Can Moderate Exercises Be Done Soon after BodyTite?

BodyTiteBody sculpting in New York City is becoming increasingly popular as the innovative techniques used for sculpting ensure outstanding results. Aesthetic procedures are carried out on those areas of the body to remove excess fat that is diet- and exercise- resistant. Many benefits are provided by minimally invasive procedures for fat reduction, such as BodyTite. Even then, there are many concerns regarding these procedures that people discuss on popular plastic surgery forums such as Realself. One such concern of a prospective patient was whether moderate exercise like brisk walking one week after liposuction would increase or prolong any swelling on the body.

Experts say that it’s good to exercise. Plastic surgeons advise that on the first 10 days after the procedure you can walk on a treadmill reading a magazine. If your pace is too fast, you will not be able to read. Then, you have to slow down. After two weeks you can slowly get back to your routine and after 4 weeks you can go “crazy” with the gym after you are cleared by your plastic surgeon.

BodyTite, an advanced liposuction platform makes use of patented Radiofrequency-assisted Liposuction (RFAL) technology to offer you a safe, gentle and sophisticated body contouring solution. This breakthrough body remodeling procedure can eliminate stubborn fat and remove cellulite, while simultaneously re-contouring and firming your body. Surgical trauma is minimal, and patients can resume normal activities within a few days. The recovery after RFAL is usually far quicker and less uncomfortable than with traditional liposuction.

You can engage in exercises depending upon the kind of treatment you receive. If you overdo exercises, then you may experience increase in swelling. Walking is a good start and walking up hills or on a treadmill with an incline is helpful exercise during this time. At the same time, as many experienced surgeons strongly advise, it is best that you refrain from carrying out vigorous exercise for two weeks after the operation. Hematomas or other disorders can arise in the areas treated if you perform activities that require excessive effort soon after the procedure. Such workouts can be performed once you heal properly.

Depending upon the area treated and the amount of fat removed, the recovery time and results vary.  Larger areas will require a longer recovery time and results are patient specific. Normally, the initial results can be seen immediately after the procedure, with the best results noticeable after 6-12 weeks.

To perform body contouring in NYC, choose a reliable AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice with trained and experienced plastic surgeons to provide BodyTite liposuction surgery. This will ensure you a safe procedure as well as attractive and long-lasting body sculpting results. A good plastic surgeon attaches top priority to patient safety and care and can ensure attractive and long-lasting body sculpting results. He/she would give you proper post-operative care tips to ensure a safe procedure. Most importantly, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle to maintain the attractive outcome.

How Long Does Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last?

Brazilian Butt LiftBrazilian butt lift  is an ideal option for women who are looking to achieve an attractive derriere. An increasing number of women are now considering Brazilian butt lift in NYC. So that they can achieve their aesthetic goal without enduring complications associated with implants. According to an article published in Vanguard, surgeons have crowned 2017 the “year of Brazilian butt lift” due to the massive demand for the treatment. Even so, many women have certain concerns regarding the procedure. One of the common concerns among prospective patients is whether the fat injected into the buttocks would survive, and if yes, how long it will survive.

Depending on certain factors, the results of BBL surgery should be permanent. Expert surgeons say that the fat would survive long-term following a BBL and it would behave just like fat anywhere else in the body, and is permanent. But there are certain factors that determine the survivability of fat cells during the initial period after a BBL.

  • The amount of fat that survives for the long term is not 100%. That is, fat grafting NYC would require a good amount of fat in the order of several hundred CCs or even more per buttock. This is because, no matter how carefully the surgeons do it and how advanced the techniques used for fat transfer are, not all of the fat would survive. In anticipation of some of the fat that doesn’t survive, the surgeon will opt to probably overfill the buttocks with fat by a certain percentage.
  • How long the outcome of the procedure lasts depends greatly on the surgeon; he/she should be qualified and experienced in the latest advanced techniques, and should attach importance to patient goals.
  • There would be swelling from the operation itself.
  • Candidature is a must while performing BBL because this also directly affects the outcome. The ideal patient will have enough fat for harvesting, that is, excess fat in the donor sites such as the back, thighs, flanks, and abdomen.
  • Mechanical factors during the first several weeks of the operation will also affect how long the fat survives.

