ASPS Predicts Plastic Surgery Trends during Quarantine

Many industries have changes and adapted to lockdown and social distancing requirements and plastic surgery is no exception. What procedures were considered trending a few months back are no longer relevant, and have been replaced by others. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s wants, habits, and goals as well as their perceptions towards beauty. The public health emergency has changed plastic surgery activity. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) conducted a member survey from telemedicine visits to understand what procedures were top of mind among patients. Here’s what the study revealed:


According to ASPS, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how plastic surgeons care for their patients and how they operate their practices. The survey also helped identify whether the public’s mindset on preferred treatments has changed or not. When the pandemic hit the nation, many non-essential areas such as plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology was forced to shut down.

Even after reopening in May, most plastic surgeons stayed in touch with patients via telemedicine or virtual visits. On measuring the performance of telemedicine, the survey found that:

  • 64% of respondents had seen an increase in their telemedicine consultations since before COVID-19 began.
  • 68% of respondents started seeing patients virtually because of COVID-19.

The telemedicine consultations enabled plastic surgeon to understand patients’ needs. From the responses of more than 350 member surgeons, ASPS prepared early predictions on top 2020 plastic surgery procedure trends from telemedicine visits during the pandemic. Injectables were found to be the most-asked for treatment, followed by invasive procedures. The top 5 trend predictions a re are listed below:

  • Botulinum Toxin Type A
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Soft Tissue Fillers
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty

The popularity of injectable treatments can be explained by the fact that they involve only limited downtime and cause hardly any pain, allowing patients to return to their routine activities in no time at all. Especially during this pandemic, when they are at home for longer periods, maintaining the results for injectables would also be easier to handle.

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Along with injectables, the survey revealed that patients are still interested in pursuing major surgeries and that the general interest has not changed in the type of procedures and operations. Procedures such as breast augmentation in NYC, liposuction and abdominoplasty or tummy tuck are some of the most sought-after invasive treatments. Around 44% patients asked for breast augmentation, 30% for liposuction and 24% for tummy tuck.

Women’s desire for improving breast volume and contour, and correcting asymmetry and other irregularities have contributed to making breast augmentation one of the most popular procedures for over a decade. According to 2020 ASPS annual procedural statistics, breast augmentation ranks first among the top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures, with a total of 299,715 breast augmentation procedures in 2019. Of the total breast augmentations performed in 2019, silicone implants were used in 85%, and saline implants in 15%.

Liposuction is another popular procedure. ASPS reported that a total of 265,209 procedures were performed in 2019, an increase of 3 percent from 2018.

Tummy tuck in NYC or abdominoplasty is another invasive procedure that continued to be in demand during the pandemic. The procedure removes excess fat and sagging skin in the abdominal area to provide toned and more youthful appearance. Abdominoplasty can be performed using FDA approved, minimally-invasive advanced liposuction devices such as BodyTite, Smartlipo Triplex and VASER lipo. These treatments provide all the benefits of a traditional abdominoplasty, but use local anesthesia, and come with less downtime, and short recovery. Plastic surgeons will recommend the most suitable technique and method based on patient preferences and goals.

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What You Need To Know About A Tummy Tuck

A positive approach towards plastic surgery procedures during quarantine – even among those who are have not undergone a procedure before – suggest that there is a continued interest in plastic surgery procedures. This has encouraged a lot of plastic surgeons to reopen their practice and resume procedures safely by following all necessary guidelines.

ASPS President Lynn Jeffers, MD, MBA, FACS, said, “The early sign of patients’ confidence in resuming procedures with our trusted members is a testament to why we do what we do.” ASPS convened plastic surgeon working groups to issue guidance regarding COVID restrictions, elective surgery, and safe resumption of surgery.

If you are considering plastic surgery, schedule a virtual consultation in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that has surgeons who are experts in the treatment. This will allow you to discuss your goals and get the right guidance on how to achieve them.

Non-surgical Face Lift Near Me – Choose the Right Plastic Surgery Practice

Facial cosmetic surgery has gained widespread acceptance in recent years with the development of nonsurgical face rejuvenation techniques. Many people are drawn towards aesthetic procedures that don’t involve incisions and scars. The obvious signs of facial aging such as folds, wrinkles, lines and creases on the face could affect one’s self-esteem and confidence and the best possible solution to address such cosmetic concerns is a non-surgical facelift. Facelift has long been considered the “gold standard” of facial rejuvenation as no other cosmetic procedure can compare to its profound rejuvenating effect. If you want to locate a good plastic surgery practice near you that provides face rejuvenation procedure, you must run a search for “Non-surgical Face Lift Near Me”. However, as many NYC plastic surgery practices provide non-invasive facelift procedures, it could be a challenge to find a safe and reputable practice. You must choose an established AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice providing the service of plastic surgeons who are experienced in performing the procedure. This is crucial for safe treatment, optimal outcomes, and a comfortable surgical experience.

