ISAPS Says Over 3 Million Breast Procedures Performed Worldwide [Infographic]

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) conducted a survey on the surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed worldwide in 2013. The participants of the survey completed a two page questionnaire based on the number of procedures considering several factors such as country-wise popularity, category-wise popularity and so on.

Considering the category-wise procedures, over 3 million breast procedures were performed worldwide last year. Here are the interesting details of the survey based on the breast procedures performed last year.

  • Data from a total of 1,567 plastic surgeons were collected for this survey.
  • Out of the 11,599,336 surgical procedures performed last year, 3,453,414 were breast procedures.
  • USA topped in the total breast procedures (517,012) followed by Brazil (515,776) and then Mexico (113,631) and Germany (103,604).
  • USA covered 15.0% of the breast procedures, Brazil covered 14.9% of the total and Mexico (3.3%).
  • Breast augmentation topped in the category with 1,773,584 treatments followed by breast lift (775,462) and then breast reduction (641,189) and gynecomastia (263,179).
  • USA came first in breast augmentation (313,703); Brazil is second in the list (226,090) followed by Mexico (57,691) and Germany (55,160).
  • For breast lift procedures, Brazil is the most popular (139,835) after which comes USA (108,002). Mexico is third in the list (28,582) and Venezuela (27,972) and Columbia (19,618) in the 4th and 5th positions.
  • For breast reduction also, Brazil (115,097) beat US (77,644) in the numbers. Germany took the third spot while Mexico holds the 4th position (19,642).
  • For gynecomastia surgery, Brazil is at the top position (34,754). USA comes second in the demand for the treatment (17,663). Third is Germany (10,548) and fourth is Mexico (8,727).
  • Interestingly, breast augmentation (1,773,584) is the most popular procedure considering all the procedures in diverse categories. It covered 15.3% of the overall cosmetic surgery procedures performed worldwide last year.
  • Considering the distribution for cosmetic breast procedures, breast augmentation was ranked 1, breast reduction was ranked 8 and breast lift holds the 5th rank in the chart for women.

These reports show the increase in popularity of breast procedures in diverse parts of the world. In addition to the convenience, safety and advancements in the treatment options, the rise in celebrity breast procedures might also be strengthening the trend.

ISAPS Survey on Breast Procedures

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Combo Enhances Self-confidence [Infographic]

Liposuction and tummy tuck are among the most popular body contouring procedures. While lipolysis is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, abdominoplasty ranks 6th in the list according to the 2013 annual report of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Of course, an attractive body profile is sure to improve one’s self confidence and self esteem. A study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reiterated this, reporting that a liposuction and tummy tuck combo enhanced self-confidence, with the signs of both mental and physical improvement.

The researchers evaluated 360 individuals who had undergone liposuction, tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) and both, 4 months after they had the treatment. The entire group answered queries pertaining to recuperation, results, difficulties, and mental components.

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Combo - Graph
  • 360 individuals underwent liposuction, tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) and both
  • Review was performed after 4 months post treatment
  • 85% of the participants were women; mean age 42 years
  • lipolysis alone or in combination with tummy tuck – 347 patients

The findings of the study are as follows:

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Combo - Infographics
  • Liposuction only patients :- quicker recuperation (by 10 days), less post-surgical trauma
  • Liposuction-abdominoplasty (L-A) patients:- p ≤ .01 and p < .001, individually
  • 98% of L-A group ready to do it once more
  • liposuction with or without abdominoplasty:- patient fulfillment high – 89%
  • Improved respect toward themselves – 86%
  • Upgrades in personal satisfaction – 70%
  • On a scale of 1 to 10:- lipolysis patients marked – 8, tummy tuck patients-9, L-A combo – most elevated fulfillment levels

If you think you can benefit from this combination treatment, consult an experienced plastic surgeon. At a reliable plastic surgery practice, you would be assured of a detailed evaluation to determine your candidature for these procedures and safe and effective treatment to meet your goals.

Search Engine Results Reveal the Most Queried About Cosmetic Procedures [Infographic]

When we look closely into the search figures or enquiries made on any search engine, we can get a clear idea regarding the present trends in a specific sector. It is therefore easy to figure out the most popular cosmetic procedure by taking into account the number of queries made. A report in dailymail reveals the figures from a private healthcare search engine which noted the popularity of cosmetic procedures in the UK.