The patient’s commitment to postoperative recovery is most important to retain the results. Patients would be advised to use a donut pillow or inflatable pillow when they really need to sit, and sleep on their stomach or sides, and avoid sleeping on their back. This is to maximize the survivability of the fat graft, because it is in the early several weeks after the surgery the blood cells develop. Once the cells are matured after several weeks to months, the fat that has been transferred should last several years or longer.

Depending on the lifestyle led by the patient, the longevity of the results also varies. Proper diet and regular exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy weight as fluctuations in weight can alter the results. All these things come together to end up with a very dramatic early postoperative result which, with good technique and care, should result in a natural and improved shape and volume of the buttocks that lasts permanently.

If you want Brazilian butt lift in NYC, find an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that has skilled and experienced plastic surgeons to provide service. A trained surgeon who is an expert in this procedure is crucial for optimal outcomes as well as your safety. He/she would work with patients to help them achieve their goals and also instruct them on their role in maintaining the results.

Ethical Concerns about Social Media Use by Plastic Surgeons

Social Media Use by Plastic SurgeonsOver the past decades there has been increased interest in body contouring in NYC. Plastic surgeons use social media and the Internet to demonstrate their skill and knowledge via videos and photos of cosmetic procedures they have performed. Videos are also used to educate patients on available high-quality treatment options. In fact, social media platforms are an innovative tool that physicians can use to both educate and market to patients. However, there is increasing concern in the plastic surgery community about surgeons who post unprofessional videos with entertainment, rather than education, in mind. A new study provides the first code of ethical behavior for sharing videos of plastic surgery on social media.

The paper, which was published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal and presented Oct. 6 at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) annual meeting in Orlando, highlights the need for guidelines to help keep plastic surgeons’ video posts professional and respectful. The authors point out that plastic surgery videos are crossing the line by attempting to lure future customers with flashy before-and-after images that gloss over the dangers of surgery. There are even videos of surgeons dancing or singing in the operating room. The irony is that it is these outrageous videos that go viral quickly and get the most likes and shares. The new guidelines argue that plastic surgeons should adhere to the principles of medical ethics and prioritize decisions that will not harm patients.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery offers certain guidelines for posting content on social media and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ code of ethics addresses how plastic surgeons should treat patients with respect with their words and images. Plastic surgeons should:

  • Clearly ask patients how they would feel when videotaped and broadcasted on social channels, while having their procedures. Patient consent is very important in such practices, and if they don’t object, the surgeon should get it in writing.
  • Censor patient identifiers when editing videos. If patients agree to reveal their faces, they should give special consent for that.
  • Get parental consent for patients younger than 18.
  • Allow patients to withdraw consent at any time. While accepting their withdrawal it should be clear that patient care they receive should not be compromised.
  • Be specific about what they will do with the videos, that is, inform patients who consent that the images, including videos, might be saved, shared and changed.
  • Inform patients that the copies of the photographs or videos recorded with their consent might live forever online, even if the physician deletes them on the practice’s website or social media.
  • Avoid reposting another doctors work and post it off as one’s own, or edit photographs to make results look better than they are.

While performing a procedure, surgeons should concentrate on the task at hand and not on videotaping. If providers want to make a video, they should consider hiring a professional videographer and also train staff and others about maintaining professionalism and integrity.

According to a Northwestern Now News story, the four principles of medical ethics are:

  • Respect for autonomy of the patient
  • Beneficence or promoting what is best for the patient
  • Nonmaleficence, also known as “do no harm”, and
  • Justice

Plastic surgeons should focus on posting tactful educational videos that show cosmetic procedures can be good for patients. Videos should provide people with a realistic view of what to expect. The physician-patient relationship is very important and special, and goes beyond marketing strategies and educational methods. It deserves the respect and decorum. When a patient undergoing a procedure is administered general anesthesia, a surgeons first and foremost responsibility should be the care of the patient.

Reputable plastic surgeons who offer body sculpting New York City maintain professional and integrity by adherng to ethical standards that prioritize decisions that will not harm patients.

ISAPS: Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures among Men and Women

Most Popular Cosmetic ProceduresWith the increased interest in cosmetic surgical procedures, an increasing number of men and women are opting to have body contouring in NYC. While previously only celebrities had cosmetic surgery, today, even ordinary people can do so. Moreover, treatments are no longer confined to women-cosmetic surgery has become a rising trend among the male population too, especially in recent years.