Non-surgical Face Lift

Here are two major tips to consider when looking for a plastic surgery practice that provides non-surgical facelift near you:

  • Do some research on non-surgical facelift procedures: Even though traditional facelift surgery improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck, it involves the use of various surgical techniques, general anesthesia, long downtime and recovery. The surgery could be intimidating for most patients and this has led to the development of non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures with small incisions, minimal surgical trauma and scarring, less downtime, and quick recovery. However, as new non-surgical procedures are surfacing in the market, it’s very important to do some research on every procedure available.

    Recently, InMode, a leading global provider of innovative, energy-based solutions announced the launch of their totally non-invasive facelift solution – EVOKE, an all-in-one hands-free facial remodeling device.

  • Choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice and find the right plastic surgeon: An AAAASF-accredited practice meets strict national standards for outpatient procedures with regard to equipment, operating room safety, personnel, and surgeon credentials. They maintain rigorous standards of patient safety and care. Most importantly, such practices utilize state-of-the-art techniques including non-surgical technologies for procedures. So, while choosing a practice that’s near your area, check if the practice is an accredited one and find the right plastic surgeon. Make sure that the practice provides the latest technologies for facelift.

    While looking for a surgeon, you need to understand the traits of a good plastic surgeon – make sure that the surgeon you approach is qualified and experienced, and has proven his/her proficiency in performing facelift procedures, especially in non-surgical techniques. The right surgeon will evaluate patient goals and anatomical considerations to create a customized treatment plan. Finalize your decision regarding the surgeon, only if you find that he/she can be trusted and you feel comfortable with.

    A leading plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), bodySCULPT® is one of the first plastic surgery centers in the U.S to introduce InMode Evoke treatment in NYC, a unique and innovative non-invasive facial remodeling procedure that remodels facial tissue and delivers the ultimate in thermal facial procedures. bodySCULPT® plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher Chia and Dr. Spero Theodorou, who is also InMode’s Chief Medical Officer, have extensive training in this non-surgical EVOKE treatment.

    They also offer another non-invasive facelift procedure, EmbraceRF. Invented by bodySCULPT®’s plastic surgeons who have extensive experience in performing radiofrequency-assisted cosmetic procedures, EmbraceRF in NYC is a minimally invasive procedure that provides a long-lasting solution to address the effects of facial aging, specifically the lower third of the face that consists of the neck and jowls. This innovative scarless facial contouring procedure combines two powerful technologies from industry leader InMode – FaceTite, and FDA-approved Morpheus8, a Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device (SARD). The results are similar to a facelift-without incisions or scars, downtime associated with the procedure is minimal.

You must have a clear idea about your cosmetic goals and be able to convey this to your plastic surgeon. Prepare a set of questions to ask him/her, such as the number of successful procedures the surgeon has performed, the techniques used, and also request to view the before and after photos of former patients.

Other popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation options include: Botox to reduce the appearance of wrinkles between the brows, crow’s-feet around the eyes, and horizontal forehead creases.; Soft-tissue fillers (Juvederm®, Restylane®, Radiesse®) to fill hollow areas and deep lines thereby minimizing the appearance of aging; laser hair removal; chemical peels to smooth the skin, and microdermabrasion.

If you are looking for a non-invasive double chin treatment, then KYBELLA is a good option. KYBELLA in NYC is an FDA-approved injectable that effectively addresses a double chin, by eliminating excess fat under the chin and improving definition in the neck and jaw line.

Apart from non-invasive procedures and injectables, NYC surgeons perform facelift using minimally-invasive modalities such as BodyTite™ (radiofrequency assisted), Smartlipo Triplex (laser assisted) and VASERlipo (ultrasound assisted). When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, these procedures can provide very natural-looking results.

So, when planning for non invasive face lift procedures, do some research online to find an accredited NYC practice with expert plastic surgeons.

