Can I get a Brazilian butt lift fat transfer?

pineapple2223 | Gainesville, FL | 1 month ago

I want a Brazilian butt lift fat transfer but I am scared I do not want to waste my money if it’s not going to work on me please help…

Dr. Christopher Chia* at bodySCULPT®‘ Answer

June 1st, 2015

The Brazilian Butt Lift using your own fat to augment the buttocks is gaining in popularity because it both reduces areas of unwanted excess fat and, instead of throwing it away, using it as a natural and soft filler for the buttocks where it helps to enhance your curves and fill out the seat of the pants, etc. As in any cosmetic procedure, your surgeon needs to address your goals realistically so that you are on the same page with what you want. This includes the fact that some of the may not survive long term; surgeons will often ‘overfill’ the area to make sure enough remains permanently so you have to have enough to transfer. Also, one person’s idea of a large buttock is not the same as another’s. That being said, the photos you sent appear to make you a good candidate for the operation. Talk to an experienced plastic surgeon who does this on a regular basis and good luck.

*Dr. Christopher T Chia is a board-certified plastic surgeon at bodySCULPT®, a renowned plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York City, specialized in providing a variety of body contouring and facial procedures. Dr. Chia is specially trained in performing Brazilian Butt Lift, which utilizes the patient’s own fat to augment the buttocks. Dr. Chia uses the latest surgical technologies and techniques to consistently deliver the best possible surgical outcomes. Dr. Chia is a teaching faculty for ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

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