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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Dr. Spero J. Theodorou performs Scarless Arm Lift under Local Anesthesia Successfully

Flabby arms or batwings are a common aesthetic concern among many women. Underarm fat does not usually respond to even strenuous diets and exercise. Plastic surgeons offer the solution with arm lift surgery or brachioplasty. Today, advances in technology and plastic surgery techniques make it easy to get rid of that excess fat. Invented by plastic surgeons Dr.Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia of bodySCULPT® in NYC, the innovative scarless arm lift….Read More about Scarless Arm Lift

How Long will the Results of Breast Lift Surgery Last?

Breast Lift Surgery

Breastlift or mastopexy is a highly sought-after procedure for those wanting to achieve firmer, perkier, and more youthful looking breasts. A breast lift in NYC can address sagging breasts, nipples pointing downward, nipple or areola located below the crease underneath the breast and breasts that lack symmetry using advanced techniques. The procedure involves removing excess …Read More about Breast Lift Surgery

Healing after Plastic Surgery – What you need to Know

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Procedures are SafeBody contouring in NYC includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Every procedure has its healing time that will differ based on individual considerations and other factors. Though the surgeon’s skill is paramount to achieving optimal outcomes, a lot depends on how you manage the recovery phase, especially….. Read More about Plastic Surgery

bodySCULPT® Surgeon Dr. Christopher T. Chia to Speak on Liposuction at 87th “Plastic Surgery The Meeting”

Plastic Surgery The Meeting

bodySCULPT®‘s leading plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Chia will address the prestigious 87th “Plastic Surgery The Meeting being held from September 28 – October 1, 2018 at McCormick Place West, Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Chia will speak on the following topics… Read More about Plastic Surgery The Meeting

Pectoral Implants for a Sculpted, Masculine Chest

Pectoral Implants

Factors such as genetics, growth defects injury and medical conditions may prevent some men from achieving the chest development that they desire. Pec implant surgery is an aesthetic procedure that involves placing a solid silicone implant under the chest muscle to provide a man with a sculpted, masculine chest. Practices offering… Read More about Pectoral Implants

How to Minimize or Remove Scars from Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Getting a tummy tuck in New York City is a popular option to address excess fat and sagging skin in the abdominal area which is caused by factors such as excessive weight loss, pregnancy or genetics. The procedure is recommended when diet and exercise cannot address these concerns. It tightens the abdominal muscles and reshapes the lower abdomen… Read More about Tummy Tuck Surgery

Preoperative Evaluation and Preparation for Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Procedure

Breast augmentation retained its position as the top cosmetic surgical procedure in 2017. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), up to 300,378 breast augmentation procedures were performed last year, up 3 percent from 2016. Augmentation mammaplasty, as the procedure is also called, involves inserting implants… Read More about Breast Augmentation

EmbraceRF for Precise Sculpting of the Lower Face

Face Contouring

Aging causes changes in the jaw line and neck that can directly impact facial appearance. Fat buildup and skin sag are the common concerns. Skin laxity can exist in the lower face with or without excess fat. Facelift surgery and liposuction are used to treat facial aesthetic concerns, but not all patients would benefit from these procedures. “Treatment gap patients” are those… Read More about EmbraceRF

Traits of a Good Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon

More and more men and women are opting to have body contouring in NYC to improve their appearance. Advancements in technology are helping them achieve the transformation they always dreamt about with minimal surgical trauma and short downtime. However, the choosing the right surgeon is important for safe treatment… Read More about Good Plastic Surgeon

bodySCULPT® Surgeon Dr. Spero J. Theodorou Performed a Live Surgery Session at the Aesthetic Surgery Symposium 2018

Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Spero J. Theodorou, MD, founder and Surgical Director of bodySCULPT®, performed a Live Surgery session, Arm Sculpting with Radiofrequency, using InMode’s BodyTite Platform at the 5th Live Makeover Aesthetic Surgery Symposium, 2018. The symposium was held in Athens, Greece, on the 31st of August …Read More about Aesthetic Surgery Symposium

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