Be Ready for Valentine’s Day with Plastic Surgery In NYC

Valentine’s day is around the corner and it is time for you to look your best on this V-day. Looking beautiful and attractive and having a good physique will help enhance yourself-image and boost confidence. However, rigorous exercise and strict diet sometimes do not help in reducing weight within a short period of time. As you age, the collagen that keeps your skin smooth and youthful begins to dissipate. Without collagen, the lips can become dull, lose volume and leave you with an older, thinner appearance. A quick fix for these issues is to consider plastic surgery in NYC. So, here are some cosmetic surgery procedures that you can consider to look beautiful on Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day with Plastic Surgery In NYC

  • Breast augmentation: This procedure helps enhance the size and contour of your breasts. It helps to improve the bust line, corrects asymmetrical breasts, and reshapes breasts that have lost volume. To improve the bust area, there are many types of implants available like saline-filled implants, silicone gel-filled implants, gummy bear implants, and IDEAL implants. All of these provide a natural and fuller look to your breasts. These implants come in different sizes and shapes like tear drops, textured, smooth surface and so on. Another option is composite breast augmentation that uses fat transfer to provide a natural look and feel.
  • Face lift: This procedure helps to look more youthful and beautiful and restore a natural, vibrant appearance. Plastic surgery in NYC offers surgical, mini, lower or mid facelift or less invasive procedures that can make your face look tighter, firmer and fresher.
  • Neck lift: Many women face the problem of deep lines and sagging skin in the neck area. This could be due to ageing or weight loss. There are various procedures to correct the neck area like Cervicoplasty that removes excess skin from the neck, Platysmaplasty that removes or makes changes in your neck muscles, liposuction that eliminates excess fat deposits, and Botox injections that address the horizontal lines or bands on the neck. You can also try Kybella, an FDA-approved injectable treatment to correct your double chin. All these procedures help to achieve a slender youthful-looking neck.
  • Blepharoplasty: If you have sagging eyelids and eyebrows, then you must consider this procedure to correct them. In this procedure, excess skin and fat from the upper and lower lid areas are removed and the skin tightened to make you look young and beautiful.
  • Brazilian butt lift: Brazilian butt lift procedure is done to get a curvier posterior. This is a combination of liposuction as well as fat grafting where excess fat from areas like the lower back or hips or flanks is extracted, purified and injected back into the buttocks area to enhance volume.

All of these procedures ensure optimum results with minimally invasive procedures and quick recovery. Patients can quickly resume their daily activities in a few weeks’ time. Plastic surgery in NYC offers customized solutions according to unique patient demands. If you are considering any of these procedures, choose an accredited plastic surgeon who can ensure a safe and comfortable treatment experience.

InMode Stock Soars after Paula Abdul Is Named Their Brand Ambassador

spero and paulaInMode, a prominent medical technology company’s fortunes have reversed soon after the announcement that International pop icon Paula Abdul had agreed to join the Skin-Tightening Company as their brand ambassador to share her positive experience with the Company’s innovative technologies. InMode’s collaboration with pop icon Paula Abdul will definitely prove beneficial to the company. As reported by Bloomberg, the newly public InMode Ltd. surged Wednesday, August 14, 2019 after announcing Paula Abdul as a brand ambassador for its alternatives to cosmetic surgery. Streetwise Reports says the shares of InMode rose 25% even as the broader stock market dropped.

This newly-public InMode Ltd. is a leading global provider of innovative, energy-based solutions that offer cutting edge medical devices for minimally-invasive and non-invasive procedures. They provide amazing results for the patient and the practice. InMode’s technological advancements began over two decades ago with state-of-the-art light, laser, and radiofrequency devices invented by leading doctors and scientists, who essentially launched and shaped the industry. Their technology continues that legacy to provide superior satisfaction for both the patient and the practice. InMode came public only recently in a $14 IPO.

According to Streetwise Reports, InMode Ltd reported their second quarter earnings for the period ending June 30, 2019. In a separate release, InMode also announced the appointment of pop icon Paula Abdul as a brand ambassador which attracted a lot of public attention. The company reported

  • Record revenue of $38.8 million in the second quarter of 2019, an increase of 55% over 2018 2nd quarter
  • Net income of $15.8 billion or $0.45 per diluted share in the second quarter of 2019, compared to $7.6 million or $0.21 per diluted share in Q2/18 (apart from noticeable improvements in gross margins and operating margins)
  • A total cash position of $82.8 million including cash, cash equivalents, marketable securities and deposits, excluding the $70 million proceeds raised in InMode’s IPO.

However, on the first day of trading, the shares fell and priced at the bottom of the offering, but since then, it’s been a steady upward climb, 55% above the listing price and hovering near record daytime highs. InMode’s CEO and chairman Moshe Mizrahy said that they were pleased with their second quarter results that are consistent with both their reported expectations and the positive trends they were continuing to see in their business.