The results of the annual Global Aesthetic Survey conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) showed that in 2016, there was an overall increase of 9% in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures over the preceding twelve months. According to the report, the U.S. led with the maximum number of plastic surgeries, with a whopping 4.2 million treatments, which was 17.9% of the total procedures performed worldwide in 2016.

As usual, women continue to lead the demand of cosmetic procedures, with a total of 20,362,655 cosmetic procedures worldwide, accounting for 86.2% of the total. The five most popular procedures requested by women in all countries were Breast Augmentation (Silicone Implant), Liposuction, Eyelid Surgery, Abdominoplasty and Breast Lift Surgery. The most widely performed procedure in the U.S was breast augmentation with 309,985 procedures in 2016. Women undergo this procedure to enhance breast volume, correct asymmetry or reshape the bust line. Breast augmentation in New York City can be performed in two techniques either by using FDA–approved implants or by composite breast augmentation which involves fat grafting combined with implants for a better outcome.

Men go under the knife to maintain a youthful look and feel confident in the workplace. In 2016, 3,264,254 male cosmetic procedures were performed, accounting for 13.8% of the total procedures performed globally. The top five cosmetic procedures requested by men were Eyelid Surgery, Gynecomastia treatment, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction and Hair Transplant.

Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) improves the signs of aging around the eyes and results in a balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial appearance. The Aesthetic Channel recently highlighted a clinical study in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery that discusses the use of blunt-needle anesthetic injection to reduce postoperative bruising, hematoma and pain when performing this treatment. Likewise, Gynecomastia treatment or male breast reduction NYC is a popular surgical procedure among men looking to resolve excessive breast enlargement.

There results confirm that the demand for cosmetic procedures is stronger than ever. Around the world, large numbers of men and women are taking advantage of the latest innovations in cosmetic surgery to look and feel better about themselves. However, if you are considering cosmetic surgery, it’s very important that you do some research to make sure that you are choosing the right surgeon to carry out the procedure. Reliable surgeons will evaluate your candidature for the treatment and guide you in taking an informed decision. Choose a surgeon who understands your goals and is an expert in using the latest techniques to help you achieve them.

Breast Augmentation Trends Expected in 2018

Breast AugmentationOver these years, there have been significant changes in Manhattan breast augmentation procedures with plastic surgeons using innovative techniques to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Statistics clearly indicate that breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed each year and has held the top spot since 2006. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), around 290,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed in 2016, making it the highest ranking procedure. In 2018, industry experts say that the breast implant industry is set to see some changes as with new technologies and altered perceptions on the ideal breast size.

Leading plastic surgery practices in NYC offer two breast augmentation options – breast implant surgery and composite breast augmentation. In terms of trends, quality and safety, the breast implant industry has witnessed several developments. The most common significant change seen is as regards the size of breast implants that the patients request. While patients previously chose large, dramatic-looking breast implants, many women are requesting small size implants that are natural-looking and seem less obviously surgically enhanced. Reports say we can expect a smaller breast size in 2018 too.

NYC plastic surgeons help their patients choose the breast implant size and shape that will enhance their appearance. Today, the image of an ideal woman as one with large breasts and a tiny waist is no more. Women now prefer a natural look after breast implant surgery. The current preference for smaller breasts could be due to the following reasons:

  • Women want natural-looking, perky, athletic-looking breasts
  • They don’t want a noticeable change and so smaller size breast implants are ideal for those who are seeking a change without unwanted attention
  • A smaller bust line instills confidence and supports an active lifestyle

Technical innovations and improvements have made breast implants safer and augmentation can be performed with less downtime. Silicone implants have been a great option and in 2016, silicone implants were used in 84% and saline implants in 16% in breast augmentations in 2016. Silicone implants look and feel more natural than saline implants as they have a texture similar to breast tissue. They are filled with soft, elastic gel held by an outer silicone shell and reduce chances of complications like rippling.

In addition to silicone and saline implants, there are two newer popular options in the market:

  • Gummy bear implants
  • The IDEAL implant

Gummy bear implants are made of high-strength silicone gel and are less likely to wrinkle, fold, or ripple. They are a bit thicker than traditional silicone implants as they are filled with a cohesive gel made of cross-linked molecules of silicone. This enables them to hold their shape better. The IDEAL Implant is the latest option and offers a natural feel along with the safety of saline inside. With the structured IDEAL implant, there is no need of an MRI to detect rupture. Breakage is easily detected by just looking in the mirror. Another Manhattan breast augmentation option is LipoImplant augmentation or composite breast augmentation, which combines implants with fat transfer to provide a softer and more natural look for the breasts. All of these implants are available in various sizes and shapes and you need to select the one that will best meet your aesthetic goals.

