule the breast enhancement surgery. The technology also helps in post-consultation follow-up, interaction, and tele-consultations.

Benefits of the Pioneering 3D Imaging System

All 3D imaging systems offer many benefits, but what a web-based technology offers is something unique, equally beneficial for surgeon and the patient.

  • No hardware or training needed
  • Can connect from anywhere at any time
  • Provides simulations in just 1 click
  • Is fast as it helps make changes in real time
  • Can be personalized based on specific needs
  • Allows surgeons to provide improved level of care
  • Helps patients maintain realistic expectations
  • Allows to review different options and take a better informed decision
  • Increases the chances of success for the procedure

According to a global survey on patients who used this web based 3D imaging system, 99% said it helped in consultation, 84% said it helped in choosing implants, and 98% said it improved satisfaction. For 52%, 3D was the decisive factor to undergo the surgery.

Study Finds that Male Breast Reduction Surgery Offers Good Results for Bodybuilders with Gynecomastia

Male Breast ReductionGynecomastia is a major aesthetic concern for men that makes them self conscious and withdrawn. Gynecomastia usually occurs due to reasons such as heredity, obesity, hormonal changes, Gilbert’s syndrome and consumption of drugs that either increase estrogen production or hamper testosterone production. This condition can be addressed through safe and effective Male breast reduction procedure.

Gynecomastia treatment involves surgically removing excess fat and skin and improving the position and size of the areolas. Advanced body sculpting devices such as BodyTite RFAL (radiofrequency assisted liposuction) device or Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction device are used at reputable plastic surgery facilities in the U.S to carry out the procedure. These devices ensure effective fat reduction and considerable skin contraction. Plastic surgeons focus on removing excess localized fat deposits, excess breast skin and excess glandular tissue development.

Male bodybuilders who are physically fit also tend to develop gynecomastia, which mainly results from the use of over-the-counter hormones and anabolic steroids.

A new study published in the February issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery examines gynecomastia in physically fit male bodybuilders and discusses the optimal surgical approach to breast reduction. The patients of this particular group experience heightened symptoms such as pain and tenderness related to this condition, the authors say.

This study involved the charts of 1574 male bodybuilders, who underwent surgical treatment for gynecomastia between 1980 and 2013. They belonged to the age group 18 – 51. 1073 of these patients were followed up for 1 – 5 years. Liposuction was performed only in less than 2% of these men because of low body fat. For the rest of the patients, 95% or more of the glandular tissue was removed using subtotal excision subcutaneous mastectomy. The main patient objective was the removal of the entire gland. Here are some of the significant results that emerged from the study.

  • Patient satisfaction survey results showed 98% satisfaction with the aesthetic outcomes.
  • The observed rate of hematoma was 6%. However, it showed a 50% reduced rate of hematomas during the latter 15 years compared with the first 15 years. This is obviously the result of more effective verbal and written instructions the surgeons provided for pre- and post surgical care.
  • Exploratory surgical intervention was needed only for less than 3% of the hematomas, while all others were successfully treated via needle aspiration.
  • There were no surgical site infections, contour deformities or major complications that required hospitalization.
  • No patient required a transfusion.

The study noted that those men who use androgenic steroids and unregulated (over-the-counter) supplements are more likely to experience intra-operative bleeding. In addition, the authors highlight the merits of direct excision of glandular tissue under direct vision, and caution against piecemeal excisions and any injury to the underlying pectoral fascia. Most importantly, the authors highlighted the need for qualified and experienced surgeons to provide this Male breast reduction surgery in body builders as it is more challenging due to the larger amount of glandular tissue that has to be removed, compared to other men with gynecomastia.