Paula Abdul underwent treatment using InMode’s BodyTite and FaceTite technology for her arm and lower face as an alternative to traditional cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeon Spero Theodorou MD of bodySCULPT in NYC who is also InMode’s Chief Medical Officer, discussed the choice. He said, “Paula is an excellent candidate for InMode’s innovative technology using Radio-Frequency (RF) to provide a natural tighter appearance. She exercised regularly, was healthy but had some areas that troubled her due to past injuries and the effects of aging.”

On her part, Paula Abdul wants to bring her renewed feeling of confidence and self-assurance to others who want the same benefits. She is happy to be InMode’s brand ambassador because she has experienced positive results with the company’s BodyTite system for her arms, and FaceTite and Morpheus8 hand pieces for her lower face, jaw line and neck. She wants to get the word out about the excellent results InMode’s amazing technology in face and body contouring can achieve. The treatment enabled her to restore a sleeker, more youthful look without invasive surgery and general anesthesia.

InMode’s minimally invasive BodyTite/FaceTite technology removes fat and contracts the skin under local anesthesia. The treatment does not leave any visible scarring; downtime is minimal, and the treatment is less costly than traditional surgical procedures. Results are observed immediately and you experience continued improvement up to 12 months later.

InMode Stock Soars

Leading NYC plastic surgeons Drs. Spero Theodorou and Christopher T. Chia of bodySCULPT in NYC are inventors of innovative BodyTite on Arms, a scarless arm lift procedure that enhances the contour of your arms under local anesthesia to tighten and remove the excess skin under the arms, without leaving any scars. Similarly, invented by Dr. Theodorou in conjunction with InMode, two powerful technologies from InMode – FaceTite and Morpheus8 are combined together for a breakthrough procedure EmbraceRF that uses RF energy to get rid of unwanted fat in the lower face. This unique one-time facial rejuvenation solution effectively treats the subdermal adipose tissue of the face – without surgery.

However, the positive reviews and the dynamic presence of Paula Abdul could lift InMode’s shares even higher. Shakil Lakhani, President of InMode North America, adds, “We are thrilled to announce a strong and powerful woman like Paula representing our brand. Paula has an ageless presence and embodies InMode’s commitment to enhance beauty and well-being. This collaboration will ensure a greater audience is aware of the benefits of InMode’s technology on a national and global level.”

Paula Abdul an Excellent Choice as InMode’s Brand Ambassador, says leading NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr Spero Theodorou

Paula Abdul, who is also now brand ambassador of InModeInternational Pop Icon Paula Abdul has agreed to join InMode Ltd. as a brand ambassador to share her positive experience with the Company’s BodyTite, FaceTite and Morpheus8 technologies, according to a recent Yahoo Finance news report.

Plastic surgeon Spero Theodorou MD of bodySCULPT in NYC who is also InMode’s Chief Medical Officer, discussed the choice. “Paula is an excellent candidate for InMode’s innovative technology using Radio-Frequency (RF) to provide a natural tighter appearance”, said Dr.Theodorou.

A lifelong performer, Paula Abdul has made her mark in this industry as an award-winning dancer and choreographer, singer, actress, and television personality with six number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100, Emmy and Grammy Awards, and numerous other accolades. At age 57, she looks as good as some women half her age and has the physique to show it. Although, she acknowledges the ageing effects that gravity can have on the body.

“I can do bicep and triceps workouts as much as anyone else, but as you get older, there is only a certain amount of tone and shape that you can have.”

Wanting to avoid traditional cosmetic surgery, Paula looked for a non-invasive option to address her concerns and found InMode and its BodyTite and FaceTite technology. These technologies represent a paradigm shift in the minimally-invasive aesthetic solutions market.

Dr. Theodorou noted that, “Paula is an excellent choice as InMode’s brand ambassador as she is fit and exercises regularly, but has some areas that trouble her due to past injuries and the effects of aging that overtake us all.”

InMode’s BodyTite system proved the ideal option to sculpt and remodel Paula’s arms while the FaceTite and Morpheus8 handpieces addressed her lower face, jawline and neck. Unlike more extensive cosmetic surgery, which requires general anesthesia, InMode’s minimally-invasive BodyTite/FaceTite technology needs only local anesthesia.

