Body Contouring After Weight Loss – FAQs

Many people who achieve their weight loss goals through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery find that they have a lot of loose skin left behind. Getting a body contouring procedure is an effective way to resolve this concern. In fact, plastic surgeons report that the rise in weight loss surgeries in recent years has increased the demand for body contouring in NYC.

Body Contouring

Some FAQ’s are Answered Below

  • What is body contouring surgery?

Body contouring is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat and tightens skin to provide you with a trimmer, attractive shape. NYC plastic surgeons offer a variety of body contouring procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck surgery.

  • What is body contouring after weight loss surgery?

Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery help you lose excess weight, but leaves behind loose, sagging skin. Body contouring is performed to removes the skin and tissues that do not contract to match your new body size.

  • How body contouring can help?

When people lose too much weight, their skin becomes saggy. These skin folds can cause discomfort and cause rash and infection, and also affect your overall appearance.  Body contouring surgery can address hygiene concerns, help you achieve a toned, better proportioned body, and enhance your confidence.

  • Am I a good candidate?

Body contouring is recommended for people who lost a notable amount of weight and that new weight has remained constant for a minimum of three months. Other conditions you need to meet:

  • Are healthy without medical conditions that impair healing or increase risk of surgery
  • Do not smoke
  • Have a positive outlook and realistic goals
  • Are committed to maintaining your weight with a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercise

If you are planning to get pregnant in the near future, get body contouring surgery only after you are done with having children.

  • What are the various body contouring options?

There are various options targeting various areas of the body such as arm lift, breast lift, facelift, tummy tuck, thigh lift, buttock lift, and so on.

  • Will these procedures leave scars?

The extent of scarring will depend on the type of the procedure and the technology used to perform it. Risks of scarring are greater with body lifts than with liposuction. Plastic surgeons in NYC offer liposuction procedures using minimally-invasive techniques such as Smartlipo (laser), VASER (ultrasound), and BodyTite (radiofrequency). A skilled surgeon will also reduce the marks or scars by placing the incisions in a discreet location. Good aftercare is also important as wound healing issues can make scars worse.

  • How long will recovery take?

Recovery time is comparatively less for minimally-invasive procedures than for traditional surgery. You need to avoid strenuous physical activities for four to six weeks or till healing is complete. Following your surgeon’s pre- and post-surgical instructions diligently is important for smooth recovery and optimal outcomes.

While weight loss can address overweight and obesity, improve your health, and change your life for the better, body contouring surgery removes excess skin and tissue, and reshapes your body. It’s important that you consult a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon if you are considering body contouring surgery. There are excellent plastic surgeons in New York who can answer all your questions and provide you with the right guidance.

Incredible Possibilities Of The Art Of Plastic Surgery For Men

Plastic surgery is a science but it requires artistic skills on the part of the plastic surgeon to create attractive, natural-looking results. Each patient is unique and his/her needs are unique. This calls for an artistic eye and innovative approach for the plastic surgeon to provide customized treatment. With so many advanced and minimally invasive body sculpting technologies available now, the popularity of aesthetic procedures is on the rise. Quick recovery is ensured with excellent results, vitality, and a youthful appearance. You may be concerned about the shape of your body that hinders you from wearing your favorite attire even after spending hours working out at gyms. But you will be delighted to know that we have the right solution for your emotional distress, and we know how important your appearance is in your professional as well as personal life.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Body Contouring in NYC is provided using innovative and state-of-the-art technologies to realize your aesthetic goals.

  • Smartlipo Triplex

    With a perfect blend of energy levels and laser wavelengths, this device coagulates fatty tissues effectively. The skin tightening effect of the technology can make your six-pack abs more defined.

  • VASERlipo

    Stubborn fat in the abdomen, back, breasts, buttocks, face, flanks, hips, knees and upper arms is precisely targeted with ultrasound waves. This device’s sophisticated technology removes fat alone without affecting the surrounding nerves and blood vessels.

  • BodyTite

    This liposuction procedure uses radiofrequency to remove excess fat from the neck, face, eyelids, abdomen, and chest area. It is a path-breaking technology that provides you a masculine figure with effective tightening of the skin.

  • Evolve

    It is an effective treatment for toning the muscles especially in the abdomen, thighs, knees, arms, flanks and hips. The technology makes use of multiple hands-free applicators and adjustable belts to remodel larger body areas, and for skin-treatment solutions.