If you are considering breast augmentation in Manhattan, find an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are experts in the procedure. Reliable surgeons use the latest technologies to provide attractive outcomes. For instance, they will help you preview your outcomes using superior imaging technology guide you in making the right choice based your anatomy and cosmetic goals.

Can Thigh Lift Surgery Help Sculpt the Legs?

Thigh Lift SurgeryA well-defined lower body with no sagging skin or extra fat in the thighs or legs is what most women desire. However, achieving those slimmer legs is usually impossible with just dieting and exercise. Moreover, the upper legs become an increasingly problematic area as women age. Today, many women are opting to have plastic surgery in New York City to address these concerns. Plastic surgeons who offer body contouring in NYC use advanced technology and techniques to remove excess fat and tighten the skin and help patients achieve their goal of smooth, slimmer legs.

Patients with significant amount of extra skin and have additional skin that needs to be excised could be good candidates for leg contouring. Thigh lift surgery can address various issues such as removal of excess fat and skin from the upper part of the thighs and result in firmer and slimmer appearance. For those who have lost a lot of weight and have flabby skin, the procedure improves skin laxity. This procedure also resolves chafing in the thigh area which is a major problem among many women.

To slim the legs, the best option would be thigh lift surgery that combines liposuction and skin tightening in one procedure. The treatment involves liposuction of the inner thigh, outer thigh, buttock area, and even the area around the knees which can improve the appearance of thick legs. The procedure’s ability to create slimmer legs completely depends on the length of the leg, the quality and elasticity of the skin, and the amount of fat that can be liposuctioned without distortion.

The latest trend is “thighlighting” which involves a combination of procedures such as thigh lifts, calf implants, contouring of the inner and outer thighs, and liposuction. The procedure, which provides a full leg makeover by accentuating the long look of the legs, results in thinner, shapelier legs. According to Hollywood Reporter, this procedure became popular when supermodels like Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lopez inspired women to focus on the legs. Thighlighting procedures all are not surgical, that is, non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures can be used. CoolSculpting in NYC is a non-invasive option that it actually freezes stubborn fat cells to death, allowing them to be eliminated naturally over time.

NYC plastic surgeons perform thigh lifts using advanced minimally-invasive modalities such as BodyTite, Smartlipo and VASER lipo. These technologies are designed to remove stubborn fat without much surgical trauma and patient down time. They also firm and tightens skin quickly, with minimal risk and negligible scarring.

For safe and effective body contouring in NYC, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice. Such practices have skilled and experienced plastic surgeons who are experts in providing leg makeovers. They will evaluate patient considerations thoroughly and provide customized treatment to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

Get into Shape this New Year with Liposuction

LiposuctionGetting into shape is a popular New Year resolution and often on the top of the wish list of many men and women. Body contouring in New York, or more specifically, liposuction, can help you achieve your goal to shape up. Liposuction is not a weight loss strategy, but it can still help you go forward with your New Year’s resolution to slim down.

Liposuction removes stubborn fat pockets that don’t respond to even strenuous diet and exercises. The procedure’s popularity has soared in recent years. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), liposuction was the most popular procedure in 2016 with 414,335 procedures performed. Reports say that millennials are the largest demographic for aesthetic treatments.

No matter how hard you work out or how healthy you eat, stubborn fat can persist in certain areas and prevent you from achieving that streamlined figure you dream about. The truth is that fat deposits in certain areas like the tummy, flanks, arms and thighs, become more difficult to get rid of as we get older. Liposuction can address this concern effectively. Good candidates for the procedure are close to their ideal weight, healthy, and active. Having good skin elasticity is an advantage as it helps the skin shrink and fit the new contour.

Smartlipo is a minimally invasive laser liposuction procedure that has gained popularity for its efficiency and safety. Smartlipo is laser liposuction uses laser energy to melt the excess fat so that it can be easily removed via a small cannula. This procedure minimizes downtime and allows patients to return to normal activities more quickly than conventional liposuction. It also promotes collagen production and tightens skin.

