Brazilian Butt Lift, an Increasingly Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedure

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Aging, gravity, weight gain or loss, and pregnancy are all factors that make the buttocks droop and lose prominence. For those who seek a firm and youthful rear end, sometimes exercises just aren’t enough to achieve the desired results. Brazilian Butt Lift surgery offers the solution. This cosmetic surgery procedure involves using the patient’s own fat to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks, along with greater projection. As it uses the patient’s own tissue, results are natural looking.

How the Procedure is Performed

Ideal candidates for this procedure are those with a flat rear end, or sagging and poorly shaped buttocks due to excessive weight loss or other factors. The patient first undergoes liposuction to remove fat from areas of the body such as back, abdomen, hips and thighs. The fat tissues suctioned from these areas are carefully processed and purified for use in the enhancement. The fat is then injected into different areas of the buttocks and at various depths to achieve the highest permanent absorption rate. The result is perky, well-shaped buttocks proportionate to overall body contour.

What are the Benefits?

  • As the patient’s own fat tissue is used, chances of rejection are minimal
  • Helps avoid implant-related issues
  • Risk of infection are minimal
  • Less scars and discomfort
  • Liposuction helps to remove excess fat from the donor site, which trims and shapes the area

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Technology for Accurate Fat Placement

In reputable AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices, the plastic surgeons work with advanced technology to provide optimal results. For instance, the use of the TouchView Ultrasound Transducer for diagnostic imaging ensures accurate fat placement. The system has two components – the Touch View finger probe and the Terason 2000+T imaging platform that provide images of soft tissue. The Terason 2000+ ultrasound system allows the surgeon to precisely image and measure fatty tissue and muscle layer. It helps the surgeon decide where to place the fat and measure the quantity of fat deposited. The system is designed to work in the top 4 cm to 6 cm of tissue – from the dermis down through the superficial to deep fat layers. By detecting complications prior to the procedure, this technology also helps the surgeon to take suitable safety precaution.

Another innovative technology used in professional surgical practices is the Vectra® 3-D Imaging System. This technology allows the patients to visualize the changes to their hips, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks before the procedure is performed. It provides images from multiple angles and a more accurate result of what the body will look like. This improves the consultation experience as well as patient confidence.

As with any cosmetic surgical procedure, butt lift surgery involves some risks, but these are minimal with treatment at a reliable surgical practice with experienced plastic surgeons.