Real results with our plastic surgery options

With our cutting-edge surgical techniques you can own a masculine physique. Men more than ever are undergoing cosmetic procedures for:

  • Breast reduction( Gynecomastia)
  • Overall aesthetic appearance
  • Tummy Tuck

Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) for a sculpted chest

Enlarged breasts affect the confidence and esteem of a man. It is caused due to the imbalance of testosterone and estrogen hormones. This can be embarrassing and make you conscious about your body all the time. The happy news is that it can be quickly corrected with superior techniques such as:

  1. BodyTite RFAL

    It is a liposuction procedure performed using radiofrequency energy to eliminate excessive fat in the chest area or male breasts. With controlled administering of energy, adipose tissue is accurately focused and the surplus fat is melted away. Skin tightening benefit of the procedure gives an ideal cosmetic outcome.

  2. Smartlipo Triplex

    The laser-enabled liposuction procedure is the perfect choice for getting firmer breasts. With reliable and controlled energy delivery, excess fat is accurately targeted.

Enhance the muscle definition around your abdomen with Tummy Tuck

Rigorous workouts and a strict diet regime may not have helped you achieve a toned six-pack abdomen. With the liposuction procedure, you can achieve your dream of natural-looking six-pack abdomen. Ab-etching is performed with the help of Smartlipo Triplex, BodyTite and VaserLipo NYC procedures.

Smartlipo Triplex and BodyTite can provide you with a flawless, flat and natural-looking abdomen. VaserLipo procedure removes the superficial, deep fat around your abdomen with the help of ultrasound energy. The skin will retract as part of the skin tightening effect of the procedure which gives you an athletic appearance. Tummy Tuck NYC gives you a chiseled and masculine-looking flat stomach.

Hi-def liposuction for overall aesthetic appearance

You can say good-bye to stubborn fat in the abdomen, arms and breasts with high-definition liposuction using Smartlipo Triplex, VaserLipo and BodyTite, and achieve toned arms, legs and chest.

Smartlipo Triplex coagulates fat tissues and gives a smooth appearance to the skin by tightening the sagging skin. BodyTite gives you firming results around the chest, abdomen, hips and other body parts. VaserLipo system eliminates small volumes of fat through precision contouring and large volumes of fat are removed through rapid rebulking. These techniques provide body sculpting with accuracy and precision. Each procedure is customized to cater to individual patient requirements. The procedures are minimally invasive, safe, with minimal downtime, which make them attractive to men desiring a sculpted body and youthful looks.

Our Top 10 Popular Blog Posts That Resonated Most With Our Audience In 2021

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many non-essential areas, including elective procedures, were forced to shut down in 2020. But after general stay-at-home orders were lifted in 2021, many businesses and non-essential areas were allowed to open back up with new safety rules in place. At that point, the plastic surgery world saw an uptick in people seeking body contouring in NYC, and procedures such as Brazilian butt surgery, tummy tuck, KYBELLA saw a rise in demand. Many people learn about cosmetic surgical treatments through blogs posted on reliable plastic surgery website such as bodySCULPT in New York City.

Top 10

Let’s take a look at the topics that grabbed the attention of audiences in 2021:


    In this blog post, we discuss Morpheus8 in NYC and how long results last. InMode’s Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive option for skin rejuvenation which involves using the FDA-approved Morpheus8 subdermal adipose remodeling device (SARD). The device fractionally remodels and contours the face and body and provides a remarkable improvement in skin quality, tone, texture, and tightness by stimulating collagen production.


    Want to know about recovery period of KYBELLA treatment is? This blog provides valuable information about the timeline for recovery after this injectable treatment for a double chin.


    Are you looking for an effective way to tighten sagging arms? Then consider MORPHEUS8 body. This blog describes the benefits of arm contouring using MORPHEUS8, the first and only FDA cleared device designed for subdermal adipose tissue remodeling.


    Many people searched for body sculpting treatments that could they could get in spring to look their best in the summer. This blog posts discusses 6 top non-surgical treatments that help patients get ready for more outdoor fun in the sun.


    This blog post explains the difference between MORPHEUS8 –the advanced procedure that can help you achieve your body remodeling goals without surgery – and Microneedling – a great option for patients who want to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles and acne scarring – without fillers or Botox.


