5 Tips for Easy Recovery after Breast Augmentation in New York City

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The demand for breast augmentation in New York City is gaining popularity rapidly with an increasing number of women undergoing the procedure each year. A report in Cosmetic Surgery highlights the fact that the demand for breast implants increased by 183% in 2015. This hike is because breast augmentation is a highly effective procedure that enhances the appearance of the breasts and provides a better breast contour that many women have benefited from. However, to enjoy a smooth recovery, there are some precautions to take.  Here are 5 tips that can make recovery from the plastic surgery faster.

  • Get back to daily activities slowly
    Taking a break from daily activities after breast augmentation is necessary. It is better to stay away from difficult and tough tasks to prevent any complication.  Pushing yourself into fast and risky jobs can harm your body and jeopardize the results.
  • Use a support system
    Physical and emotional support is essential during the recovery period. For some women, being compelled to take a downtime can cause anxiety and others who experience a longer healing time may become depressed. So, physical and emotional support from near and dear ones is very important during this time.
  • Prepare a recovery room
    Before going for the surgery make sure that your house is propitious for resting and relaxation that will aid in quick recovery. Coming to a tidy and tranquil room with clean bed sheets and environment helps fast healing. Relaxing the patient with movies and books, and keeping her entertained will also be helpful.
  • Deal with the  healing process patiently
    Dealing with the healing process may be a difficult task for some patients. Taking good care of the bruises, swelling and scars is very important. It will take a few months for complete recovery and following the plastic surgeon’s post-operation instructions will help you return to daily activities quickly.
  • Staying healthy
    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps healing faster. A nutritious and balanced diet is conducive for quick recovery. A good diet with protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables helps in maintaining a healthy body. Along with a healthy diet, proper exercise is also important.

An experienced plastic surgeon can perform breast augmentation successfully. Breast augmentation in NYC offers beautiful contouring of your breasts with minimum bruising, scarring and swelling.