Questions to Ask during a Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation

questions-during-brazilian-butt-lift-consultationThe Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a buttock augmentation procedure that enhances and improves a woman’s buttocks by using her own fat. The procedure, which involves liposuction and fat transfer, can provide you with fuller, curvier, and perkier buttocks. Leading plastic surgery practices offering Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC provide customized solutions to help patients achieve their specific goals.

In order to achieve optimal results, you need to choose a qualified, experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. This is also crucial for your overall safety as the fat has to be injected at the right depth to avoid complications. Choosing a surgeon who is an expert in performing liposuction is important, as if the fat removal is not performed properly, it can result in bumps and deformities. In addition, a skilled surgeon can achieve the right balance between the removal and addition of fat to create a beautifully shaped butt with a smaller waist.

Leading plastic surgery practices post before and after photos of BBL patients on the website to help potential candidate evaluate the quality of their surgeon’s work. During consultation, you need to ask the following questions to your surgeon to get the complete picture of his/her experience, qualifications, and what you can expect.

Where will my surgery be performed?

It is necessary to have the surgery in a hospital or in an accredited outpatient surgery center that has been certified for patient safety by the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).

Can I see before and after photos of your BBL patients?

You should ask your surgeon to show the before and after photos or videos of real BBL patients.  You must pay special attention to those patients who have similar features or physique like you. This will help you to get an idea of how your surgeon will customize the procedure according to your body type.

What will be expected of me before the procedure to ensure the best results?

You need to take certain steps before and after surgery to ensure the best results. You should stop smoking. You need to take time off from work for smooth recovery. You need to be at or near to your ideal weight. If not, you may have to reconsider your surgery.

What sort of anesthesia can I expect during my procedure?

General anesthesia is required for larger areas of liposuction and higher volume of fat transfer due to the relatively large area of harvest sites to be performed and because a large amount of fat transfer is necessary to maintain a maximum result. However, NYC plastic surgeons have introduced new concept – a small to moderate size BBL under local anesthesia (BBLULA). This can be performed safely and effectively with minimal pain by a surgeon who is experienced in this technique.

What does recovery involve and how long will it take?

You need to know what to expect after surgery, how long the recovery period will last, and what it will involve. For smooth recovery and optimal results, you need to take proper care of your body after the procedure and follow your surgeon’s instructions. You should arrange for someone to drive you to and from your surgery and stay with you for 24 hours after your procedure.

How will follow-up care and visits be handled?

Recovery care is imperative for the successful outcome. Make sure that the surgeon you choose is dedicated to providing you with best post-op follow-up care.

If you are planning to undergo BBL in NYC, then choose an AAAASF- accredited plastic surgery practice in NYC that has surgeons who have extensive expertise in the procedure. A reliable surgeon will perform a careful patient evaluation before they recommend the treatment. A skilled NYC plastic surgeon will use advanced technology and the latest techniques to perform BBL. and will also provide dedicated post-op follow-up care. It is important to have a positive outlook and   realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcome.

How Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Work?

how-does-the-brazilian-butt-lift-procedure-workButtock augmentation has become a popular procedure among women who desire prominent, youthful-looking, curvy buttocks. The procedure owes much of its popularity to celebrity “belfies” which have flooded Instagram feeds. Today, women looking to enhance the appearance of their posterior have a new option – Brazilian butt lift in NYC. Unlike implant surgery where silicone implants are inserted into the buttocks, BBL adds volume and visual appeal to the buttocks using the patient’s own fat.

The Brazilian butt lift is a “dual-benefit” body contouring procedure. Fat is removed via liposuction from waist and other parts of the body which reshapes these areas, and is carefully injected into the gluteal region to enhance and improve its appearance. Buttock augmentation with autologous fat grafting, or gluteal lift (currently marketed as the “Brazilian butt lift in NYC”), is described as one of the most rapidly evolving and increasingly popular cosmetic surgical procedures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), buttock augmentation via fat grafting increased 10% in 2017 over the previous year.