Study Recommends Special Facelift Strategies for Massive Weight Loss Patients

FaceliftIt is a fact that people undergoing bariatric surgery to treat obesity are left with surplus, sagging skin in almost all areas of the body, including the face. Body contouring and liposuction help resolve the issue by removing or tightening sagging skin in the upper and lower body, and improving contour. However, post-bariatric surgery, it is face and neck sagging issues that affect patients the most as they are clearly visible, and unlike other areas, cannot be hidden under clothes. News Medical reports on a recent study by researchers at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas which puts forward a novel facelift surgery techniques to address ‘deflation and skin laxity’ in massive weight loss patients.

Facial Cosmetic Issues after Bariatric Surgery

The study, published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, defines massive weight loss patients as those who have lost 100 lbs or more. A large amount of redundant skin and soft tissue are a major concern for such patients. When it comes to the face, excess skin results in cosmetic issues such as a droopy face and turkey neck. As these areas cannot be camouflaged with clothing, the researchers found that facial cosmetic issues affected patients the most.

From the database of 1,100 facelift patients, the researchers studied 22 patients who underwent facelift surgery after major weight loss. The mean age of the 15 women and seven men was 53 years. Average weight loss was about 145 pounds. Most of them had loss of volume in the midface and around the mouth and all had excess skin in the cheeks (jowls) and neck.

The researchers propose a new facelift surgery approach to resolve the issues, especially increased skin laxity and facial deflation, which the patients faced. Also, after massive weight loss, the skin resembled aging skin, with loss of underlying fat and decreased skin thickness. It was noted that massive weight loss patients also needed

  • A larger volume of fat augmentation
  • Increased tightening of the cheek and neck skin
  • More extensive elevation of the underlying muscle and other facial tissues

Along with procedures to address these issues, most patients also had eyelid surgery, forehead lift procedures, forehead left, or facial resurfacing, at the same time.

The researchers reported significant improvement in facial fullness and shape with this new approach, with no major complications. Like the other facelift patients, the results for those in the study group could be maintained over two years’ follow-up. The researchers also stressed the importance of a customized approach to addresses the specific issues of each patient. They concluded that a combination of all these strategies was the key to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

How the Selfie Trend is Driving Demand for Plastic Surgery

Initially, the selfie was just a popular social media trends among teens. However, it has now grown in popularity across age groups, positions and locations. Even leaders of nations seem to be bitten by the selfie bug and are often seen in public holding their cell phones and capturing close-ups of their faces and those of others in their company.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the selfie could be Facebook’s like button. However, if your picture doesn’t get enough likes, that would be reason enough  to worry about your looks and lower your self-confidence. It’s no wonder that the demand for plastic surgery is growing along with the selfie trend.

The results of a poll conducted by the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery could really substantiate this. The poll confirms there has been a rise in the number of plastic surgery patients who are undergoing procedures due to social media’s fascination with physical appearance. From the initial touch-ups of photo shopping of selfies, the demand now extends to nose jobs, eyelid surgery, hair transplants and even reconstructive surgery – all to look better in these photos that people take of themselves.

Of course, it’s facial procedures that have gained in popularity as the selfie is about the face. Nose surgery and eyelid surgery are other procedures that are popular among selfie takers. An infographic in the huffingtonpost highlights some interesting points on the popularity of selfies. It says there were close to 41,000,000 images tagged #selfie. Kylie Jenner was the most popular selfie celebrity as she posted a total of 451 selfiegrams. Also, ‘Kylie Jenner plastic surgery’ was among the most popular searches on Google.

A recent dailymail report says that more Americans are opting for plastic surgery to improve their selfie, with plastic surgeons reporting an increase of 25 per cent over two years. According to another report, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) found that one-third of its member practices report increased patient traffic due to the desire to look better in social media.

Celebrity-Inspired Procedures – Experts Advise Caution

Kim Kardashian’s eyes and jawline, Angelina Jolie’s pouty lips and chiseled cheekbones and Beyoncé’s facial structure are among the most coveted celebrity features. There’s nothing new about celebrity-inspired cosmetic surgery and the trend continues to be popular. In fact, according to a report, two recent surveys indicate that an increasing number of men and women are going under the knife to emulate the features of their favorite stars.