Women can combine liposuction with other procedures such as tummy tuck, breast reduction and so on for optimal body contouring results. If your concern is excess abdominal fat and skin, you can combine a tummy tuck with laser liposuction. No amount of exercise and healthy eating can address skin laxity. A tummy tuck in NYC is an ideal option to treat sagging abdominal skin.

Liposuction removes fat cells from the treated areas but can’t prevent future weight gain, which could compromise your results. So it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and regular exercise to maintain the results throughout the year and beyond.

Don’t opt to have laser liposuction just because you want to try out something new this year. Liposuction is recommended only when natural options like diet and exercise fail to provide the desired results. Take the time to find an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery practice in NYC that has surgeons who are experts in laser lipolysis. An experienced NYC plastic surgeon will evaluate your candidature and your goals, and help you take an informed decision.

How Long Should You Stay In Town after Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Brazilian Butt Lift SurgeryWomen who desire a well-shaped posterior can opt for Brazilian butt lift in NYC. The treatment, also known as BBL, is especially popular because it uses your own fat for butt enhancement in lieu of artificial implants. Patients often fly in from out-of-town to get a BBL. One common concern for such patients is as to how long they would need to stay in town after the procedure and what’s best for follow up appointments and fat survival. Leading plastic surgeons have replied to this question on the real forum.

The experts recommend that out-of-town Brazilian butt surgery patients stay in town for at least a week to ten days after the procedure, depending on the length of their flight (domestic vs. international). This would help them restore their activity level, recovery, and any other aspects as closely to normal as the schedule allows. Depending on the length of the flight (domestic vs international), an expert surgeon recommends that out of town patients stay for at least a week to ten days. On the other hand, he says that patients who have undergone BBL under local anesthesia can safely travel as soon as two days post operatively. This is because local anesthesia does not involve any physiologic changes with circulation and other systems that are altered with general anesthesia. For such patients, their travel schedule would be determined more by a comfort and practical limitation with recovery.

Questions about traveling after BBL arise because the recovery phase of this poplar cosmetic surgical procedure plays an important role in the results. For maximum fat survival, surgeons tell patients to avoid direct sitting on the butt, especially for a prolonged period, in the initial weeks following the treatment. As the fat cells are very fragile, any pressure on the buttocks can cause cell death. It takes time for transplanted fat cells to re-establish blood supply and that counts a lot for buttock augmentation outcome.

If you really have to sit, you can use a pillow such as an inflatable pillow, memory foam pillow or ‘Booty Buddy’. An inflatable pillow can distribute the pressure evenly and minimize the potential for cell damage, whereas the ‘Booty Buddy’, a new type of pillow with a cushion designed for perching, allows the user to keep a straight back and both feet on the floor. It has no weight restrictions and can be used on any seat such as in cars, public transport, and restaurants.

To experience a long-lasting outcome, you should be an ideal candidate for buttock augmentation, that is, you would need to have enough fat for harvesting in donor sites such as back, thighs, flanks, and abdomen. Once the desired result is achieved, you can maintain it with a healthy lifestyle. The amount of discomfort after the procedure would vary based on individual considerations.

If you are considering Brazilian butt surgery in NYC, consult a plastic surgeon in an AAAASF-accredited surgical practice who is experienced in performing the procedure. This is very important for safe treatment and optimal outcomes.

KYBELLA – An Injectable to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Do you have fatty jowls or double chin and are you looking for an easy solution, consider KYBELLA NYC. An FDA approved injectable drug for fat reduction in the submental area under the chin, KYBELLA permanently zaps fat cells in the submental area and gives more definition to the jaw and neckline. Skilled cosmetic surgeons offer this double chin treatment in AAAASF-accredited surgical practices in NYC.

KYBELLAAccording to American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, a double chin is a concern that affects 68% of Americans. The condition can be caused due to weight gain, aging, or genetic factors. This injectable drug is a great solution as it allows you to achieve a sculpted jawline without undergoing any kind of surgery. KYBELLA double chin treatment involves making a synthetic deoxycholic acid injection into the treatment site. A naturally occurring molecule in the body, deoxycholic acid helps in breaking down and absorbing dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, KYBELLA destroys fat cells, resulting in a visible reduction in the fullness under the chin. Once destroyed, the cells cannot store or accumulate fat. This in-office procedure is much quicker and easier than after chin liposuction.