Women considering the procedure should know and understand what BBL in NYC involves:

  • Candidate evaluation: According to NYC plastic surgeons, ideal candidates are those who are in good general health and have enough fat and an appropriate body type for fat harvesting, and make an effective change to the buttocks during transfer. The typical areas for fat harvesting include the axilla or arm pit, the mid back or bra rolls, flanks or love handles as well as the outer thighs, inner thighs, abdomen and other areas have been under consideration.
  • Marking for fat transfer: The surgeon will outline the area where the fat is to be injected using a surgical marker.
  • Administration of anesthesia: BBL can be performed under general and local anesthesia. The amount of fat that needs to be removed will determine the type of anesthesia you will receive. General anesthesia would required for larger areas of liposuction with more generous amounts of fat transfer. However, traditional BBL under general anesthesia can have devastating and even fatal consequences if the fat is injected into and below the muscle, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Fortunately, two plastic surgeons of bodySCULPT in NYC, Drs. Spero Theodorou and Christopher T. Chia invented Brazilian butt lift under local anesthesia (BBLULA). Local anesthesia is the safer option because it presents minimal complications or risks for the patient. Extremely successful as a safer alternative to the traditional technique, BBLULA is a relatively short procedure that allows patients to remain awake throughout the procedure, heal faster, and get back quickly to their normal routine.

However, with local anesthesia, only smaller amounts of fat are injected at one time. Dr. Chia notes that many of their patients who have it done under local tolerate it so well that they return on multiple occasions to gradually increase their buttock size in stages. BBL under local anesthesia can be done safely, comfortably and with a shorter recovery time and at a lower cost because an anesthesiologist, extra nursing staff and excess operating room costs are avoided. Patients can work with their surgeon to determine the type of anesthesia that will work best for them.

  • Preparing the harvest site and the buttocks for surgery: The harvest site is the area from which the fat will be removed via liposuction. Both the harvesting site and buttocks will be cleaned and disinfected. Disinfecting these areas reduces the risks of infection.
  • Liposuction is performed to harvest the fat: The fat harvesting procedure involves tumescent liposuction to provide local anesthesia to large volumes of subcutaneous fat. A saline medium is first injected into the site to deliver the medications to numb the area, and minimize bleeding and bruising. Expert plastic surgeons use advanced energy assisted methods of liposuction such as ultrasound assisted VASER High Definition Lipo that allow for smoother and easier extraction of fat with lesser trauma and minimal bruising.

Global Breast Augmentation Market Analysis and Forecast, 2017-2025

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentation retained its position as the top cosmetic surgical procedure in 2017 and up to 300,378 procedures were performed last year. Breast augmentation in New York City is performed using FDA-approved implants.

According to a Research and Markets survey, the value of the breast implants market is expected to increase to US$ 1,981.2 Mn US$ from 1,424.4 Mn in 2017 by the end of 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 4.3%. One of the major reasons for the growth of the breast implant market is the rise in prevalence of breast cancer. Augmentation mammaplasty (as the procedure is also called) reconstructs the shape of the breast after mastectomy. According to, nearly 266,120 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S. in 2018, along with 63,960 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer.Breast Augmentation

Market Insights Reports also provided a comprehensive assessment of the breast augmentation implants market recently, which includes qualitative and quantitative insights, historical and forecasted data, and competitor and regional analysis from 2013 to 2025. The study defines, segments, and projects the size of the breast augmentation implants market based on company, product type, application and key regions. The report segments the Breast Augmentation Implants Market into:

  • Silicone Gel Breast Implants
  • Saline-filled Breast Implants

ASPS reported that silicone implants were used in 84% of all breast augmentations in 2016. This implant is popular as they have a texture similar to breast tissue, and look and feel more natural than saline implants. They are filled with soft, elastic gel held with an outer silicone shell and chances of complications like breast rippling are reduced. Saline implants are prefilled at a predetermined size or filled at the time of surgery to allow for minor modifications in size. They provide a uniform shape, firmness and feel, but require a longer incision to insert. Plastic surgery practices providing breast augmentation in NYC offer two additional options – gummy bear implants and IDEAL implants.

The report analyzes product capacity, production, value, consumption, market share and growth opportunity in key regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America and Middle East & Africa. It segments the market by application as: Hospital, Cosmetic Surgery, and Other. It covers the profiles of major players in the global Breast Augmentation Implants market such as: Allergan, Mentor Worldwide, Arion Laboratories, CEREPLAS, Establishment Labs, GC Aesthetics, GROUPE SEBBIN, Guangzhou Wanhe, Hans Biomed, POLYTECH Health, Sientra, and Silimed.