The annual report of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reports an impressive 13 percent increase in requests for celebrity-inspired cosmetic surgical procedures in 2014, up from just 3 percent in 2013 and 7 percent in 2012. The largest community and resource for cosmetic surgery research, also listed the celebrities that were most often discussed in posters with regard to popularly searched cosmetic procedures.

Expert analysis of the findings of the AAFPRS survey revealed the following:

  • People seem to believe that looking like a star will bring them the power that the person has in attracting people and succeeding in a career. Physical beauty is seen as the pathway to the coveted lifestyle of beauty.
  • In most cases, plastic surgery is inspired by the glamorous photographs of these stars posted online.
  • Social media platforms like Instagram, increased video uploads and selfie sticks are practices that make people more critical of their looks and facial imperfections like a bump on the nose or acne. This drives them to have cosmetic procedures to correct these flaws.
  • In 2014, women constituted 82 percent of total surgical and non-invasive procedures. Nose jobs, facelifts, eyelid surgery and laser skin resurfacing were among the most popular facial treatments.
  • Botox maintained the lead among most common non-surgical options along with hyaluronic acid fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and peels.
  • As much as 87 percent of plastic surgeons now perform reconstructive procedures related to skin cancer.

The main factor driving the demand for celeb-inspired cosmetic treatments seems to be the beautiful glossy images of these stars on popular social networking sites. However, what people need to remember is that in most cases, these pictures do not reflect reality. As the president of AAFPRS cautions, "Celebrity photos are often so re-touched that their images are distorted – which can result in unrealistic expectations that propel consumers to seek excessive or extreme surgeries".

If you are looking to have cosmetic surgery, it is very important to have realistic expectations. Don’t expect cookie-cutter results and remember that what works for another person, may not work for you. Also, when it comes to emulating photos posted online, proceed with caution as they may not be realistic. Consult an experienced plastic surgeon who can work with you to improve and enhance your own features.

ISAPS Report: USA Tops the List of Total Breast Procedures

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) conducted a survey on the number of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in 2013. Various aspects were analyzed such as category-wise popularity, country-wise popularity and so on. Data from a total of 1,567 plastic surgeons were compiled for this survey. According to the survey results, USA topped the list for the number of breast surgery procedures performed worldwide.

Here are more details on the popularity of breast procedures in the country as per the survey report.

ISAPS Report: USA Tops the List of Total Breast Procedures

  • A total of 517,012 breast procedures were performed in the country in 2013.
  • This covered 15.0% of the total breast procedures performed worldwide, which is about 3,453,414 procedures.
  • There were 313,703 breast augmentation procedures performed in the USA, which is out of 1,773,584 internationally.
  • The number of breast lift treatments performed in the country is 108,002, which is out of 775,462 round the world.
  • The figure for breast reduction procedures in the country is 77,644 when the total figure is 641,189.
  • For gynecomastia treatment, there were 17,663 procedures performed in the USA out of a total of 263,179 treatments.
  • USA took the first spot for breast augmentation, second for breast lift, breast reduction and gynecomastia treatments.

The United States occupied the second position for the total number of face & head procedures, and total number of body & extremities. The increase in figures for breast surgery procedures in the USA is largely due to the improved technology available at present, safety and reduced downtime. Moreover, women are also drawn to the attractive aesthetic results ensured. Men show an increased propensity to undergo gynecomastia treatment because it restores their masculine appearance and improves their self confidence.

Breast augmentation continues to be in the top spot over the years and reputable plastic surgery practices offer advanced procedures to meet the varying demands of their patients. Breast implant options range from saline and silicone to gummy bear implants; or they could choose fat transfer when their own fat tissues are used to enhance the breast contour. Composite breast augmentation is another exciting option provided at specialized plastic surgery centers. In this procedure both breast implants and fat transfer are utilized skillfully to provide the best results. Sometimes plastic surgeons recommend a combination of breast lift and augmentation to ensure an enhanced outcome.