6 Things to Remember When Opting for Plastic Surgery Overseas

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According to The New York Times, many Americans are travelling to other countries to undergo plastic surgery. Canada, Israel, UK, Singapore and Costa Rica are the most popular countries for cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgeries may be affordable in many countries but you cannot rule out the risk involved. As cosmopolitan.com reports, last year a Brazilian beauty was hospitalized twice due to a life-threatening infection she developed after getting a botched thigh injection. In April, a US woman who travelled to the Dominican Republic died after liposuction procedure. With these many risks involved, you should think twice before going abroad for plastic surgery. Here are six important things that everyone needs to know before choosing to travel overseas for a plastic surgery procedure.

  • Ensure that your surgeon is certified or accredited
    It is very important to look for a certified and experienced plastic surgeon providing services at a reliable and accredited plastic surgery center. Find out whether the surgeon is accredited with an organization such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. These organizations have rigorous requirements as regards training, certification, continuing medical education, and hospital privileges; they also allow international members to join in the organization. The process of certification however, varies from one country to another, which is very difficult to know. However, a membership in one of these organizations is proof that the surgeon is well- trained and has excellent qualifications.
  • Check with your doctor before you decide on any vacation activities around your surgery
    Pre and post recommendations of doctors may differ from one patient to another. Consult your doctor and consider his recommendation before booking for any vacation activities and also be careful about the activities that you engage in after the procedure.
  • Evaluate all the risks
    Even under the safest conditions, sometimes plastic surgeries can be risky. So think wisely before flying to another country for plastic surgery because if anything goes wrong you will have to fly all the way back to get it corrected. Another risk is that flying right after your surgery increases the risk of developing a blood clot.
  • Ask all relevant questions
    Ask questions and clarify all your doubts with the doctor so as to ensure that your procedure is done in the safest environment. If you find a clinic or doctor, do not stop with Google search. Find out whether the doctor is affiliated with a hospital, also about the local standards of care provided and what steps are taken in the event of any complication. Find out who would be responsible for paying for any additional treatments. If you are choosing a country where you don’t speak their local language, find someone who can help you communicate with the doctor and other medical professionals.
  • Identify the options that are available to you
    If you are in your home country, then you will be able to sue your doctors in case of any malpractice or if anything goes wrong with your surgery. The laws vary in every country, and so make sure you understand your legal rights before you make an appointment with a plastic surgeon in another country.
  • Consider why you are travelling abroad for plastic surgery
    The hike in medical tourism is largely fuelled by the prospect of getting top- notch medical care at affordable prices. Many people go abroad for plastic surgeries and are happy with the results. The results depend on where you go for the treatment and the doctor that you choose for the procedure. So make sure the clinic and surgeon you choose are ones you would trust implicitly with your life.