Technical innovations and improvements have made breast implants safer and augmentation can be performed with less downtime. Implants come in different sizes and shapes. NYC plastic surgeons help patients preview their outcomes using advanced 3D technology, which allows them to make the best choice based on anatomy and cosmetic goals.

Is it Normal to Have a Significantly Large Butt Size Immediately after BBL?

Inspired by celebrity selfies, many women are opting to have a Brazilian butt lift in NYC to augment butt size and shape and achieve a more sensuous figure. In fact, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has emerged as one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the United States. Reliable plastic surgeons educate potential patients about the risks and benefits of the treatment as well as the results they can expect. One patient expressed her concerns on the RealSelf platform, saying “Just had BBL yesterday and my butt looks huge, it will go down right? How much will it go down?”

BBLOne expert surgeon explained that it is completely normal to have a larger than expected buttock size right after a BBL. He clarifies that this is due to swelling and the amount of fat injected which will normalize in a few weeks into the size the patient wants. The surgeon usually injects about 50-100% more fat than the expected final volume to make up for the fat that does not survive permanently over time. The final size should settle close to where the patient wishes it to be, says the expert.

Other experts indicated that the results should not be judged the next day after the procedure. Post-op swelling is quite normal and it usually takes 2 to 3 months for the majority of swelling to subside. As it is in a healing stage, the lower back would be still bruised and swollen, making it feel like huge buttocks. With proper care, the swelling will subside. Usually, the final results of Brazilian butt lift are seen approximately 6 months after the treatment. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for long-lasting results.

BBL helps you achieve the look you dreamt of using your own fat. The standard Brazilian butt lift NYC involves two components: the first is precise liposuction to remove excess fat from the areas such as the flanks, stomach, thighs, and areas surrounding the butt, and purifying the fat. The second step, the refined fat is transferred to the buttocks to achieve the desired shape.

A good candidate for BBL is the one who has the best donor fat cells that have to be re-injected back into the buttocks for augmentation. Fat often has to be suctioned from more than one area of the body in order to get enough fat to re-inject into the buttocks. And not everyone has fat taken from the exact same spots.

Brazilian butt lift under local anesthesia usually requires only 36 hours of recuperation, regardless of the day of the week. Final results are usually seen approximately 6 months after the treatment and full recovery depends on how well patients follow their surgeon’s aftercare instructions. Successful BBL surgery will result in a perkier and rounder butt and redefine overall body appearance.

If you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC, consult a plastic surgeon in an AAAASF-accredited surgical practice who is experienced in performing the procedure. This is very important because BBL requires comprehensive training and experience in fat transfer techniques as well as a professionally trained eye for aesthetic detail. Surgeons who are well-trained in this procedure can provide safe treatment and effective results. BBL under local anesthesia is a relatively new concept invented by leading NYC plastic surgeons Dr. Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia of bodySCULPT®.

Global Breast Implants Market to Touch US$ 1482.1 Million by 2024

Breast Implants Market to Touch US$ 1482.1 Million by 2024Most women place a lot of importance on physical appearance and many turn to plastic surgery to achieve their goals. For instance, the demand for breast augmentation in New York City has increased over the years. In fact, according to the latest annual report of the American Society of Plastic surgeons, breast augmentation was among the top cosmetic surgical procedures in 2017 along with liposuction and nose reshaping. Persistence Market Research predicted that the global breast implants market is likely to attain a 4.1% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the assessment period from 2016 to 2024 and will reach US $ 1482.1 million by the end of 2024.

Women opt to have breast augmentation for various reasons: to enlarge breasts that are naturally small in size, reinstate size and shape after breastfeeding or excessive weight loss, and to address asymmetry. Augmentation mammoplasty, as the procedure is also called, involves surgery to place a breast implant under the chest muscles or breast tissue. Leading NYC plastic surgeons help women achieve their aesthetic goals using FDA-approved saline and silicone gel implants.

