Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals Effortlessly with Advanced Non-invasive Cosmetic Treatments

The advancements in cosmetic surgery technologies and techniques are providing people with the confidence to go in for treatments to improve their looks. Now, there is a rising interest in non-invasive cosmetic treatments which help men and women meet their cosmetic goals even more safely and faster.

FDA-approved BodyFX uses radio-frequency energy to provide superior body contouring results. Fat cells are melted with deep tissue heating. Suction coupled negative pressure removes the fat cells and tightens the skin, and results are seen in 3 to 8 weeks. Liposonix uses ultrasound technology and can provide an effective outcome in single one-hour treatment. The treatment works to remove love handles and stubborn fat around abdomen and can result in a slimmer, trimmer look.

Another innovative modality, VASERshape, integrates ultrasound and massage therapy with results visible in just 3-5 sessions. It offers body contouring as well as temporary cellulite reduction. The radio frequency assisted Fractora has been proven effective in enhancing the appearance of the skin. Those who are worried about wrinkles, scars and skin tone in the lower eyelid, cheeks, mouth, upper eyelid, smile lines, and neck can make use of this anti-aging treatment.

InMode is a versatile platform to meet the diverse cosmetic goals using multiple devices including BodyFX and Fractora. Diolaze provides ultra fast laser hair removal and Lumecca resolves superficial vessels, skin texture and facial pigmentation.

The most important highlight of choosing a non-invasive method is minimized risks. The desired outcome can be achieved without incisions or surgery. As no foreign materials are inserted, there is no chance for the wound causing infections. Also, there is hardly any chance for hospital–borne infections as most of the procedures do not need a hospital stay.  Other benefits include visible, longer lasting results, fast recovery and less pain while healing. Most importantly, most of the procedures do not need anesthesia at all and some require only local anesthesia.

Choose the right plastic surgery practice with skilled cosmetic surgeon experienced in providing these innovative treatments. This would assure optimal results with a personalized treatment plan.