BodyTite is a safe, minimally-invasive cosmetic surgical procedure that offers efficient removal of stubborn fat and cellulite reduction along with noticeable skin tightening effects. The FDA-cleared BodyTite liposuction device delivers RF energy to liquefy subcutaneous fat so that it can be easily removed. It also coagulates the blood vessels, and tightens the skin, while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. Similarly, FaceTite is a non-invasive RFAL (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) facial contouring solution that provides superior internal and external liposuction and allows three-dimensional remodeling of the fibrous tissues.

Benefits of these treatments include:

Benefits of these Treatments Include

Excited by her results, Paula wants to share what the BodyTite/FaceTite procedure did for her and can do for others.

She said,”I am proud to get the word out about what InMode’s amazing technology in face and body rejuvenation can do for people like me who notice the inevitable effects of natural aging. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle of fitness and skincare routines, I still wanted more definition and tighter, firmer skin at my jawline and arms – and InMode’s BodyTite and FaceTite helped me restore a sleeker, more youthful look without invasive cosmetic surgery. I am very pleased with the results!”

According to the press release, Paula is bringing her renewed feeling of confidence and self-assurance to others who want the same benefits.

Paula Abdul is InMode’s New Brand Ambassador

Leading NYC plastic surgeons Drs. Spero Theodorou and Christopher T. Chia of bodySCULPT in NYC are inventors of BodyTite on Arms, a scarless arm lift procedure. This is an innovative technique used to enhance the contour of your arms under local anesthesia to tighten and remove the excess skin under the arms, without leaving any scars.

Similarly, invented by Dr. Theodorou in conjunction with InMode, two powerful technologies from InMode – FaceTite and Morpheus8 are combined together for a breakthrough procedure EmbraceRF that uses RF energy to get rid of unwanted fat in the lower face. This unique one-time facial rejuvenation solution effectively treats the subdermal adipose tissue of the face. The procedure treats skin laxity and excess fat accumulation in the face and neck area caused by factors such as aging, genetics, weight gain and loss, sun exposure and gravity – without surgery.

Shakil Lakhani, president of InMode North America, adds, “We are thrilled to announce a strong and powerful woman like Paula representing our brand. Paula has an ageless presence and embodies InMode’s commitment to enhance beauty and well-being. This collaboration will ensure a greater audience is aware of the benefits of InMode’s technology on a national and global level.”

Inmode’s Votiva Radiofrequency Device Found Safe for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Treatment

Inmode’s Votiva Radiofrequency Device Found Safe for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction TreatmentA new study, “Role of Radiofrequency (Votiva, InMode) in Pelvic Floor Restoration”, published on April 25, 2019 in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open Journal highlights the safety and efficacy of using Radiofrequency (RF) energy for Pelvic Floor Restoration (PFR) after vaginal delivery. Authored by plastic surgeons Spero J. Theodorou of bodySCULPT® in NYC; Erez Dayan, MD; Henry Ramirez, MD; and Lacy Westfall, RN, the research reviews the use of a radiofrequency device, Votiva, InMode for postpartum pelvic floor restoration using an electrostimulator to objectively measure treatment effect.

Around 24% of women in the United States are estimated to get affected by postpartum pelvic floor disorders. The occurrence of these conditions surges significantly with age, with a lifetime risk of undergoing a single operation for prolapse or incontinence of 11% and a reoperation rate of 30%. Studies indicate that providers are unsure of therapeutic options and are inadequately trained to manage these problems. Current treatment options for PFD are limited and include biofeedback, laser, electrical muscle stimulation, and in certain cases, operative intervention. However, advancements in the aesthetic field have introduced a number of energy-based devices, that include RF and laser (CO2, Er:YAG) devices which have been used for PFR to improve external genital appearance, vaginal laxity, and stress incontinence.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimated a 39% increase in plastic surgeons performing vulvovaginal restoration procedures in the US from 2015 to 2016. Among both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, nonsurgical vulvovaginal therapy has been one of the fastest growing areas in plastic surgery and urogynecology over the past 10 years. This is mainly due to the attractive benefits – less downtime, discomfort, and cost – when compared to invasive surgical treatment.

The study points out that there is a surging interest in PFR which is a reflection of decreased stigmatization of female health issues and demonstrated safety and efficacy of energy-based devices. Despite this, there are barriers preventing sound scientific evaluation of these devices including: lack of objective outcome measures, use of unvalidated surveys, paucity of case/control studies, and inadequate follow-up. The researchers explain how the RF workstation, Votiva by InMode may potentially fill a treatment gap of pelvic floor disorders.

What is Votiva?