    Compression garments are an important element of proper post-op care for various plastic surgery procedures,including facelifts. Many prospective patients are confused as to how long they should wear this dressing. This blog post tells you all you need to know about the use of compression garments after a facelift.


    According to RealSelf’s 2021 Aesthetic Trend Report, Morpheus8 ranks second among the top 5 trending cosmetic procedures. The procedure can effectively tighten and improve wrinkles on the face and body.


    How you sleep after arm lift is important aspect of recovery and results. Regardless of whether you get invasive or minimally-invasive arm lift surgery, you should give your body time to heal properly and getting enough sleep is important for this. This blog discusses how to maintain a comfortable sleeping position during the arm lift recovery phase.


    Body contouring in NYC comes with certain side effects. The formation of a seroma is a common occurrence after an abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. However, seroma is not an emergency and all plastic surgeons have their own methods to address this side effect. Read this blog to learn more about what seroma is and how it can be addressed.


    Weight gain post treatment is a common concern among people who have a tummy tuck. Though tummy tuck is a transformative procedure, it’s very important to note that excessive weight gain can minimize the longevity of your results. This blog discusses how to avoid weight gain after tummy tuck.

It’s finally time to bid adieu to 2021 and get ready to welcome 2022. We will continue to keep you updated about plastic surgery trends and innovative treatments to enhance your appearance.

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss – What You Need To Know

Losing weight is indeed a great achievement. However, massive weight loss – either through diet and exercise or surgery – results in sagging skin in many areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks. With advancements in plastic surgery, there are diverse options available for body contouring in NYC that help address both excess fat and loose skin. Body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck, breast lift or lower body lift after massive weight loss help men and women achieve a toned well-shaped body. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), body contouring procedures after massive weight loss totaled 46,577 in 2020.

Body Contouring

ASPS statistics on the top 5 body contouring procedures after massive weight loss are as follows:

  • Breast lift (Mastopexy) – 10,972
  • Lower body lift – 5,043
  • Thigh lift – 4,592
  • Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) – 19,347
  • Upper arm lift – 6,623

Weight loss causes breast tissue to shrink and results in sagging skin. Even though it could be a gradual process, this after-effect of weight loss is a major concern for women. A breast lift in NYC is an ideal option to address sagginess and achieve firm, perkier breasts. The procedure, also called mastopexy, involves tightening the tissues and removing excess skin. It can also correct concerns such as nipples pointing downward, nipple/areola located below the crease, tuberous breasts and breasts that lack symmetry. Performed under general anesthesia, breast lift surgery involves different types of incisions – such as Crescent Lift, Peri-Areolar or “Donut” Lift, Vertical or “Lollipop” Lift and Inverted T or “Anchor” Lift. The plastic surgeon will recommend the right option based on individual considerations such as breast size, shape, extent of sag and personal goals.

After major weight loss, skin wrinkling and loss of tone can occur throughout the body. The tissue on the chest, trunk, and lower body areas will shrink significantly. A lower body lift can address these skin irregularities in the lower body areas such as abdomen, pubic area, flanks, lateral thighs and buttocks.

Patients with significant amount of extra thigh skin and have additional skin that needs to be excised could be good candidates for thigh lift surgery. The procedure removes excess fat and skin from the upper part of the thighs and provides a slimmer, firmer appearance. For those who have lost a lot of weight and have flabby skin, the procedure improves skin laxity. It also resolves chafing in the thigh area which is a major concern among many women.

People who want to tighten loose skin and muscles after major weight loss can consider getting a tummy tuck in NYC. This procedure is designed to tighten loose skin and provide a trimmer, streamlined midsection. In most cases, a tummy tuck also restores weakened or separated muscles.

Loose sagging skin under the arms or batwings is a major aesthetic concern among many women and men. Flabby upper arms most often do not respond to even rigorous diet and exercise. Getting an upper arm is the best way to achieve toned, well-shaped arms. Leading NYC plastic surgery practices offer a scarless arm lift performed using the minimally invasive BodyTite radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) platform. This procedure allows you to achieve the smooth and well-shaped arms – without long incisions and scars.

Regardless of the body sculpting procedure you have, it’s important to follow all the post-operative instructions provided by your plastic surgeon for smooth recovery and optimal results.


If you are considering body contouring in NYC, choose an AAAASF plastic surgery practice with experienced and skilled surgeons. If you are the right candidate, a skilled surgeon can help you achieve the aesthetic results you want.

