bodySCULPT® Offering Natural Butt Augmentation Procedure in Manhattan, NYC

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Women who want attractive, natural-looking buttocks can benefit from gluteal augmentation at bodySCULPT® in Manhattan, New York City. This procedure, popularly known as Brazilian butt augmentation, uses the patient’s own fat to enhance the appearance of the derriere. It is an ideal option for women who want to avoid butt implants.

The plastic surgeons at this AAAASF-accredited surgical practice are experts in this technique that uses autologous tissue to create buttocks with a beautiful curvy contour. This natural buttock augmentation procedure involves removing excess fat from areas such as the abdomen and flanks, and purifying and injecting it into specific areas in the buttocks to achieve the desired results. Since the patient’s own fat is used, chances of rejection may be reduced. An added benefit of this procedure is that the donor site gets contoured as well. Local anesthesia is administered if the requirement is low volume fat transfer. The use of local anesthesia minimizes side effects and promotes faster recovery.

Using advanced technology and techniques, the surgeons at this reliable surgical practice focus on procedural effectiveness and patient safety. The innovative TouchView system is used to measure the extent of fat deposited and visualize the placement site of the fat. This also helps detect complications prior to the procedure, allowing the surgeon to take suitable safety precautions. Advanced 3D imaging technology is used at the initial consultation, which enables patients to view the proposed changes and participate more effectively in planning the surgery. The 3D platforms enhance the consultation process and allow the surgeons to provide customized solutions.

The benefits of having buttock augmentation at bodySCULPT® are

  • Optimal outcome with a natural feel and appearance
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Minimal risk of infection
  • Improved contour in the donor site
  • Less scarring and bleeding
  • Long-lasting results

Patients living outside New York City can benefit from the virtual consultation facility to learn more about the gluteal augmentation surgery at the practice before their office visit.