RF treatment may provide particular benefit in cases of disturbance to the genito-pelvic floor, where stretching of the vaginal introitus can lead to decreased sexual function, lubrication, genito-pelvic sensation, stress urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, chronic pelvic pain, and pelvic organ prolapse. Votiva is a versatile radiofrequency workstation for women’s health and wellness, combining gentle volumetric heating with fractional coagulation of tissue. Used for vaginal rejuvenation, it is the first and only device on the market that helps to revive both the internal and external tissue of the vagina without the need for painful surgery or significant downtime. Votiva treatment combines 2 innovative radiofrequency devices – FormaV™ and Morpheus8 ™- to tighten loose tissues and reinforce vaginal skin structure and elasticity.

Inmode’s Votiva Radiofrequency Device Found Safe for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Treatment

  • Votiva with FormaV is 510k cleared for temporary improvements in blood circulation, muscle pain relief and muscle relaxation and is an adjunct to Kegel exercises (tightening of the muscles of the pelvic floor to increase muscle tone)
  • Morpheus8 is fractional device for use in dermatologic and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation

In this RF workstation study, a retrospective evaluation was conducted between April 2017 and May 2018 of consecutive patients (50 women with an average age of 32 (29-40) years old, average of 2.6 pregnancies, and 1.8 vaginal deliveries) undergoing vaginal radiofrequency treatment. Inclusion criteria were patients at least 6 weeks post vaginal delivery with symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. Resting pelvic floor muscle tone and maximal pelvic floor contraction were measured.

The study notes that there were no adverse events from the Votiva treatment and found a significant correlation between treatment and maximal contraction of pelvic floor muscles. Moreover, the patients say they felt subjective improvement correlated to number of treatments.

The study concludes mentioning a prospective randomized study that is being conducted to further evaluate the efficacy and role of this technology.

Watch bodySCULPT Surgeons Performing Live Surgery at the Aston Baker Global Aesthetic Symposium

bodySCULPT® plastic surgeons Dr Christopher T. Chia and Dr. Spero Theodorou will be operating live at the first ever Aston Baker Cutting Edge Global Aesthetic Symposium to be held from March 30 – 31, 2019 in Bogota, Colombia. Titled “It’s Just Surgery – Advanced Body Sculpting”, “this symposium will witness bodySCULPT surgeons along with other U.S. and international surgeons performing live surgery from different operating rooms. This program is designed for high impact learning through direct visualization of live surgery via live-stream technology on the internet.

Live Surgery

According to the organizers, viewers can expect the same high-level educational experience and state-of-the-art plastic surgery innovation they have experienced over the years from the Aston Baker Cutting Edge meeting in New York City. Various surgical procedures will be simultaneously live-streamed around the world from the four operating rooms directly to viewers’ phone, tablet, or computer.

Dr. Sherrell J. Aston and Dr. Daniel C. Baker will be serving as Course Chairmen and moderating the symposium. These doctors have brought together an outstanding faculty of renowned experts who are recognized worldwide as the innovators and developers of the most advanced techniques for operating live.

bodySCULPT plastic surgeons Dr. Spero J. Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia are widely acclaimed for their surgical expertise and are continuing to provide result-oriented cosmetic surgery procedures. An international figure in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Theodorou is a widely commended expert on emerging technologies in body contouring and inventor of the non-excisional arm lift. Dr. Chia is a renowned plastic surgeon known for his excellent research and publications in body contouring, and also as the inventor of the Brazilian Butt Lift under Local Anesthesia (BBLULA).

On the first day from 8 am to 1 pm, Dr. Theodorou will be performing the following live procedures from Room 4:

  • Medial Thigh Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction-tightening Tiger Land
  • Safe Autologous Fat Grafting of Buttocks-Local Anesthesia (BBLULA)

And on the second day, during the morning session from 8 am to 1 pm, Dr. Theodorou will be operating along with Dr. Chia. You can watch the following procedures live:

  • Arm Sculpting with Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction Arms-A New Paradigm under local anesthesia
  • KANKLES: Sculpting Calves and Ankles made easy
  • Awake Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction for Gynecomastia correction

What Are the Benefits of Live-streaming Surgery?