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What Kind of Anesthesia Is Used for BodyTite?

Most people find that excess fat deposits in various body areas just refuse to budge even after strenuous exercise and diets. For such people, BodyTite in NYC could be an effective solution. Advancements in technology have made body contouring much easier, and the FDA-approved BodyTite utilizes patented RFAL™ (radiofrequency assisted liposuction) technology to remove excess fat and provide significant skin-tightening effects. If you want to achieve a sleek, trim, well-shaped body then BodyTite is a suitable option. But then, many prospective patients are curious to know what kind of anesthesia is used for this procedure.


We know that liposuction has been proven the gold standard to get rid of stubborn fat deposits from body. But then, many people are hesitant to undergo conventional liposuction – even if it does provide effective fat removal – as it involves general anesthesia, extended downtime, scars, and long recovery. On the other hand, BodyTite in NYC is an innovative minimally-invasive procedure that utilizes local anesthesia and provides surgical quality results without the added downtime and scars.

An escalating number of patients prefer to have their procedure done under local anesthesia because of its safety and the shorter recovery period ensured. General anesthesia when administered – injecting medication directly into the veins – makes the patient go to sleep during surgery. The anesthesia effects last for a much longer period and recovery from the effects of anesthesia may also be longer. Most importantly, it requires a longer period of time to wake up, and the patient typically wakes up in pain. General anesthesia is preferred when there are large volumes of fat to remove. In comparison, local anesthesia allows patients to remain awake throughout the procedure and get back quickly to a normal routine as it is administered directly into the treatment area – so that the area becomes completely numb.

When considering body contouring in NYC, it is best to find a plastic surgery facility that performs various liposuction techniques – such as BodyTite, Smartlipo or VASER lipo – under local anesthesia. Under local anesthesia, the patient may feel only a slight pressure when the procedure is being performed. Moreover, most patients can even talk to their plastic surgeons throughout the procedure and the patient wakes up immediately after the procedure. They will experience only minimum pain or discomfort when compared to traditional liposuction that is performed under general anesthesia.

Researches in the field have shown that local anesthesia is the safer option because it presents minimal complications or risks for the patient. Moreover, it allows patients to remain awake throughout the procedure and get back quickly to a normal routine.

A safe, minimally-invasive cosmetic surgical procedure, BodyTite offers efficient removal of stubborn fat and cellulite reduction along with noticeable skin-tightening effects. The FDA-cleared BodyTite coagulates the blood vessels and tightens the skin in the treatment area, while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. The procedure is performed by the surgeons after marking the area to be treated. The patient is administered local anesthesia and once the area is numbed, a tiny incision will be created to insert the BodyTite handpiece into the subcutaneous tissue. Delivering focused energy into the adipose tissue to melt the fat, RFAL energy passes from an internal cannula to an external electrode and the handpiece simultaneously aspirates the liquefied fat and coagulates the tissue. The RF energy also stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin. The outcome is a smooth, attractive and natural-looking physique.

Depending on the treatment area and the amount of fat removed, results of BodyTite in NYC are patient specific. That is, larger areas will require a longer recovery time. However, initial results can be seen immediately after the procedure, with the best results noticeable after 6-12 weeks.

If you are considering BodyTite in NYC, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are experts in performing the procedure under local anesthesia. The success of BodyTite liposuction treatment largely depends on having it performed by a well-trained, experienced, and skilled plastic surgeon. An expert surgeon will assess the patient’s unique needs and anatomical considerations, and provide customized treatment accordingly.

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What is a Seroma and How is it Addressed?

Plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts and abdominoplasty are becoming increasingly popular and with advanced techniques, NYC plastic surgeons are able to keep any and all complications of a procedure to a minimum. However, body contouring in NYC comes with some side effects and plastic surgeons discuss them with patients during the consultation. For instance, the formation of a seroma is a common occurrence after New York City abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. A seroma is not an emergency and all plastic surgeons have their own methods to address this side effect.

What is a Seroma and how is it addressed

Let’s now see what seroma is and how can it can be addressed.

Seroma is a buildup of clear fluids under the surface of your skin where tissue has been removed. Right after a plastic surgery procedure, things like hardness, water retention, swelling, hematoma, or lumpiness in the areas treated are normal. A few weeks after the procedure, fluid may build up at the surgical site and the surrounding tissue swells up.

