bodySCULPT® Offering Personalized Breast Lift Surgery in NYC

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An established plastic surgery practice based in NYC, bodySCULPT® offers advanced breast lift surgery for women looking to achieve an attractive bust line. The procedure addresses the sagginess and loss of proportion due to aging, breastfeeding or weight loss. The plastic surgeons here are skilled and experienced in advanced mastopexy techniques and provide treatment to restore a firmer, perkier, and more pleasing, youthful-looking shape to the breasts.

This cosmetic breast surgery procedure involves reshaping and tightening the breast tissue, removing excess, sagging skin, reducing stretched, large areolae, improving projection, and making wide breasts narrower or slightly smaller. In addition to sagging, it can address lack of symmetry, and tuberous breasts. bodySCULPT®’s surgeons are experts in using various techniques to perform the procedure.

The surgeons are focused on providing individualized breast lift procedures. Following a detailed evaluation, the surgeon will recommend the appropriate technique and incision pattern based breast size and shape, areola size and position, extent of sagging, skin quality and elasticity and the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed.

The goal would be to provide natural looking outcomes with the least scarring. Results are usually visible immediately and improve over a few months. Patients can also expect shorter procedural time, minimal discomfort and pain, reduced downtime, and dedicated follow-up at this reliable surgical practice.

The surgeons make the most of advanced techniques and resources at their disposal to provide patients with a safe and effective surgical experience. Women with depleted breast volume may be recommended breast augmentation in conjunction with the lift to enhance the outcome. The use of 3D imaging at the consultation allows women to visualize their results and collaborate with the surgeon to achieve their cosmetic goals.