Doctors from all over the globe will have access to the best training and the brightest minds in cosmetic surgery. Experts will show their cutting-edge techniques and procedures for all to see. Advantages are:

  • Speed: The fastest and most efficient method of information transfer is through real-time watching of surgical operative cases. You only need a high-speed internet connection.
  • Methodology: A Live explanation of steps, techniques and surgical reasoning, enables an instantaneous and accurate transfer of information in the latest state-of-the-art medium that has become the second-best option after hands-on practice.
  • Education: Surgeons viewing the procedures can earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits in the comfort of their home, office or on the go while learning the latest in advanced body contouring.
  • Expense: Travel expenses involved in visiting physical locations for a meeting are now redundant. Live-streaming surgery is the most efficient way to transfer information in the shortest amount of time. You don’t have to spend time away from your office either.

This event will provide an exclusive and exceptional educational experience for surgeons who want to take their practice to the next level with the fastest and most efficient method of information transfer through real-time observation of surgical operative cases. Live case demonstration as an innovative tool from standard practice is an important means of improving surgical care and needs to be shared. Through live broadcast, practitioners and scientists can experience a surgical procedure in real time and even ask questions to the surgeon without being physically present in the operating room. So, be ready for this unique event.

One in four People considering Plastic Surgery to Boost Career Prospects

Plastic SurgeryPeople have body contouring in NYC for various reasons such as to look younger or to change a feature they’ve never liked. In September, Market Watch reported on a survey which found that people also consider cosmetic surgery to stay competitive or boost their career prospects. Conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the popular online cosmetic marketplace RealSelf, the survey found that 26 percent of the respondents had a cosmetic treatment to boost their confidence and look “professional” or young at work.

The survey, which covered 2000 American adults, found that while boosting confidence is a top factor driving interest in cosmetic surgery, work-related reasons are also a key motivator. Key findings:

  • About 3 in 5 (58%) of those who have had a cosmetic treatment or are considering one in the next 12 months reported that a life event influenced their decision. This is significantly greater among men (71%) than women (46%).
  • Work-related events were cited as a top motivator, with more than one in four (26%) saying they wanted to appear youthful at work and/or when looking for or starting a new job. This was followed by a milestone birthday (15%), and starting dating or a new relationship (14%).

According to the Harris Poll report, one in three American adults were considering a cosmetic treatment like Botox, cosmetic dentistry, tummy tuck surgery, and nonsurgical fat reduction (CoolSculpting) in the next 12 months. Other treatments being considered include laser hair removal, lip fillers, facial skin treatments, eyelid surgery, neck or chin lift, facelift lift and breast augmentation.

Having plastic surgery can your enhance job prospects by refreshing your appearance and making you look younger. While there are federal laws against employee discrimination and professional qualifications are essential to get hired, your appearance also seems to matter. Citing from various sources, reported that about 43% of American tech workers were worried about losing their jobs over their older age, and more than 40% of Americans identified as obese faced daily stigma about their weight.

MarketWatch reports that supermodel Tyra Banks opened up about the cosmetic procedures (nose jobs and fake hair) that she had undergone early in her career to stay competitive. Marie, a 27-year-old fashion and lifestyle blogger in Los Angeles, also said that having cosmetic surgery was a life-changing confidence boost for her as it gave her more confidence to face the camera. She says her videos attracted more web traffic after she spent $10,000 on a nose job and lip fillers to give her face a “more flattering” profile. In short, her career skyrocketed since she had cosmetic surgery.

A recent John Hopkins University study found that people with successful nose jobs appear more attractive, more successful and healthier to other people than they did before getting work done. According to the study author, improving our attractiveness and health can give you a competitive advantage. Other studies have reported obesity discrimination in the recruitment process and a positive correlation between attractiveness and income.

Body sculpting in New York City includes a variety of minimally-invasive and nonsurgical procedures to help men and women restore a youthful, attractive appearance. These include liposuction treatment, Kybella injections, and facelifts using advanced modalities. For instance, EmbraceRF is an innovative scarless facial contouring that combines radiofrequency-assisted FaceTite and Morpheus8 for adipose tissue remodeling. It improves the jaw line, rejuvenates the neck and tightens the skin in the neck and jowls, while retaining the fullness necessary to maintain a youthful appearance.

Gifting Plastic Surgery: Things You Should Know

Plastic SurgeryIs there any “particular season” for plastic surgery? Yes, many people consider body contouring NYC in holiday season or winter as they think this is the perfect time to get nips and tucks and rejuvenate their appearance before the New Year dawns. Plastic surgery has also become an increasingly popular gift. According to an article published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), holidays are the busiest time of year in plastic surgery offices. Plastic surgeons are busier than ever in the weeks between Thanksgiving and the end of the calendar year. This is because patients get a lot of time to coordinate their procedure and for recovery during the holidays. But there are certain things you should consider before getting or gifting a plastic surgery procedure.