Not all plastic surgery procedures are equally prone to the development of seroma. It often appears after a rather extensive procedure, or one in which a lot of tissue is removed or disrupted.  Seroma usually occurs after abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction.

In most cases, this fluid accumulation is harmless and allowed to heal naturally. If it causes discomfort, it can only lead to a longer hospital stay after surgery. However, if the patient begins experiencing the symptoms of an infection, the seroma may have developed into an abscess and medical treatment would be needed. Treatment for a seroma depends on the severity of the issue. In mild cases, plastic surgeons use noninvasive techniques to encourage reabsorption of the fluid by the body. These techniques include:

  • Wearing a compression garment on the treated area.
  • Massaging the affected area to gently push the fluid back into the lymph vessels, which will reduce postsurgical swelling, fluid retention and pain. It is very important to have such massage done by a therapist with experience in post-operative massage.
  • Applying heat to the area using a heating pad or hot compress. Make sure the compress is not too hot and not left on the area for a long time.
  • Keeping the treated area elevated to increase drainage.

Seromas that are not reabsorbed often require manual removal of fluid from the affected area. Drains are placed at the surgical site after the procedure to reduce risk of seroma. The volume of fluid leakage is monitored and once it becomes minimal, the drains are removed.

After a tummy tuck, usually two drains are placed beneath the skin to remove serous fluid and any residual blood that may be present. These temporary drains – that may remain in your body for a few hours or a few days after a procedure – reduce fluid accumulation and swelling or inflammation, and support the healing process. In most cases, the use of drainage tubes will be sufficient for preventing a seroma, but it’s not always the case. You may need emergency medical attention if the condition is not resolved. That’s why patients are advised to contact their surgeon immediately if they notice anything unusual at the surgical site during the recovery phase.

Overall, keep in mind that minor, small seromas don’t always need medical treatment, because the body may naturally reabsorb the fluid in a few weeks or months. To reduce any pain or discomfort or to help ease any inflammation caused by the seroma, take over-the-counter pain medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon.

If you considering body contouring in NYC, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that provide the services of knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeons. Such surgeons will be well-prepared to anticipate the appearance of seroma and will address it effectively.

Aesthetic Lasers Market to Reach USD 1,132.7 Million in 2021

Men and women can choose from a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance almost any part of the body. Aesthetic laser procedures performed using FDA approved minimally invasive and non-invasive devices are growing in popularity as they help patients achieve their cosmetic goals quickly, safely and effortlessly. New York City cosmetic surgery practices offer laser-assisted cosmetic surgery procedures such as Laser Lift, SmartLipo Triplex Liposuction, Hi Def Laser Liposuction, Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck Surgery, Gynecomastia Treatment (Male Breast Reduction), Abdominal Etching and more.

Aesthetic Lasers

According to a recent research report from Markets and Markets, the global aesthetic lasers market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10.2%, to reach USD 1,132.7 million by 2021 from USD 697.6 million in 2016. The report identifies the main factors driving the growth of the aesthetic lasers market as –

  • Growing adoption of noninvasive procedures
  • Changing lifestyles
  • Increasing disposable income
  • Technological advancements
  • Rising rate of skin damage
  • Reduction in procedural costs
  • Rise in medical tourism devices
  • Industry trends such as social media marketing
  • Increasing consolidations of manufacturers and suppliers of aesthetic lasers products

Factors restraining the growth of this market are – the rising adoption of energy-based devices, lack of reimbursement and low focus of market players on aesthetic/cosmetic devices.

The report segments the global aesthetic lasers market on the basis of type, application, end user, and region. Based on type, the market is divided into standalone lasers and multiplatform lasers. Standalone laser devices are further divided in to

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers
  • Erbium YAG Lasers
  • Diode Lasers
  • Pulsed Dye Lasers (PDL)
  • Nd:Yag Lasers
  • Alexandrite Lasers
  • Other Devices (Ruby, Argon, Krypton, and Erbium:glass Lasers)

Multiplatform lasers formed the fastest-growing segment as they provide scalable and upgradeable hybrid systems that can treat multiple indications. Factors that contributing to the high growth of this segment are – multiplatform lasers provide clinicians the flexibility and versatility of several standalone systems in a single package, and provide combination therapy to synergistically treat a single indication or provide treatment addressing multiple elements of any indication.

