Achieve the Required Definition in the Chest Area with Pectoral Implants

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Sometimes even with frequent exercise men find that they are unable to achieve the chest definition that they desire. This has led to a significant surge in aesthetic chest surgery for men over the last few years. Pectoral implants surgery is provided at AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facilities in NYC for improving the chest contour of men. It has become a popular choice of men who want to look athletic and show off their sculpted, masculine chest. It is a good option for men who wish to add size and shape to their chest when traditional methods like weightlifting, dieting and exercise do not pay off.

How It Works

Male chest implant surgery helps men to firm up, sculpt and increase the size of their chest area. Pec implants are solid silicone implants that are inserted under the pectoral muscle to create a well-sculpted, attractive and natural-looking chest. In this procedure an incision is made in the armpit and a pocket is created beneath the pectoralis major muscle. The implants are then placed in the pockets and the muscle lining is sutured. Over time the implants becomes surrounded by the scar tissue pocket and provides a more masculine appearance.

When to Consider Male Chest Implants

Men choose to undergo pectoral implants surgery for cosmetic as well as medical reasons. Following are some of the conditions that make you a suitable candidate to have male pectoral implants.

  • Underdeveloped muscles that make you self conscious
  • Irregularity or asymmetry in the pectoral muscle
  • Lack of muscle type that allows enlarging the chest with exercise
  • Damage to the chest caused by an accident or injury and requires a reconstructive surgery

Pec implants for men are available in variety of shapes and sizes. These are made of solid silicone that is relatively soft and flexible and gives a natural look. As they are made of silicone gel, it prevents leak or tear of implants. Custom-designed implants can help in bringing about the desired contour for the chest. This treatment ensures:

  • Minimal injury to blood vessels, nerves, tendons and other tissues
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Quick healing and less discomfort

Choose an Experienced Surgeon

Choosing a trained and experienced surgeon is very important for pectoral implant surgery as it requires keen attention to detail for achieving optimal results. A minor displacement of implants could yield unnatural results. Search for experienced plastic surgeons in NYC who enjoy a good reputation in the community for the excellent results as well as personalized treatment plan they ensure their patients.