Is CoolSculpting an Ideal Option to Reduce Thigh Fat?

Stubborn fat is the major aesthetic concern for men and women looking to achieve a sculpted body. The abdomen, flanks, saddle bags and thighs are the major areas of concern for many and advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques are available to help them meet their cosmetic goals. One such advanced technique is CoolSculpting from Zeltiq Aesthetics, which is one of the widely accepted non-invasive treatments for fat reduction. Many were doubtful if it could effectively address the hard-to-treat thigh fat. The device was already FDA approved to treat the fat in the abdomen and flanks and now it has been approved for use for thigh fat reduction as well.

During this procedure, the device is applied on the specific area to be treated. In the course of the procedure, the excess fat cells get frozen and die. Unlike other fat reduction procedures, no suction is needed and the fat gets removed in the body’s normal metabolic process. The highlight of the procedure is that the surrounding skin is unaffected as a specially designed gel pad cares for the skin. This non-vacuum based cooling can effectively treat the outer thighs and the non-pinch fat bulges if any. In a normal case, it may take around 1 to 3 hours for the procedure to get completed and you can return to your active lifestyle once it is done. Additional treatments if desired can be done for more fat reduction 2-4 months after the initial one.

The technique can target localized fat deposits and is a practical choice if you are considering body contouring. Benefits offered by the procedure include:

  • Comfortable procedure (can even engage in light activities)
  • No anesthesia or downtime
  • Short and safe procedure
  • No needles, surgical incisions and scars

CoolSculpting is the only cold-based fat reduction procedure that has cleared FDA’s clinical trials. 86 percent of the patients who were involved in the trials reported a noticeable reduction in their thigh fat from around 16 weeks after the treatment. Interestingly, 89% of them won’t mind recommending this CoolSculpting treatment to a friend.