  • Popular procedure: Avoid getting or gifting a popular plastic surgery procedure, just because it’s a trend. Have a procedure only if you feel like you need it or it will make you happy. For instance, while breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck in NYC are popular surgical procedures, it doesn’t mean that you should choose to have one of these procedures or that they are a good option for gifting.
  • Gifting a procedure: Plastic surgery procedures can enhance one’s appearance and boost self-confidence, but gifting cosmetic procedures to your loved one can be tricky. The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a personal choice and you need to make sure the recipient would not feel embarrassed or pressurized by this gift. So before you gift a procedure, discuss the matter with the intended recipient and identify what procedures the person might be interested in. Anyone who intends to gift a cosmetic procedure to a loved one, need to consider:
    • Whether it is a suitable gift
    • Whether your loved one will appreciate it
    • Find an accredited practice that offers the procedure
    • Make sure that the plastic surgeon is qualified to perform it
    • What the procedure involves in terms of risk and recovery time

It is important to note that cosmetic surgery is like any other type of surgery and does carry certain risks. Moreover, not everyone is a good candidate for every treatment. Even if your gift is exactly what your loved one wants, the plastic surgeon should confirm that he/she is suitable for candidature. There are many important factors to consider when it comes to body contouring and one is determining your candidature for the procedure. If you have any serious illness or health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, a bleeding disorder, heart disease, or depression, you might be advised to refrain from having an aesthetic procedure. Moreover, for women considering a cosmetic procedure such as tummy tuck or a breast procedure, it’s better to wait until they are done having children and breastfeeding. This is because the abdominal wall and skin stretches out during pregnancy, and you may lose the results achieved.

Therefore, the best option would be to gift your loved one a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. This will give the intended recipient a chance to explore various options, educate themselves, and decide exactly what treatment, if any, they would like to have.

Healing after Plastic Surgery – What you need to Know

Plastic SurgeryBody contouring in NYC includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Every procedure has its healing time that will differ based on individual considerations and other factors. Though the surgeon’s skill is paramount to achieving optimal outcomes, a lot depends on how you manage the recovery phase, especially when it comes to following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. Proper post-surgical care is crucial for a smooth, safe recovery and good results.

Reliable plastic surgeons provide patients with clear instructions on after-care, which will vary based the type of cosmetic surgery they had, age, lifestyle, and individual expectations. Here are some important things you need to know about healing after plastic surgery:

  • Watch your diet. Stick to a balanced diet during the recovery phase. Reduce intake of salt and sugar, increase intake of protein, and eat small meals spread out over the course of the day.
  • Restrict movement on the first day following the surgery. After that, start off with light walking and gradually get back to your normal workout, depending upon your procedure and your surgeon’s advice. Avoid attempting heavy workouts until you heal completely.
  • Take proper rest and don’t rush into normal routine. Importantly, pay attention to the needs of your body. When it comes to rest or eating, do what your body tells you to do.
  • Stays hydrated. Instead of drinking just plain water every time, try fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as strawberries, grapefruit and celery.
  • The clothes you wear should not pose a hindrance to recovery. It’s also important to follow your surgeon’s instructions on wearing a compression garment, which could greatly help with the recovery phase.
  • Take proper care of the incision to minimize risks of infection. Keep the area clean by changing the bandages as necessary.
  • Take care of your scar and avoid exposing the scar to sunlight for at least one year. Using your fingers to rub the scar can minimize it as it will stimulate blood flow and increase the flow of skin-rejuvenating oxygen and nutrients to the area. Use topical medications if prescribed by your surgeon.
  • To manage pain and discomfort, take the recommended medications.

After the procedure, meet your surgeon as scheduled. Your surgeon will monitor recovery progress at the post-op visits and give you further instructions to speed healing. Follow-up care is an essential element of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as it helps you maintain your new look for as long as possible and allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the procedure. A WebMD article recommends that patients who have had cosmetic surgery discuss the following matters with their surgeon at the follow-up appointment:

  • How long the new look last and whether further treatment will be needed to maintain the look
  • When to think about follow up cosmetic surgeries that may be needed
  • In the case of a face-lift, neck lift, or other type of facial lift – whether the procedure will need to be done again at some point of time
  • Whether these surgeries will cause insurance premiums to increase and affect future coverage

If you are considering any body contouring in NYC, find an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are skilled in performing the procedure you want. A reliable surgeon will provide you with pre-operative and post-operative instructions to make your surgical experience productive and comfortable, and also ensure dedicated follow-up care for smooth recovery.