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bodySCULPT’s Surgeons Publish Study on Utility of RF Microneedling-Bipolar RF Combination for Skin Laxity

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bodySCULPT’s Surgeons Publish Study on Utility of RF Microneedling-Bipolar RF Combination for Skin LaxityRF Microneedling (Fractora modified to Morpheus8) combined with Bipolar RF (FaceTite/BodyTite for Skin Laxity) is an effective combination treatment for skin laxity, according to a paper published 8 April, 2019, in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Titled “Adjustable Depth Fractional Radiofrequency Combined With Bipolar Radio frequency: A Minimally Invasive Combination Treatment for Skin Laxity”, the publication written by leading plastic surgeons Dr. Erez Dayan, Dr. Chris Chia, Dr. Jay Burns, and Dr. Spero Theodorou. Dr. Chia and Dr. Theodorou are leading plastic surgeons at bodySCULPT, NYC.

In a press release, InMode announced the results of the study which described the utility of combining two of its technologies to treat fat and skin laxity – Morpheus8, a subdermal adipose remodeling device (SARD) with adjustable depth, and FaceTite, a minimally invasive radio frequency (RF) based technology. This treatment combo is called EmbraceRF.

The demand for minimally invasive skin tightening and adipose reduction treatments is rising with the patient’s desire to avoid major surgery. Multiple energy-based technologies including laser, high-intensity focused ultrasound, and radio frequency (RF) have evolved in response to this demand. Of these, RF technology has steadily gained popularity with consecutive increases in use of 10% or more annually, according to the study.

In the article, authors note that a large treatment gap is prevalent among three cohorts of patients:

  • The younger demographic, who increasingly desire soft tissue tightening without traditional operations, scars, and downtime
  • Patients with soft tissue laxity who are not “severe enough” to justify an excisional procedure, but not “mild enough” to rely on liposuction with soft tissue contraction alone
  • Those with recurrent laxity who already underwent traditional excisional procedures

The use of traditional methods in such patients can lead to under treatment or over treatment. The study found that RF microneedling in combination with bipolar RF can address this treatment gap.

Morpheus8, one of InMode’s newest products, is a fractional radio frequency device with adjustable micro needles up to 4 mm depth, programmable according to the treatment area.  FaceTite is InMode’s clinically proven Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) device that is used for the treatment of facial and body areas. EmbraceRF is a minimally-invasive treatment that combines these powerful technologies to provides a long-lasting solution to the effects of facial aging. The article highlights clinical applications, such as early facial aging, recurrent laxity after a facelift, brachioplasty, and focal areas of excess skin adiposity. The authors point out that complications are rare when employed judiciously in the appropriately selected patients.

The article describes the treatment procedure – pretreatment, anesthesia, treatment and post-treatment. For pretreatment, a detailed history and physical are obtained to determine if there are any contraindications to treatment (such as, collagen disorders, active infection, immunocompromised state, pregnancy, poor wound healing, unrealistic expectations). There are various options for anesthesia and type used would depend on energy employed, depth of treatment and patient tolerance. After the treatment, cooling of the skin immediately is important to reduce discomfort and erythema/edema.

The authors concluded, “In our experience, combination RF technology (RF microneedling and bipolar RF) advances and broadens our ability to achieve tissue retraction that does not reliably occur with other energy-based devices and liposuction alone.”

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