Brazilian Butt Lift: How to Improve Your Looks with an Attractive Derriere

Brazilian Butt LiftA beautifully shaped buttocks area has become a significant trend in the American society with celebrities and civilians asking for Brazilian butt lift in NYC to enhance their backside. An attractive derriere makes you look great in your favorite outfits and what if you can achieve this via a natural butt lift procedure applauded much for the wonderful results and safety it ensures? Brazilian butt augmentation adds youthful volume to your buttocks and enhances your hour glass figure. This procedure helps create the butt you have always wanted by utilizing advanced fat grafting techniques. No implants or scars are involved.

This advanced procedure makes use of your own excess fat from other areas such as the abdomen, arms or thighs where you have it in excess to contour the posterior. A liposuction is performed to take the fat from the donor site; this fat is then processed and purified before injecting to the back side. A successful procedure gives you an attractive butt that has a natural look and feel. It gives you the double benefit of enhanced buttocks as well as contouring of the donor site. Sometimes you may require several injections all over the buttocks so that the desired shape can be achieved.

Another important consideration is a smaller waist. Taking this into account, skilled and experienced plastic surgeons give emphasis to the right equation of adding and removing fat. The process involves liposuction of the waist, love handles and the outer thighs that would accentuate the curves, and frame the buttocks better.

While enjoying advantages such as no implant related risks; minimal side effects, downtime, scarring and discomfort; and no anesthesia or hospital stay, you can achieve a naturally enhanced derriere. The consistency of the skin is soft and you can benefit from a fast recovery. Recovery is quicker and less painful after this procedure with most patients returning to light work within a week, and all routine activities within 3 weeks.

There may be slight swelling after this aesthetic procedure. The patient may be asked to wear a special garment to control this swelling for around 2 weeks. The final results can be seen in about 3 months.

Choosing the right Brazilian butt lift surgeon in NYC and undergoing the procedure at an AAAASF-accredited surgical practice are important to achieve a safe and optimal outcome. Established practices would have advanced diagnostic imaging systems that provide superior image-guided fat transfer for better results.

Features You Can Expect in a Safe, Accredited Cosmetic Surgery Operating Room

Cosmetic SurgeryChoosing the right cosmetic surgeon in NYC matters the most if you want to enjoy optimal results from a cosmetic surgery procedure. Just like the safe pair of hands of a good surgeon, the safety of the operating room in which the surgery is performed is also very important. So at the time of surgeon selection, make sure about the safety of the place where the treatment is done and learn from him what all comforts he could assure you in the surgery room. A plastic surgery practice accredited by a recognized national certifying agency would have all of the features you expect in a safe cosmetic surgery operating room.

When we speak about safety, it is not just the physical characteristics you can see but many other features that are invisible to the eye that impact patient safety. According to, here is what you can expect from a safe accredited operating room.

  • The surgeon would make sure that safety measures and standard of care are followed on a regular basis.
  • Specific details of the patients such as infections, sterilization checks, and complications are monitored and measured for patient safety.
  • They would review factors such as fire, earthquake, and other safety protocols.
  • They see that all necessary elements are kept up to date such as expiration checks, drug tracking, and emergency medication supplies.
  • Only certified or licensed individuals suitable for the job are filled in the staffing positions.
  • Only a qualified anesthesia professional performs deep levels of anesthesia.
  • They make sure that all the medical records are complete and up-to-date with complete analysis.
  • Every three year, a review is conducted to check with the protocol.
  • A review of patient care and treatment are performed.
  • All rights and responsibilities of the patient are prominently displayed.

Make sure that the practice where the procedure is offered is accredited by one of the recognized national certifying agencies such as the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Institute for Medical Quality, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization, State-licensed or Medicare-certified.

There are also a lot of other minor safety measures you can expect in an accredited cosmetic surgery operating room. The electricity system here would have two back-ups. All life-saving equipment is checked daily. Excellent teamwork among anesthesiologists, surgeons, and nurses contribute to improved operating room safety. As the demand for cosmetic procedures rises, plastic surgeons are required to maintain the highest standards for patient safety. And it is your responsibility to find the right surgeon and practice in NYC to undergo the procedure and experience optimal outcome.

Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon to Avoid Kybella Complications

Kybella ComplicationsKybella injections are FDA approved to address moderate to severe submental fat and help address the double chin problem without surgery. However, Kybella injections also come with risk of complications if they are not administered by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon. While approving this treatment for fat below the chin, the FDA warned, “Treatment with Kybella should only be provided by a licensed health care professional, and patients should fully understand the risks associated with use of the drug before considering treatment”.

The FDA also cautioned, “Kybella is a cytolytic drug, which when injected into tissue physically destroys the cell membrane. When properly injected into submental fat, the drug destroys fat cells; however, it can also destroy other types of cells, such as skin cells, if it is inadvertently injected into the skin”.

Kybella’s safety was assessed in two pivotal phase 3 clinical trials of 1,019 subjects. The researchers concluded that though there were side effects at the injection site such as edema/swelling, hematoma and pain, these were mild to moderate and considered resolved by the end of the FDA trial.

Cosmetic Surgery Times (CST) reports that while there is some skepticism about the safety of Kybella, many experts consider it easy to use and effective when administered to the right patient. One expert points out that Kybella itself is not to blame for the complications. For this double chin injection therapy, achieving optimal results and avoiding complications depends on patient candidature and provider training, he said.  Two possible complications are:

  • One is temporary nerve “stunning” from the deoxycholic acid, which sometimes affects the marginal mandibular nerve.
  • The other is not meeting patient expectations due to poor patient selection. People with too little fat may not be good candidates for the treatment. In such patients, the closeness of the area of fat to the nerves can lead to pain and healing problems after Kybella treatment.

The first of these complications can be avoided if the surgeon administers the injection at the proper site, which is possible only with appropriate training. The issue of poor results leading to unhappy patients can be avoided with careful selection of realistic patients.

The good news is that there are skilled plastic surgeons in New York City who are experts in the Kybella procedure and can provide optimal results.  With the right surgeon, you can rest assured that your candidature for the treatment would be properly evaluated.

Dr. Christopher T. Chia from bodySCULPT, NYC Speaks at the 4th Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference 2016

4th Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference 2016
bodySCULPT plastic surgeons have always stayed abreast of the latest developments in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery and focus on utilizing cutting edge technology to ensure optimal body sculpting results. The various conferences they attend on a national and international level provide them with excellent exposure and the opportunity to interact and exchange views with fellow plastic surgeons.

Dr. Christopher T. Chia, Surgical Director of bodySCULPT, will be taking part in the 4th Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference (TDAC) and Taiwanese Dermatological Association (TDA) Spring Meeting 2016. Scheduled to be held from April 30th to May 1st, 2016, at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC), the meeting is organized by the Taiwanese Dermatological Association. TDA is an official organization for Taiwan dermatologists, which is responsible for the development and supervision of dermatology residency training program.

The symposium will provide the best international experts with interactions, live demonstrations and various choices of clinical aesthetic dermatology learning courses. One among the invited speakers of the conference, Dr. Chia will talk about “Emerging Technologies in Body Contouring: Liposuction under Local Anesthesia and Energy-Assisted Modalities” on Sunday May 1st, the final day of the meeting. This board-certified surgeon has published peer-reviewed articles pertaining to current issues in plastic surgery.

A teaching faculty for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Dr. Chia is skilled and experienced in performing surgical, as well as minimally invasive liposuction procedures. He is trained in handling advanced fat removal technologies such as Smartlipo Triplex, BodyTite™, and VASERlipo.

Based in Manhattan, NYC bodySCULPT® is a leading plastic surgery practice dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of care and offering patients the best in plastic surgery procedures. The facility’s mission is to bring out the natural beauty in each patient and improve the quality of their lives by providing personalized care and support.