Interestingly, the biggest jump in cosmetic surgery inquiries was for nose jobs and mini-facelifts. The figures say the procedures are up around 1,200 per cent each compared to that of last year. However, with searches up 80 per cent this year, breast operations continue to be the most popular procedure.

Here are other interesting aspects revealed when the search engine results were analyzed.

Search Engine Results

Breast surgery especially is becoming immensely popular with the versatile approaches such as composite breast augmentation skilled plastic surgeons adopt. In the U.S, this breast enhancement procedure is provided at leading plastic surgery facilities. It involves the use of both breast implants and fat transfer that ensures the best of both approaches and brings about excellent aesthetic results. Anyone planning for cosmetic surgery should first consult a practitioner who is qualified, experienced and provides all the information the patients need to take a well thought-out decision.

Men Opting for Cosmetic Surgery to Boost their Career [Infographic]

The misconception that cosmetic surgery is the prerogative of celebrities, and mostly women, is fast fading. Recent reports say that plastic surgeons report a rise in the number of men who want aesthetic surgery to improve their looks and boost their careers in an environment where youthful good looks and masculinity are prized. More importantly, they believe looking younger and fitter will improve their chances of going up the corporate ladder.Male Cosmetic Surgery

According to the leading plastic surgeons, there has been an enormous increase in the demand for aesthetic surgery among men during the past five years. American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) statistics show a more than 106% increase in the number of cosmetic procedures performed by men between 1997 and 2012. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) published the following statistics on male cosmetic surgery for the year 2013 (proportion of total procedures in brackets):

  • Breast Reduction (gynecomastia) 22,939 (100%)
  • Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty) 30,398 (14%)
  • Facelift (rhytidectomy) 12,699 (10%)
  • Liposuction 23,558 (12%)
  • Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) 57,391 (26%)

Men who want the glossy magazine model look opt for jawline augmentation and hi-def liposuction to exhibit their abs, and gluteal and pectoral implants. Those prefer big chest and glutes that are muscularly defined may have excess fat removed via gynecomastia treatment. This is essentially liposuction to resolve overly large male breasts and achieve a most masculine looking physique. Other men – mostly those in the corporate world – opt for a facelift to enhance their confidence. This may include a necklift, eyelift, jawline recontouring, and liposuction if necessary. Dads their forties are also going in for makeovers to look fitter and more youthful.

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day to Be Observed on Oct 15 [Infographic]

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day or BRA Day USA is celebrated each year in October to promote education, awareness and access regarding post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. This year it will be observed on October 15, 2014 with the theme “BRAve Face” to recognize the various faces of breast cancer and the unique voyage of each person facing a breast cancer diagnosis. Last year, the theme was “Team Approach” to breast cancer care. This was mainly meant to highlight the necessity for all breast cancer care physicians to collaborate to offer the patient the best treatment plan.

BRA Day USA is a group effort by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Plastic Surgery Foundation, plastic surgeons specializing in breast surgery, medical device industry representatives, nurse navigators, and breast cancer support groups. The events coordinated would include lectures, advertising campaigns, Q&A sessions, flash mobs, gala fundraisers, and community events.

Research studies reveal that all women are not made aware of their breast reconstruction options during their breast cancer diagnosis. All women need to know the choices they have. With this yearly observation of BRA day, there is surely a better chance of more and more women getting to know about breast reconstruction procedures. Restoring the breasts that are symbolic of femininity will surely restore self-esteem and confidence in women who’ve had their breasts removed. The campaign would also make treating surgeons also aware of the need to provide valuable info regarding the choices available to their patients.

Some of the findings of the studies have really raised the significance of such campaigns. These include:

Breast Reconstruction Awareness
  • 89% of women want to see the breast reconstruction surgery results before undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Only 23% of women have awareness about the wide range of breast reconstruction options available.
  • The quality of outcomes that can be expected from the treatment is familiar to only 22% of the women.
  • Only a mere 19% of women know that the timing of breast cancer treatment and the timing of their decision to undergo the same have a great impact on their options and results.

The annual BRA Day USA campaign will surely prove a blessing for women who may be experiencing the devastating effects of breast cancer. Anybody can become an affiliate of the event by organizing an event in their area.

