Important Points to Consider Before Having Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Important PointsAccording to an American Society of Plastic Surgeons report, Americans spent more than $16 billion on cosmetic plastic surgeries and minimally invasive procedures in 2016. This is the highest amount that has been ever spent of such procedure in the U.S. In New York City, body sculpting procedures are available to help both men and women enhance their physical appearance and maintain a youthful look.

The majority of procedures are done for aesthetic enhancement. Liposuction, one of the most commonly performed procedures, removes stubborn fat from various areas of the body. Today, the treatment is performed using minimally invasive or noninvasive modalities, making it even more popular. Plastic surgery can also address medical conditions. For example, some people may undergo rhinoplasty in Manhattan that could help them to breathe better.

If you are considering plastic surgery, here are some important points to note before you go ahead:

Skills and proficiency of the plastic surgeon: The most important thing is to ensure that the NYC plastic surgeon you approach has the proficiency and skills required to perform the procedure you want. You should do your research and make sure that the surgeon is well qualified and an expert in the field. Accredited plastic surgery practices in New York have expert plastic surgeons who are skilled in using the latest technologies to help patients achieve their goals.

Stable body weight: A good candidate for plastic surgery is one maintains a stable body weight. As you gain or lose extra pounds, your weight will fluctuate and impact the outcome of your body contouring procedure. A person who maintains a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise can expect body contouring outcomes to last long.

Control medical conditions and avoid certain medications: If you have a medical condition, tell your plastic surgeon. You may not be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery if you have health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or a bleeding disorder. If you take medications such as herbal supplements, vitamins, and aspirin, these should be stopped prior to the surgery.

Quit smoking: Smoking can increase the complications with any surgery as it can reduce healthy blood supply needed for proper healing. So it’s important to stop smoking before and after the procedure to reduce your risks.

Have realistic expectations: Body contouring can enhance your physical appearance, but it is very important that you have realistic expectations about the outcomes. You cannot expect the same result that a celebrity or your friend has achieved, because the results of a procedure would depend on individual considerations. So be clear about what you would like to change or improve. Then discuss these goals with your surgeon to understand if your goals are realistic and how you can best to achieve them

Don’t be in a hurry to go in for cosmetic procedures. Take your time and make your decision after these considerations. Choose an experienced plastic surgeon in New York City for safe treatment and the best results. A professional, experienced surgeon will strive to understand your goals and help you take an informed decision.

Advantages of VASER Lipo over Traditional Liposuction

Advantages of VASER LipoWith the increasing concern about body image among men and women of all ages, liposuction is trending. With reduced downtime and smoother recovery, minimally-invasive body contouring techniques such as VASER Lipo are the preferred option. In NYC, leading plastic surgeons offer this treatment as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.

VASER lipo uses ultrasonic energy to selectively break up small or large areas of fat while leaving the other important tissues in the area intact. In addition to treating areas with more fibrous tissue more effectively, VASER also preserves the viability of fat cells for fat transfer. This system provides good results for removing fat from areas such as the abdomen, arms, back, breasts (male and female), buttocks, hips, love handles, knees, face, ankles and calves.

This minimally invasive fat removal and body sculpting method is suitable for individuals who are physically healthy and want to get rid of fat pockets that cannot be resolved through diet and exercises. Depending on the surgeon’s experience and comfort level, the approach can be used to treat deep tissue as well as the mid fatty level and certain areas closer to the surface. In addition to eliminating fat, it also smoothes the skin’s surface. Skilled surgeons offering body sculpting in New York City use this advanced device to remove the fat around muscle groups, which makes the muscles look more defined and creates a chiseled, athletic appearance.

VASER Lipo offers many advantages over traditional body contouring procedures:

  • Minimally invasive procedure using local anesthesia
  • Quicker recovery time, less swelling and bruising
  • Coagulates the tissues and tightens sagging skin
  • Does not destroy the other tissues in the treated area
  • Patients can return to normal activities within two to three weeks

After the surgery, patients need to have a surgical drain fitted before leaving. They should wear a compression garment for between two to four weeks to support maximum skin retraction and smooth results.

While choosing a plastic surgeon in New York City look for one who is experienced in performing the VASER lipo procedure. The right surgeon can provide you with optimal results in minimum downtime.