With the presence of leading practitioners like Dr. Chia, it is expected that TDA’s 4th symposium will contribute to the continuation and the growth of medical education and also act as an exchange corner for clinical research information and expert experiences.

Role of Exercise after Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift SurgeryWith many women desiring a well-shaped and attractive derriere that would enhance their youthful profile, the demand for Brazilian butt lift surgery in NYC is on the rise. Reliable plastic surgery practices in the city offer this safe and advanced buttock augmentation treatment that uses the patient’s own excess fat from other body areas. As the procedure can naturally lift your butt without the complications of an invasive surgery, more women are considering the treatment. Obtaining the desired results is not enough, maintaining it long-term is the most important. For that surgeons would recommend a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise and a healthy diet. Let us see the role of regular exercise in your life after butt lift surgery.

Of course, surgeons won’t recommend any strenuous workouts of the butt for at least the first 3 months following the surgery. This is to allow the fat cells to get securely healed and established. However, once you are recovered, you have to gradually include light activities involving the butt and make it a part of your daily routine. About 60% of the injected fat is expected to stay in the area. This behaves just like the other fat in the body and about 40% gets reabsorbed by the body. Maintaining a stable weight is important for you to make the results last for long. If you lose a lot of weight, then the loss would be spread over the body and the fat cells in the buttocks will also get affected. However, the reduced size would be proportional to the body. You have to do a mix of cardio to a minimum and concentrate on weight training for better results.

In fact, building up your muscle could increase the size of your buttocks. So make sure to include different exercises such as lunges, squats, P90X-type exercises and calisthenics that will help you build up the butt muscle and provide you with even better results. Also upper body, leg, and core exercises can help you to keep up your new curves that add to the overall attractiveness. Include running as an exercise to work out your gluteus and at the same time support the health of the entire body.

Make sure that your Brazilian butt augmentation is performed by a good surgeon in NYC and experience amazing results.  Get enough advice from him on how to carry out your exercise schedules and maintain the results for long.

New Study Suggests Cryolipolysis Could Address Pseudogynecomastia

PseudogynecomastiaPseudogynecomastia or male breast enlargement occurs due to excess subareolar fat. The typical solution is surgical excision or liposuction, or a combination of both. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported that gynecomastia was among the top 5 cosmetic procedures performed on men in 2014. Cosmetic Surgery Times (CTS) recently reported on a new study which suggests that cryolipolysis, the non-invasive method of breaking down fat cells by cooling them, could be a viable, effective treatment for pseudogynecomastia. CoolSculpting by Zeltique Aesthetics is based on cryolipolysis.

The study involved 21 men with pseudogynecomastia. They underwent an initial treatment that comprised a 60-minute cryolipolysis cycle, followed by a two-minute massage and a second 60-minute cycle with 50% treatment area overlap. After a 60-day follow-up, the patients received a second 60-minute treatment. Side effects and adverse events were monitored to evaluate safety. Ultrasound, clinical photographs and patient surveys were used to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. The observations and findings of the study are as follows:

  • Visual appearance improved in 95% of the participants, while 89% had a reduction in embarrassment related with pseudogynecomastia.
  • The ultrasound showed a mean fat-layer reduction of 1.6 ± 1.2 mm.
  • Mild discomfort during treatment and transient paresthesia (tingling due to nerve damage) and tenderness were among the reported side effects.
  • One case of paradoxical hyperplasia (PH) occurred. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is the increase in adipose tissue at the treatment site at a later time.

The co-author of the study told CTS that cryolipolysis can be used safely and effectively for treating enlarged male breasts. Summing up their findings, the expert said, “This is a non-invasive procedure which can be performed within a matter of hours, and results are seen as quickly as six to eight weeks. This study conclusively showed, with standardized photography and ultrasound measurements, that reduction in breast size is measurable and significant. Just as important, quality of life improves as a result of this treatment. This has profound effects on self-esteem and specifically allows men to feel better in certain types of clothing and in social settings such as the gym, pool and outdoors or exercise activities.”

