bodySCULPT® enhancing Cosmetic Surgery Consultation with 3D Imaging

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Advancements in 3D photographic and simulation technology allow patients to view the 3-dimensional simulations of the expected results before undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures. This useful facility is now available at bodySCULPT® in Manhattan, NYC. The plastic surgeons are utilizing 3D imaging technologies to better understand patients’ unique goals and explain their options to them.

The plastic surgeons at this established AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice work with advanced imaging technologies such as the Axis Three, VECTRA 3D and web-based 3D simulation technology. These systems allow surgeons and patients to visually communicate and cooperate on the surgical procedure outcomes for various facial rejuvenation, breast surgery and body sculpting procedures using photo realistic 3D images of the patient.

The Axis Three 3D platform features XS-300 and XS-400 scanners that capture high quality anatomically accurate images of the patient’s body characteristics for the simulation. VECTRA 3D imaging will help the patient to visualize what they would look like after the surgery of the face, breasts or body area considering for cosmetic surgical procedure. The innovative web-based 3D imaging technology allows the patient to upload their own photos to view the 3D simulation and also show them to the surgeon during the consultation visit. The simulated images can be compared side by side or rotated from any angle. This provides patients with more information and the confidence to choose the ideal solution. The use of such sophisticated 3D simulation technology improves safety and efficiency and enhances the consultation experience.

Prospective candidates who wish to learn more about the benefits of the 3D imaging facility at this reliable cosmetic surgical practice can schedule a consultation by calling its toll-free number or filling out the form on the ‘contact us’ page on the website. Those who live outside Manhattan can make use of the virtual consultation service to learn more about the treatments before their in-person consultation with the plastic surgeon.