New Survey Identifies the Body Sculpting Concerns of Women in Summer [Infographic]

When summer approaches, the prime consideration women have is making their bodies “bikini ready”. A recent Wakefield Research survey, commissioned by ZELTIQ® Aesthetics studied the body sculpting concerns of women in summer. The report shows that 88 percent of women feel it is important to enhance one area of their body before they believe themselves to be “bikini ready”. The interesting part of the survey was that even women leading a healthy lifestyle and were in good shape had some problem areas which they needed to improve.

500 U.S. women in the age range of 18 years and older between May 1 and May 8, 2014 were included in the survey. Here are some important and interesting findings of the “Summer’s Bare Facts” survey report.

Summer's Bare Facts Survey Report

Women looking to improve their body shape in a short span of time, but with minimal complications can opt for Coolsculpting procedure. This non-invasive treatment uses cooling technology to help achieve individual body contouring goals and is the only cold-based fat reduction treatment cleared by the FDA. It was revealed that more than one million of these procedures have been performed worldwide. This procedure has many benefits: typically only 1-3 hours duration, no knives, suction hoses, needles, anesthetics, surgical incisions and scars. Surrounding tissues are not harmed and patients can get back to their normal routines once the procedure is completed. Coolsculpting benefits are very likely to persuade women to consider it as one of the best options to get “bikini ready” in summer.

Cosmetic Surgery Getting Popular Among Over-55s [Infographic]

The stigma attached to cosmetic surgery is disappearing and the fact that aesthetic procedures are become popular among over-55s seems to provide additional proof of this. The 2013 annual statistics report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) revealed an increase of 3% in cosmetic surgical procedures among individuals age 55 and over during 2012-2013. Up to 374,000 procedures were performed on seniors in 2013, which made up 24% of total cosmetic surgery procedures that year.

The report also provides information on the most popular procedures among older adults. These include facelift, eyelid surgery, liposuction, forehead lift, hair transplantation, and pectoral implants. There are many reasons why people over 55 want to rejuvenate their looks

  • To improve general self-esteem
  • To look as young as they feel
  • To be more competitive in the workplace
  • To feel more attractive
  • To attract new partners
  • To get connected/accepted in the social circles

According to a recent article on dating among seniors, internet dating among those aged 50+ is up by 40% and over-50s is fastest growing group of internet dating site users. Moreover, when people over 55 looking for employment or to switch jobs, many find that physical appearance and looking younger matters as much as their educational qualifications and experience.

According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s (ASAPS) Consumer Attitude Survey 2010, 67 percent of Americans said that they wouldn’t be embarrassed if their friends and family knew they had cosmetic surgery. Most said they are comfortable with an occasional nip and tuck, and 77 percent of those over 65 were willing to be open about the procedures.

A new hair style, a brightened up smile, and refreshed wardrobe, and a rejuvenated physical appearance is helping baby boomers enhance their confidence and quality of life. However, all plastic surgery procedures carry risks and older adults need to be aware of potential complications. Discussing your goals with an experienced and compassionate plastic surgeon is therefore the first step in making this life changing decision.

Cosmetic Surgery

Why Upper Arm Lift Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Rising [Infographic]

Celebrity inspired plastic surgery is on the rise nowadays. Just like Kate Middleton’s nose, the shapely upper arms of female idols have also inspired a lot of women. In a survey of 1,219 women conducted by the ASPS, nearly one-third said they’d most like to have Michelle Obama’s arms, followed by Jennifer Aniston (29 percent), Jessica Biel (16 percent), Kelly Ripa (13 percent), and Demi Moore (11 percent).

The popularity of arm lift plastic surgery has surged since 2000. The latest statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in April 2013 show that arm lift procedures have “skyrocketed” 4,378 percent during the past decade. In the year 2000, just over 300 women chose upper arm lifts, while in 2012, more than 15,000 chose this procedure.

Weight gain and loss, growing older and even heredity can lead to fat accumulating in the upper arm and creating the saggy appearance. Drastic weight loss can also leave excess skin in the upper arms. Upper arm lift procedure involves trimming loose skin from the underarm area; the plastic surgeon may also perform liposuction to remove excess fat.

New technologies and techniques such as BodyTite, Smartlipo and VASERlipo have made it possible to treat heavy upper arms with minimally invasive methods. With these techniques, bruising and pain are minimal. An expert plastic surgeon with experience in using advanced arm lift techniques can help you achieve your goals.

Arm Lift Plastic Surgery