I want a BBL, and I have lost a lot of weight over the past year. Do I have enough fat?

queenbodygoals | Durham, NC | 4 months ago

I am 20. 220 lbs & 5’6. My bmi is 35.5 I have very thick thighs & fat stomach. I’ve hit a plateau. I have decided that I have done all that I can do weight wise without going insane. things I want to change: 1. I want a flat stomach 2. I want my back fat &love handles gone 3. I want arm fat gone 4. I want my body contoured to the point where my curves are very noticeable 5. I have no shelf on my butt. I Want volume at the top. 6. I have no cuff on my butt. I want volume at the bottom.

Dr. Christopher Chia* at bodySCULPT®‘ Answer

March 7th, 2015

Based on your BMI and photos, it appears that BBL would be a very good option to achieve two goals: 1. improve the contour by reducing areas where the fat is not wanted to improve your figure (make your waist smaller, for example) 2. add fat to add volume exactly on the buttocks where you want it to be. BBL is an excellent technique to not only add absolute volume to the buttocks but also to shape. In your case, you appear to have good volume in the lateral (side) aspects of the buttocks but can use volume superiorly (top) to get a more pronounced “shelf”, as you’ve mentioned. Fat can also be accurately placed on the bottom for more volume, too. You should have enough fat to get a nice result because, as you may already know, the surgeon will place about twice as much fat as ultimately required during the operation to make up for the amount of fat that will not ‘take’ or survive after transfer (this is normal). Getting a consult with a qualified plastic surgeon will inform you of your options and BBL appears to be a great choice.

*A board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan, NYC, Dr. Christopher T Chia performs Brazilian butt augmentation, often called a Brazilian butt lift that aims to lift the buttocks by augmenting the shape and volume, using the patient’s own fat. Dr. Chia is specialized in multiple procedure makeovers, thus helping patients restore a more youthful body and rejuvenate themselves.

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