A Global Market Insights (GMI) breast implants market report (2013-2014) published in August 2017 provided an analysis of the market based on product type (saline or silicone), shape (round, teardrop), application, end user (hospitals, cosmetic surgery practices) and region. The findings of the report are as follows:

  • By Product: Silicone gel implants dominated the market in the year 2016 and the report predicted that the trend would continue over the forecast years. With silicone-gel breast implants, there is less wrinkling or rippling, and importantly, they offer natural-looking outcomes. However, the report noted that their comparatively higher cost and larger incision required for insertion might discourage demand.
  • By Shape: Breast implant shapes include round and teardrop. Round breast implants accounted for the larger share of the market in 2016. Their ability to give round, soft and proportioned breasts and availability in a range of diameters and degrees of projections offer a great deal of flexibility to fit any body type. Moreover, the round shape addresses the problem of rotation. But the report predicted that the disadvantage of superior pole fullness in women with small breasts would restrain the growth of this type of implant during the forecast period.
  • By Application: The GMI report noted that the demand for breast augmentation would grow as it is a short duration procedure with minimal complications and can be performed under local or general anaesthesia. Breast augmentation improves a woman’s self-confidence and this would drive  the growth of the breast implants market.
  • By Region: According to the report, the S. market held over 85% of the regional revenue share in 2016 due to the demand for breast augmentation to address aesthetic concerns. GMI predicted that the rising adoption of innovative products, evolving healthcare infrastructure, and growing awareness could strengthen regional growth.

Persistence Market Research predicted that the North America market may achieve a 4.0% CAGR during the forecast period. Revenues are expected to grow in the APAC market and the Latin American market is expected to record a 4.3% CAGR, with higher growth in Mexico and Brazil. However, expansion would be limited in the MEA region due to low understanding and other factors. In Asia, especially China, women tend to imitate Western trends and their increasing disposable incomes are leading to an increasing number of women opting for breast augmentation.

Factors such as risk of complications such as infection, capsular contraction, breast and nipple sensitivity and deflation of implants could dampen the growth of the market over forecast period. However, the increasing emphasis on physical appearance and rise in women’s disposable per capita income are expected to be strong factors that will drive growth of the global breast implants market in the coming years.

Millennials are America’s Largest Generation and the Demographic for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic SurgeryAccording to population estimates released this month by the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials have overtaken baby boomers as the largest generation in the country. Millennials, who comprise those ages 18-34 in 2015, are also known as Generation Y. Data analysis by an economist at Deutsche Bank further reveals that 26-year-olds, who number 4.75 million, are the biggest segment in America’s population and that they will represent such a large chunk of the spending economy. These trends will shape the demand for cosmetic surgery say NYC plastic surgeons, as millennials are the demographic for aesthetic treatments.

Women and men from all walks of life are looking to plastic surgery to enhance their physical appearance. A recent report from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) notes that people are being driven to slow down the clock by looking youthful with cosmetic treatments. Furthermore, for most people, the goal is “prevention” and not “correction”. As a result, the number of patients under 30 seeking cosmetic tweaks is growing.

The first signs of aging start to appear on the skin from around the age of 25. These concerns include fine lines, wrinkles, depleted volume and loss of density. Most people want to halt the aging process even before it begins and have skin resurfacing treatments and facial plastic surgery to rejuvenate the skin and address lines and sagging.

The AAFPRS provides evidence of this trend. Up to 51% of AAFPRS members reported that increasing numbers of men and women in their 20s and 30s are opting for early maintenance to prevent the need for extensive procedures and surgery. According to the report, this emerging segment opts for advanced skincare, do sun prevention, and get facial injectables before they enter the thirties. In fact, 56% of facial plastic surgeons surveyed said they saw an increase in 2016 in cosmetic surgery or injectables among patients under age 30.

A 2015 Realself study also revealed that more than 90% of women age 18-24 are dissatisfied with at least one body part, compared to 85% in the 55-64 age range. The survey found that 86% young women, especially 25-34 year olds are most likely to have a procedure to improve a body part, and that 40 percent would opt for surgery.

According to AAFPRS members, two main factors drive the demand for cosmetic procedures – the desire to stay competitive in the workplace and the impact of social media. Forty-nine percent of surgeons said that patients wanted to stay relevant and vital at work, while 42% reported that many people wanted to have plastic surgery to look good in selfies, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Live and other social media sites. Eyelid procedures and facial liposuction are a rising trend among many patients to improve their profile.