The study, which was published in the September 2015 issue of Dermatologic Surgery, was supported by a research grant from Zeltiq Aesthetics. CoolSculpting is already a popular option among men and women seeking a non-invasive method to treat fat in the flanks, abdomen, and thighs. The FDA recently approved it as a viable option to treat a double chin.

Neck Liposuction or Kybella – Choose Your Double Chin Treatment

Neck LiposuctionA double chin is one of the most worrying facial aesthetic concerns among both men and women. Fortunately, in an established NYC plastic surgery practice, you can choose from two options to address the problem – neck liposuction and Kybella. Both these treatments are non-surgical and can get rid of under-chin fat quite effectively to result in a smooth, well-shaped jaw line and neck.

Neck liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure in which the surplus fat deposits under the chin and along the sides of the neck are suctioned out using advanced lipo techniques. Leading plastic surgeons use modalities such as SmartLipo Triplex, BodyTiteBodyTite™ or VASERlipo to perform the procedure. Benefits of the treatment include good skin retraction, minimal blood loss, and negligible surgical trauma and downtime. As it involves local anesthesia and small incisions, neck lipolysis is usually done as an outpatient procedure. In most cases, the treatment can be completed in just one session.

Kybella, a drug called deoxycholic acid, is a relatively new FDA-approved double chin treatment. This injectable treatment is clinically-proven to improve the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness associated with submental fat. A permanent fat zapping solution, it provides more definition to the jaw and neckline. This in-office treatment session typically takes 15-20 minutes and does not involve any anesthesia. In most cases, 6 single treatments at intervals no less than 1 month apart may be needed and results can be seen in 3-4 weeks. Minimal downtime, discomfort, bruising and swelling, and quick recovery are the highlights of the treatment.

To choose the procedure that will provide the best outcome for you, consult a plastic surgeon with experience in these procedures. Choose a reliable AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice in NYC for safe, customized treatment.

Get Beautiful Curves with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt LiftWell-shaped buttocks enhance your femininity and the Brazilian butt lift can help you achieve the curves you’ve always wanted. Established plastic surgery practices in Manhattan offer this cosmetic surgical procedure which owes much of its popularity to celebrities like Jo Lo, Beyonce and the Kardashians.

In the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure, your own fat is used to provide the desired enhancement. It is therefore considered safer and more effective than implants. Fat is removed from the areas like the abdomen, hips or thighs through liposuction, purified and injected into the buttocks. The removal of fat from these areas of the lower body and its transfer to the posterior has a dramatic effect as it provides curvaceous buttocks while trimming down the flanks and waist. This fat transfer procedure has become the preferred option over implants due to several reasons:

  • It avoids implant-related complications
  • Using your own fat to augment the derriere provides results that look and feel natural
  • It offers the double benefit of contouring the donor sites by removing the excess fat from them
  • It enhances overall body proportions by enhancing the fullness, roundness and projection of the buttocks
  • The use of minimally-invasive liposuction techniques makes this a safe, outpatient procedure

To be a good candidate for the treatment, you should be healthy and have enough fat to spare. You should also have realistic expectations about the outcome.

Having your Brazilian butt lift in Manhattan can help you achieve the desired outcome provided you choose the right surgical practice – one with plastic surgeons who are skilled and experienced in the procedure. Such experts would be knowledgeable about adding and removing the right amount of fat to emphasize the curves of the back and lower body and frame the buttocks better. Moreover, the surgeons in such practices use superior fat extraction techniques such as ultrasound assisted Vaser High Definition Lipo, which is known to preserve the viability of the fat cells for use in fat grafting. They also use advanced diagnostic imaging for precise fat placement.

With your new buttocks that look natural, firmer and lifted as well as a shapelier waist and sculpted hips, you would look good in anything you wear!

How Much do Celebrities Influence Cosmetic Surgery Trends?