By application, the market is segmented into vascular lesions, acne & scars, pigmented lesions & tattoos, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, leg veins & varicose veins, and other applications (onychomycosis and gynecological conditions). Owing to factors such as high adoption of aesthetic procedures, developments in the laser technology, increased focus on body appearance, and high disposable income, the hair removal segment accounted for the largest share of the market.

End users of this aesthetic/cosmetic lasers type market are – hospitals, private clinics, and medical spas. The private clinics segment accounted for the largest share due to the rising number of aesthetic/cosmetic procedures across the globe, increasing awareness about various aesthetic procedures and their benefits, growing preference of the patients for minimal invasive cosmetic surgeries, and growth in the number of private clinics and surgeons providing these treatments.

Major players in the aesthetic lasers market, highlighted in the report include Aerolase (U.S.), Alma Lasers, Ltd. (Israel), Cutera, Inc. (U.S.), Cynosure, Inc. (U.S.), El.En. SpA (Italy), Lumenis Ltd. (Israel), Sciton, Inc. (U.S.), SharpLight Technologies (Israel), Syneron Medical Inc. (Israel), and Solta Medical (U.S.).

By region, the market is divided into four regions – North America (U.S., Canada), Europe (Germany, France, U.K.), Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, India, Rest of Asia (RoA)) and Rest of the World (RoW). Of these regional segments, North America is expected to account for the largest share of the market. However, the Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the highest CAGR, owing to factors such as changing lifestyles, rising incidences of skin damage, and increasing medical tourism in the region.

Body contouring in NYC involves using energy-assisted devices like Cynosure’s Smartlipo to eliminate fatty bulges that are resistant to diet and exercise. For the best results, the procedure has to performed by a plastic surgeon with expertise in using the technology.

Top 5 Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Options to Consider in Spring

Spring rejuvenates the world around us. Many people consider the season the perfect time to rejuvenate themselves. If you are looking to get in shape for summer, consider getting body contouring procedures this spring. Body contouring in NYC can help you get rid of stubborn fat and reshape, tighten and enhance the appearance of your body. The good news is that there are non-invasive and minimally-invasive options that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals quickly and without pain. NYC plastic surgery practices now offer pain-free, non-invasive fat-reducing treatments that promise men and women a toned and sculpted body – without having to go under the knife.

non invasive aesthetic options

Non-surgical fat reduction – also referred to as nonsurgical liposuction – requires no surgical intervention or anesthesia, and involves no downtime. It breaks down fat cells selectively in specific areas and seemingly melts the fat away. These fat reduction procedures include those that use heat, laser, sound waves or other energy sources to destroy the fat cells and remove them from the body as metabolic products ( In a Manhattan plastic surgery practice, patients can choose from a variety of noninvasive options, based on their goals. They include:

  • EVOLVE: An advanced FDA-cleared non-surgical body contouring option, EVOLVE uses hands-free technology to contour the complete body and improve the skin’s appearance. It covers a group of treatments that help remove fat, tone muscles, tighten the skin and enhance skin quality without surgery. Treatment using this all-in-one platform comes with no surgical intervention, no scars and no recovery time.

    The procedure uses unique bipolar technology to deliver radiofrequency energy and electromagnetic pulses to treat even larger body areas such as the buttocks, abdomen, knees, flanks, arms, thighs, and hips simultaneously.

    The EVOLVE platform offers three proprietary technologies on one system and allows plastic surgeons to provide treatments to suit your body type. These technologies are:

    • EVOLVE Tite for skin remodeling
    • EVOLVE Trim for body and cellulite treatment
    • EVOLVE Tone for muscle toning
  • EVOKE: InMode evoke treatment in NYC is a safe and effective non-surgical facial remodeling option. This FDA cleared, first and only all-in-one, hands-free facial remodeling device restructures facial and neck tissues in a three-dimensional way. The procedure uses radiofrequency power to target the neck, chin, cheeks, and jowls and provide patients with a more defined neck and jawline. Evoke promotes patient safety with features such as continuous temperature monitoring and automatic, user-programmable temperature on/off control.
  • KYBELLA Double Chin Treatment: KYBELLA is the only FDA approved injectable treatment for submental fat. It uses a naturally occurring substance in the body called deoxycholic acid to break down unwanted fat and address a double chin. It provides a more defined chin and jawline by reducing moderate to excess fat under the chin permanently. The injections are made directly into the subcutaneous fat tissue in the submental area. Before the treatment, local anesthesia is administered to minimize pain or discomfort.