The procedure starts by numbing the treatment area with ice / cold packs or topical and/or injectable local anesthesia. KYBELLA is injected under the skin using a tine needle. Each in-office KYBELLA treatment session takes typically 15-20 minutes, with injections taking only 5 minutes. Usually multiple injections are needed to achieve good results. You can expect to see a noticeable change in your chin profile in two to four treatments and optimal outcomes in six sessions. Re-treatment is not necessary once you reach your desired goal.

Benefits of the procedure:

  • Permanent fat dissolving solution to a heavy neck/jaw line
  • No anesthesia and bandages are required
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Minimal downtime
  • Minimal bruising and swelling
  • Faster recovery

This injectable treatment is safe and requires minimal to no downtime. In clinical trials, most patients reported improvement in self-perception after the treatment, including feeling happier and younger, feeling less embarrassed and less bothered by submental fullness.

Though the procedure is nonsurgical, some bruising and swelling will occur,but won’t last for long. Swelling usually last for as little as two days to as long as three weeks or more in people with larger volumes of treated fat and higher doses. As older patients tend to have more skin laxity, swelling may take longer to resolve than in those with tighter skin.

Not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. Patients who have an infection in the area or are pregnant or breastfeeding cannot have the treatment. A good candidate is person with excess neck fat under the chin and has realistic expectations. The number of treatment sessions required would differ from individual to individual because everyone’s chin profile is different.

If you are considering KYBELLA in NYC, find an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that has plastic surgeons who are skilled in performing this procedure. An experienced surgeon will evaluate your specific considerations and determine how many treatment sessions you would need to achieve your personal treatment goals.

New Clinical Study Says Blunt Needle Anesthetic Injection for Blepharoplasty Could Reduce Postoperative Hematoma and Pain

BlepharoplastyFacelift NYC was one of the top cosmetic surgical procedures performed in 2016, with eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty also being among the commonly performed procedures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), eyelid surgery occupies the top fourth position because 209,000 procedures were performed in 2016. The treatment improves the signs of aging around the eyes and helps you achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial appearance. The Aesthetic Channel recently highlighted a clinical study in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery that discusses the use of blunt-needle anesthetic injection to reduce postoperative bruising, hematoma and pain when performing NYC Blepharoplasty.

The signs of aging first appear in the eye area and affects the overall appearance of the face. Droopy eyes negatively impact yours looks and in some cases, the bags under the eyes or wrinkled folds of skin on the upper eyelids can also obstruct your vision. Blepharoplasty helps to repair droopy eyelids and may involve removing excess skin, muscle and fat. The study is about the new technique of anesthetic injection used in this procedure. The use of simple, yet objective, technique of using blunt-needle anesthetic injection for reducing postoperative bruising, hematoma and pain when performing upper blepharoplasty has been validated in this study.

Typically,a sharp needle is used to administer local anesthesia, which lacks the benefits of a blunt needle. The study was done in an academic medical setting where 44 patients underwent bilateral upper blepharoplasty. Patients were randomized to receive local anesthesia injections (lidocaine, 2%; 27-gauge needle) with a blunt needle in one eyelid and a sharp needle in the other eyelid.

To assess pain in both eyelids, a visual analog scale was used and it was clear that blunt needle has improved safety compared to a sharp needle. Complications resulting from hematoma and interventional pain procedures were less while using these blunt needles; that is, bruise/hematoma occurred at the sharp-needle injection site in 25% of patients versus 0 patients at the blunt-needle site.

The study concludes that for a more accurate surgical procedure and faster recovery, a blunt needle may be a preferable choice as it results in fewer complications and provides more accurate and refined work, with faster patient recovery.

This procedure is not just undergone by women but men too, as it offers both cosmetic and functional benefits. Surgeons performed over 28,000 procedures on men in 2016 where the surgery’s primary benefits are the removal of bags from under the eyes and fewer fine lines, which in turn, helps people look younger. At the same time, it can lift drooping eyelids that interfere with vision.

Find an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that can offer you the service of an experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeon in New York City who can perform blepharoplasty in the safest and most effective way. A well-trained surgeon will first conduct a detailed evaluation to identify the conditions that need to be addressed. These may include low brow position, drooping brows, excessive eyelid skin, muscle, and fat, upper eyelid droop, and lower eyelid retraction and slackness. Based on the relationship of these conditions to each other as well as to the other structures of the face, they would recommend the most appropriate surgical procedure that suits you.