3D Imaging Technology in Plastic Surgery

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Three-dimensional imaging technology offers important benefits for both patients and plastic surgeons. Surgeons use this tool in the consultation, prior to surgery. This visualization tool has proved to be indispensable in educating patients, enabling them to take appropriate decisions with confidence. Superior 3D plastic surgery imaging technology features a web-based 3D simulator that allows patients to try on different breast implant sizes and types (projecting the related cup sizes) and view them from any desired angle from the comfort of their home. This is also an innovative tool for planning rhinoplasty, Botox, facial procedures and many other aesthetic treatments.

Revolutionary 3D Imaging for Breast Augmentation

This advanced 3D imaging software helps the patients eliminate the guesswork about their appearance after the cosmetic surgery. It also helps improve their confidence by providing them with insights about the results to expect after surgery.

This first online 3D simulator for aesthetic procedures helps in recreating 3D images of the body or face of the patient. For instance, during the initial consultation for breast augmentation, the surgeon takes a series of photos of the body and uploads them to the 3D surgical imaging software application to create the simulated results obtained from trying on different implant sizes and types. The system also allows patients to upload their own photos which they can later view along with the surgeon during their consultation visit. For that, the patient has to upload three different 3D images. The simulated images will be then sent to the doctor before the patient arrives for the consultation.

At the time of consultation, patients can use the uploaded images to work together with the surgeon and take a better informed decision. The simulated images help the surgeon to communicate more easily with the patient and understand their needs based on which the surgical procedure can be planned. For fat transfer breast augmentation, this option helps the surgeon to evaluate the amount of fat needed to achieve the desired volume, paving the way for a better final outcome.

The important benefits that 3D imaging software offers the patient are:

  • Improves communication with the surgeon
  • Increases post-operative satisfaction
  • Helps improve safety and efficiency of the procedure
  • Helps patients maintain realistic expectations
  • Increases confidence when choosing a cosmetic procedure

In Manhattan, 3D plastic surgery imaging consultation is provided at reliable plastic surgery facilities. To ensure optimal results and safety, it is very important to select the right surgeon. To benefit from standardized, safe techniques and procedures, make sure that the plastic surgery facility you choose is AAAASF accredited. In a reliable surgical practice, patients are assured of customized care until complete recovery.