    A maximum of 6 single treatments may be provided with a 1-month interval. Each treatment consists of up to a maximum of 50 injections. However, if sufficient treatment sessions are undertaken, Kybella is considered to be an alternative to liposuction. This treatment addresses consolidated fat deposits under the chin, but is not a good option for those who have a lot of loose, saggy skin in the area.
  • Liposonix: This noninvasive procedure uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to destroy unwanted fat in areas such as the hips and abdomen – without harming the skin or surrounding tissues. It penetrates through the layers of skin, generates collagen and prevents loose skin after the treatment by causing the contracture of the tissue. The procedure can reduce your waistline by up to several centimeters and you can witness the optimal results after 8 to 12 weeks of treatment. There is no need to use special garments after the treatment.
  • VASERshape: This non-invasive procedure combines ultrasound energy and massage therapy to treat areas such as flanks, buttocks, arms, hips, abdomen, and thighs. This painless and relaxing body contouring treatment is effective for different types of bodies, as it treats stubborn fat deposits and improves the cellulite by tightening and smoothing the skin to restore a youthful body contour. It also improves blood circulation.

Along with these noninvasive fat reduction procedures, Manhattan body contouring treatments also include pain-free treatments like Vanquish, BodyFX and Morpheus8 that can redefine, reshape, tighten and enhance the appearance of your body.

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To get your body ready for the sunshine season, consult a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that offers body contouring in NYC. An expert will guide you in choosing the right option and provide customized treatment to make sure you look your best.

Top 7 Benefits of Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures

Getting rid of unwanted fat and maintaining a well-shaped body can be a tough battle. Weight gain is one of the major reasons for the buildup of excess fat deposits in various areas of the body that are resistant to even strenuous diet and exercise. Sometimes, loose skin also develops due to factors such as weight fluctuations, aging, pregnancy, loss of elastin and collagen, and so on. The good news is that non-invasive body contouring in NYC can address excess fat and saggy skin safely and effectively – with no surgical intervention, anesthesia, pain or downtime.

Non-Invasive Body Contouring

In leading NYC plastic surgery practices, patients can choose from a variety of noninvasive options, based on their goals, such as InMode Evolve treatment in NYC, BodyFX, Vanquish, VASERshape and Liposonix. There are exclusive solutions for facial areas, such as InMode’s EVOKE and Forma, and KYBELLA double chin treatment. These advanced non-invasive treatments are trending with more and more people looking to achieve their aesthetic goals without surgery and its associated complications.

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EVOLVE, BodyFX, Vanquish, EVOKE and Forma utilize radiofrequency energy for zapping excess fat and tightening loose skin, while VASERshape and Liposonix utilize ultrasound energy for nonsurgical body contouring. KYBELLA double chin treatment, the only FDA approved injectable treatment, can provide a more defined chin and jawline, by reducing moderate to excess fat under the chin.

Here are 7 benefits of noninvasive body contouring procedures:

  1. Safe and Effective: Non-invasive procedures are safe and effective. Traditional body contouring procedures are not meant for everyone and only ideal candidates can achieve optimal results. On the other hand, non-invasive procedures would work for most people and provide good outcomes for anyone who want to eliminate excess fat and reshape their body. However, it’s important to get treated by an experienced plastic surgeon to get the best results.
  2. No Pain: With a non-surgical body contouring procedure, there is no serious pain involved. For instance, with InMode EVOLVE treatment in NYC, patients may feel only mild warmth during the procedure, but hardly any pain. In fact, patients can relax as the procedure is being performed and surf the internet, read a book, or even watch TV.
  3. Little to No Recovery Time: With non-invasive body contouring procedures, the body doesn’t have to work to repair all the incisions and abrasions as in the case of a surgery. Patients can get back to work soon after the procedure, as it involves no anesthesia, incisions, or downtime and comes with short or no recovery time.
  4. Completed quickly: Though time can vary slightly depending on the patient and procedure, nonsurgical procedure can be completed quickly – generally within an hour. Procedures like EVOLVE can be done during your lunchbreak and you can get back to work after it’s completed.
  5. Permanent Results: These procedures provide permanent fat removal, just as surgical body sculpting or liposuction procedures would, but any incisions. Once the fat cells are removed, you can enjoy your new look for a long time. But keep in mind that a proper diet and exercise routine are necessary to maintain your results. Not sticking to a healthy lifestyle can lead to weight gain and affect your body contouring outcomes.
  6. Natural Results: As the skin is not cut or pulled tight in a non-invasive procedure, the procedure would provide more natural looking results than invasive treatments. The treated areas will progressively improve overtime and provide amazing results in most cases.
  7. Fewer Risks: Surgical body contouring procedure are performed with great care and attention to patient safety, but they still come with risks of infection and complications from anesthesia. Nonsurgical facelifts are free of these risks.

