CoolSculpting vs SmartLipo – Choosing the Right Body Contouring Option

BBLExcess fat deposits in different areas of the body that refuse to go away despite strict diets and rigorous exercise are a major concern for men and women looking to achieve a sleek, trim body. These natural methods can help people get closer to their ideal body weight, but the problem is that some stubborn fat pockets tend to remain. Liposuction is the recommended solution and a highly popular one – the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported that it topped the list of cosmetic surgical procedures in 2014. There are many options available of which minimally-invasive SmartLipo laser liposuction and non-invasive Zeltique CoolSculpting are the most popular. While laser lipo melts fat, CoolSculpting freezes it. To make an informed decision and choose the right option, it’s important that you know more about these body contouring technologies.

The SmartLipo treatment involves making small incisions to insert a laser-enabled cannula and melt the targeted fat so that it can be gently suctioned off. The laser is fat specific and so it minimizes the damage to surrounding tissues. It also stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin, while minimizing bleeding and other side effects.

SmartLipo candidates see results right away and can return to work within a week. Results improve over the next six months. High Definition SmartLipo procedures are designed to not only removes the fat but also precisely sculpt the body to reveal the underlying musculature.

The Zeltiq handpiece is placed on the area to be treated and the skin is suctioned between two cooling plates. The temperature is lowered to just above freezing with the skin being protected by a gel pack. This freezes and kills the fat cells, and they are naturally removed through the body’s metabolic process.

Zeltiq patients can get back to their normal routine almost immediately, and it usually takes as much as four months to see a change. As the change is minimal, those who want more dramatic changes need to have multiple treatments.

While laser lipo needs local anesthesia, CoolSculpting requires none. The chances of risks and complications are minimal in the former, while side effects are least to negligible with the latter.

Making a decision between these procedures would depend on your preferences and goals. If you want to avoid a surgical procedure and would be satisfied with subtle improvements seen after a few months, Zeltiq would be the right choice. If you are looking for more dramatic and immediate results and would not mind minimal downtime to achieve your goals, Smartlipo could be the better option.

There are qualified plastic surgeons in NYC who are specialized in both these innovative procedures. The best way to decide between these body contouring options is to consult a reliable and experienced plastic surgeon in this area.

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