Fix Saddle Bags Non-surgically with CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting is a safe, non-invasive body contouring option that is extending its reach to an increasing number of men and women who are utilizing its immense possibilities. This procedure effectively reduces fat from hard-to-treat areas such as the thighs, thus fixing saddle bags non-surgically. People who have benefited from the procedure are now confidently coming forward to discuss its plus points.

This short procedure can be performed within minimal time of say just 2 hours. Coolsculpting involves applying the device on the area to be treated, which freezes the fat cells there. No suction is required as the excess fat cells are removed through the body’s normal metabolic process. No surrounding skin is affected and a specialized gel pad protects the skin. A highly impressive body sculpting option, its distinguishing features include:

  • No anesthesia or downtime
  • Short and safe procedure
  • Feel comfortable during the procedure (can even engage in light activities)
  • No needles, surgical incisions and scars

One great advantage women associate with the procedure is that they can wear their favorite outfits and feel really good about their ‘superb’ new looks. Some of them even noted some amount of weight loss, even though it is not a weight loss alternative. People who don’t want to undergo invasive surgery to meet their body contouring goals can very well opt for this advanced pain-free option.

Not only thighs, but areas such as the arms, back, love handles, bra rolls, muffin-tops and abdomen can be treated using this procedure. Inspired by this procedure, some may try out ice packs at home which won’t work. Always follow the advice of a skilled and experienced surgeon to experience the best results.

CoolSculpting Zeltiq is being used at reliable plastic surgery practices to help individuals meet their body contouring goals without affecting their busy schedule. This is because soon after the treatment, they can get back to their normal routines. A one time treatment gives noticeable results and additional procedures can be taken up for more fat loss in two to four months after the initial procedure.