For the best results, make sure you choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are experts in performing non-surgical procedures.

Study: Second Gen RFAL Device Offers Improved Safety and Efficiency

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the U.S. Plastic surgery practices offer liposuction procedures using a variety of technologies. Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction using the FDA approved BodyTite is a popular option among men and women seeking body contouring in NYC. A new study titled “Second Generation Radiofrequency Body Contouring Device: Safety and Efficacy in 300 Local Anesthesia Liposuction Cases”, reports that the second-generation RFAL device offers greater safety and efficiency compared to the first-generation device. The study was authored by bodySCULPT plastic surgeons Dr. Christopher T. Chia MD and Dr. Spero J. Theodorou, and two other surgeons, Joseph A. Marte, MD and Derek D. Ulvila, MD, was published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open: September 2020 – Volume 8 – Issue 9.

RFAL Device Journal Article

Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) was introduced in the early 2000s and has undergone significant improvements since then. The second-generation device used in this study is the asymmetric bipolar device that has been available in the U.S. since 2016. Several safety features have been added on over the years. Today, RFAL under local anesthesia is a safe and effective body contouring option with significant soft tissue tightening benefits.

The study reported a single center’s experience with two surgeons using the second-generation RFAL device compared with the first-generation device in terms of safety and efficacy. The first- and second-generation device data were collected from the same, single practice location eight years apart.

In the RFAL device, RF energy is delivered between two electrodes in the handpiece: the external one maintaining contact with the skin and the internal probe located within the subcutaneous fat layer. With differing energy delivery, higher temperature levels can be achieved internally than externally. Energy based modalities such as RFAL combined with suction-assisted lipectomy (SAL) can provide effective body contouring along with optimal skin tightening.

A total of 300 consecutive operations were performed on 240 patients in 421 anatomic areas under local anesthesia, with the patients awake throughout the procedure. Areas treated included the abdomen, arms, axilla, bra roll, breast, cheeks, chest, eyelids, flanks, hip, jowls, and knees. Following tumescent injection, the RFAL device was used to heat the skin and underlying collagen network. Subsequently, excess fat and fluid were removed from areas to be contoured with suction-assisted lipectomy.

The study found that treatment with the second-generation RF device witnessed fewer complications when compared to first-generation RF device. According to the authors, procedures performed using second-generation device had no mortalities, hospitalizations, or major complications compared with the patients who received first generation RFAL treatment.

To compare the second-generation device to the first-generation device, three tests were conducted to find out:

  • proportion of major complications
  • proportion of minor complications
  • proportion of all complications

All three tests indicated that second generation participants demonstrated statistically significant lower proportions of major, minor, or cumulative complications compared with the patients who received first generation RFAL treatment. Major complications were seen for 6.25% of the first-generation group 6.25% and 0% for the second-generation group. The first-generation group showed 8.3% minor complications, while the second-generation group had 0.7%.

We found that the current iteration of the RFAL device when used judiciously is safe and effective in the group of 300 consecutive cases presented, which were all performed under local anesthesia”, wrote the researchers.

NeckTite Before and After Photos

The paper points out that the second-generation device contains several safety features that the first-generation device did not have. Two noteworthy features that improve the safety profile as well as the efficacy of the second generation RFAL device are:

  • Internal temperature real-time monitoring with the existing external thermistor
  • Temperature surge protection (TSP) which monitors the temperatures internally and externally real-time, and alerts the surgeon if the temperature rises too quickly, avoiding dangerous spikes and preventing burns

The authors also noted that the excellent analgesia achieved would also allow the surgeon to combine RFAL treatment with autologous fat transfer, non-invasive skin treatments and scar revisions with excellent patient compliance and comfort.