Brazilian Butt Lift in Manhattan and Its Benefits

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All women may not be blessed with an appealing body contour. One of the major areas of concern is the derriere. Rounded, curvy buttocks contribute to the overall physical appeal of women. Flat buttocks and buttocks that lack volume cause a great deal of distress to women who are conscious about the way they look. A solution that can effectively address this problem is Brazilian butt lift — a procedure that is gaining popularity across the US. Brazilian butt lift in Manhattan is provided by leading plastic surgeons at their state-of-the-art plastic surgery facilities.

What Is Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is a plastic surgery procedure that is ideal for achieving curvier and fuller buttocks. The procedure involves removal of fat from other areas of the body where there is excess fat, and the removed fat is then purified and injected back into the buttocks. It provides a perkier and rounder derriere which improves the overall appearance. The fat can be taken from the stomach, flanks, thighs or hips. Fat transfer butt lift procedure also helps to maintain the ideal proportion and symmetry for the buttocks.

Advantages of Brazilian Butt lift

  • The main advantage of this procedure is that it does not involve incisions or inserting a foreign object. It uses the patient’s own fat and so there is minimal risk involved. Moreover, there is no chance of adverse reactions or rejection of the injected fat.
  • Another major benefit of this Brazilian butt augmentation is that it can be done in conjunction with other liposuction procedures. In this way, it helps to get rid of excess flab that you have accumulated on other parts of the body that act as the donor sites.

  • The other benefits are:

    • No incisions
    • Minimal recovery period
    • No hospital stay
    • No anesthesia
    • Minimal discomfort

A good candidate for this procedure would have adequate amount of fat in their body that can be removed and transferred to the buttocks. Plastic surgeons providing Brazilian butt lift in Manhattan utilize highly advanced butt lift techniques that can provide optimal results. An experienced plastic surgeon who is specialized in this field can provide the desired results and also ensure that the procedure is performed without any complications. Another good thing about having a reliable surgeon is you are also ensured follow-up care and advice on maintaining the good results achieved.