Cosmetic Surgery TrendsMany international celebrities have been instrumental in inspiring hundreds of women in countries across the world to have cosmetic surgery. Prominent among them are the Kardashian sisters Kendall, Khloe, Kim and Kylie and Kourtney. According to a report in the New Daily, Kardashian-inspired buttock lifts and lip injections are on the rise. The sudden spurt in Kardashian-related plastic surgery and beauty treatments has even got a new name – the ‘Dash Effect’. An article in the International Business Times reported that women are being inspired to emulate the Kardashians’ looks due to the success of the family’s reality show and their continual exposure in the media. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are other celebrities who have influenced requests for plastic surgery.

Just how much influence do celebrities have on plastic/cosmetic surgery trends? Not as much as people generally imagine, say plastic surgeons. Most people just want to change a particular feature to look like that of a star and rarely seek procedures that transform their looks to resemble their favorite star completely. A recent study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) found that up to 59% of patients ask for procedures referring to the particular area they want to change and do not always refer to a celebrity.  Moreover, most candidates look to achieve natural looking results with both surgical and minimally invasive procedures.

One matter that has been raising concern is the influence that celebrities have on teenage plastic surgery requests. According to the ASAPS, over 100,000 teenagers under 18 underwent cosmetic procedures last year. When teenagers approach them with a request for a procedure, reliable plastic surgeons perform a proper evaluation of a teenager, including a psychological assessment to determine whether they are appropriate candidates for the treatment. Teenagers who want to emulate their favorite celebrity by have plastic surgery need to be well-informed about operative complications and long-term physical and psychological impact that a surgical procedure can have as well as the risks of having a procedure when their bodies have not fully developed.

The decision to have cosmetic surgery is a personal one and it is important to set realistic expectations. Aesthetic procedures help enhance your natural beauty and are not a tool to transform you to resemble someone else. You should have a clear idea about why you want to have the treatment and also about the results that you can achieve. This will help you make an informed decision.

Identifying Plastic Surgery Addiction

Plastic Surgery AddictionWhen you decide to have a cosmetic surgical procedure and consult a plastic surgeon, one of the first things that you will be asked about is your perspectives. The surgeon will want to know what motivated you to consider going under the knife and whether you have had a previous procedure to improve the feature for which you are considering surgery. The aim of this evaluation is to determine if you have cosmetic surgery addiction and whether the reason for this is body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).  BDD is a condition that can drive men and women to go under the knife repeatedly because they are perpetually dissatisfied with their appearance.

Don’t worry – BDD and cosmetic surgery addiction are not that common. People choose to improve their appearance for various reasons and most of them are acceptable and do not indicate an addiction. Here are some examples:

  • To counteract the effects of aging: Older men and women request facelift surgery and skin treatments to slow down the ravages caused by aging, sun damage, hormonal changes, and so on.
  • A sequence of typical procedures throughout life: According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a woman may have some typical surgeries throughout her life such as a breast lift after childbirth, liposuction in her middle age, and a facelift when she gets older.
  • Combination treatments to enhance the outcome: Some people have a combination of procedures to enhance the outcome. For instance, liposuction can be combined with Brazilian butt lift and a breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation.
  • To maintain the results of a previous procedure: The most common example is breast implants which will need replacement at some point of life. The average life span of these implants is 10 to 15 years.

So what are the signs that a patient has body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and is addicted to cosmetic surgery? A person with BDD is usually obsessed about the slightest defect, which may be an imagined one, usually in a facial feature. Preoccupation with this “defect” would make them even neglect their daily activities and responsibilities. Such people could be displeased about several physical features, seek a variety of procedures to correct them, and then seek additional procedures because they are not happy about the results. Individuals addicted to cosmetic surgery usually have unrealistic expectations and believe that changing their physical features is the key to solving their problems and transforming their lives.

While it’s true that having plastic surgery to enhance your looks can improve your confidence and self-esteem, it is unrealistic to think that it will resolve all your pressures.

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, consulting the right plastic surgeon really matters. A qualified surgeon will evaluate patient goals and help them maintain realistic expectations. Patients would be advised to have a procedure only if they badly need it and if it would really benefit them. The surgeon would also help them choose the treatment that will enable them to meet their aesthetic goals.