New Study Reports Excellent Results for Upper Arm Liposuction with BodyTite

A new study published by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, indicates that RFAL liposuction with BodyTite offers significant skin contraction in the upper arm region. The article “Improving Outcomes in Upper Arm Liposuction: Adding Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction to Induce Skin Contraction” by Dr. Diana Irvine Duncan describes the results of a clinical study conducted on 12 patients. One year after treatment with RFAL, patients benefited with up to 50 per cent reduction in the vertical height of the sagging skin and 33.5 per cent contraction of average skin surface area. Statistical analysis showed a P value of >.001 for both measurements.

The upper arms tend to hang and droop with age and weight gain. These ‘bat wings’ are difficult to treat or recontour as upper arm skin is very thin and sags easily. Brachioplasty is recommended when the problem is more of loose skin than excess fat, but patients are usually discouraged by the scarring that results. While traditional liposuction would work for minimal skin laxity, it is usually ineffective for upper arm skin laxity. However, Dr. Duncan’s study shows that BodyTite liposuction with RFAL technology overcomes these issues. Patients included women with skin ptosis, fat plus skin ptosis, pendulous skin, and so on. There were no complications that required reoperation. No patient reported scarring or protrusions in the treatment site. Skin tightening effects were significant in the case of all the patients.

Intelligently designed, BodyTite comes with many safety features such as closed loop skin temperature and impedance monitoring, external electrode contact control, internal power calibration and monitoring, and anti-carbonization cannula protection. BodyTite is awaiting FDA approval.