The availability of more advanced and less invasive technologies have made things easier. Today’s cosmetic patients, especially Generation Y, want a more youthful appearance without spending too much post-procedure downtime. They want to get back to their work and routine life quickly without visible signs of having had cosmetic surgery. Treatments like laser liposuction, VASER lipo, and CoolSculpting cater to the demand for minimally-invasive and non-invasive treatments to address stubborn fat and loose skin in various areas of the body. Kybella, a unique clinically proven injectable, can zap chin fat in just a few sessions.

“Patients want to look good for their age for as long as possible, and we now have the tools to provide visible lasting results with and without surgery,” says AAFPRS president Dr. Fred G. Fedok.

Why Plastic Surgeons Advise Patients to Quit Smoking before Treatment

Quit Smoking before Plastic SurgeryNYC plastic surgeons offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures to help men and women achieve their aesthetic goals. During the plastic surgery consultation, patients are given a list of dos and don’ts. One of the general recommendations for plastic surgery is to stop smoking.

Why is it important to quit smoking before the procedure? The reason is that smoking can interfere with the efficiency of the treatment, the healing process, and outcome. Surgeons generally tell patients to stop smoking at least a few weeks before and after the surgery.

Smokers generally have more mucus production and reactivity of their airways, which would cause coughing in the post-operative period. Proper blood supply is a major concern during any surgical procedure and it would be compromised for those who smoke. Smoking introduces carbon monoxide into your system which robs the tissues of oxygen. Good wound healing is all about getting enough blood supply to the area. Nicotine is a major vasoconstrictor that prevents smooth healing. Those who smoke have longer healing time, worsened scars, and more complications.

Not smoking contributes to successful surgery with a much lower risk of complications. This is really important for procedures such as breast augmentation. The reason is that the treatment comes with a higher risk of complications such as infection and capsular contracture in addition to general complications such as blood clots, and anesthetic problems such as pneumonia.

For these reasons and more, plastic surgeons advise patients to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery and 3 weeks following the treatment. The specific information and recommendations given to patients would depend on their medical status, the type of operation they are having, and their age.

Surgeons provide comprehensive pre- and post-operative instructions and following them is crucial for smooth recovery and optimal results. Other lifestyle changes that your surgeon may recommend will relate to diet, exercise, and weight management.

What is the Right Age for a Teen to have Male Breast Reduction?

Right Age Male Breast ReductionMale breast reduction surgery has become commonplace among teenagers to correct overly large breasts and achieve a more masculine looking chest. There are plastic surgery facilities in NYC that offer minimally-invasive treatment for gynecomastia, as this condition is called. The treatment involves removing the excess fat and tissue using FDA-approved laser technology.

Though this aesthetic imperfection can occur any age, around two-thirds of adolescent boys develop some form of gynecomastia. It’s hardly surprising that NYC plastic surgeons see an increasingly large number of teenagers reporting with the condition. One frequently asked question is whether there is any minimum age to have the treatment.

Ideally, gynecomastia surgery is delayed until full development of the male breast. This could be around an age of 18 years, after the effects of adolescent hormonal development on the breasts ceases. It is not uncommon for boys to experience some changes to their breasts during puberty. However, this could completely resolve in 2 or 3 years. The body continues to develop through adolescence, and most boys find that their gynecomastia corrects on its own. However, in some cases, the condition persists, and becomes a source of emotional distress and embarrassment. Breast reduction treatment provides the solution.

However, this doesn’t mean that one should rush into the decision. Plastic surgeons will perform a comprehensive history and physical exam and possibly blood tests to check hormone levels. To confirm that the patient is a good candidate for surgery, they will make sure that there is no other underlying cause for this concern. It is important to rule out the possibilities of other medical conditions before deciding to go ahead with gynecomastia treatment. Those who are obese will be advised a proper diet and exercise regimen to reach the ideal weight. If the over development of the breasts does not resolve despite attaining a healthy weight, the surgeon will most likely recommend surgery.

If male breast reduction is performed before growth is complete, the breasts may continue to grow, which will affect the results.