Is it possible to have 2000 or 1800 ccs in my body , do u have enough to fat?

mamaju | Edmonton, AB | 3 months ago

I want kim kardashian butt for long time , I weight 140 ‘ . . I can exercise loose weight off easy . But I decided to save up and keep the weight to undergo bbl . I am nervous and don’t want to be disappointed to have all that money spend I have saved over few years and I don’t achieve kim kardasian butt or at least something close to get , I want 2000 cc in each butt cheek , is it possible ? I have huge far between my thighs and huge belly fat back fat , arm oit fat , arm fat and chin fat , please help

Dr. Christopher Chia* at bodySCULPT®‘ Answer

April 3rd, 2015

BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift involves liposuction of fat from one or more areas of the body and then carefully transferring that fat to the buttocks to give a natural, soft augmentation. In order to get 3600-4000cc’s of quality fat, the patient must undergo a large liposuction volume-wise and have enough in the first place. Second, we don’t expect all of the fat to survive no matter how carefully it is done so about twice as much fat as desired in the final result is injected. However, the more fat that is injected, the lower the ‘take’ of the surviving fat because each fat cell has to be near blood supply to live. The more fat is injected, the more crowded the recipient site becomes. In addition, pressure increases with more volume and that is also bad for the fat. Judging from your photos and description, a buttock implant and liposuction will be required to get the waist line reduced and the projection of the butt that you want. A BBL will get a great result as well, but the more dramatic volume you desire may not be achievable with your frame. Good luck

*A fellowship-trained aesthetic plastic surgeon in Manhattan, New York City, Dr. Christopher T. Chia has special interest in augmentation procedures, liposuction / body contouring. Certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Chia takes great pride in providing personalized care targeted at meeting the individual needs of patients.

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