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How Effective is the Vanquish Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment?

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With a trim figure, Whoopi Goldberg looked awesome at the Academy Awards and she credited Vanquish for her great looks. Most men and women aspire to have a well contoured body but the stubborn fat deposits that don’t go away despite diet and exercise stand in the way of their dreams. There are many effective cosmetic fat reduction procedures, most involving surgery or minimally-invasive modalities. However, the trend of non-invasive body contouring treatment is catching on and the latest in the list is Vanquish – a noncontact, painless option that can help you achieve your fat removal goals easily, safely and effectively.

This new option from BTL Aesthetics is a revolutionary selective RF system designed for deep tissue thermal energy application and proven safe and effective to treat areas such as abdomen and love handles. The radio frequency system delivers energy into the body to eliminate fat cells, never coming in contact with the skin. The surrounding tissue layers are not affected as it selectively targets the layers of stubborn fat. In addition to being a novel, noninvasive approach, the procedure offers the following benefits

  • Painless treatment
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Safe and effective
  • Quick recovery

Just four weekly 30-minute treatments can help you reduce up to three inches. Normal activities can be resumed immediately following a treatment session.

The device does not touch the body directly and patients feel a just warm sensation similar to a heating pad. Candidates are advised to be well hydrated on the treatment day and days before and after the treatment.

Early data from manufacturer BTL Aesthetics of Framingham, Massachusetts says there were no complaints of nerve pain, and damage to the top and middle layers of skin, hair follicles, muscles, or internal organs. Also, in a study of 25 patients, visible results were seen after initial session, with up to 59 percent of abdominal fat destroyed, resulting in 2 inch waist size reduction after four sessions. As the fat cells are destroyed, the results are long lasting.

Vanquish treatment is a body contouring solution and not a remedy for obesity. The best candidates for the procedure are those with areas of unwanted fat. Due to its non-invasive nature, there is little or no recovery time, which makes the treatment an attractive option compared to surgical liposuction.

Many doctors vouch for the efficacy of the treatment, according to a harpersbazaar report. One researcher calls it “a big technological breakthrough” as unlike other procedure, it can treat a large surface area uniformly and is fast, efficient, and comfortable. Vanquish treatment on people with love handles showed visible results within two weeks and average loss in waist circumference of 2.23 inches after eight weeks.

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