Breast Augmentation in NYC for Different Female Body Types

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Breast augmentation is one of the top performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the last two years and remained one of the top 5 procedures since the year 2000. It is a great option for women of various sizes and shapes who cherish a particular breast size. Women typically want to achieve fuller breasts that would highlight their figure. Aesthetic concerns related to the breasts include small breasts and asymmetric breasts. A more appealing breast contour and size can be achieved via breast augmentation in NYC. The procedure helps regain a more youthful appearance.

Breast Enhancement for 4 Different Body Types

The final outcome of a breast augmentation procedure depends on your particular anatomy as well as the expertise of your plastic surgeon. Let us look at what breast enhancement can offer for the following body types.

  • Straight
    Straight is the most common body type, sometimes also referred to as rectangle or ruler body shape. The hips and bust for this body shape are balanced, but women who want to enhance the breasts can opt for the procedure. The breast contour can be improved. Plastic surgeons may suggest a high breast size that matches the straight body type.
  • Inverted Triangle or Apple
    This is a body type with a wide chest, broad shoulders and tapered waist. It resembles the shape of an apple and hence known as apple body shape. Women of this body type usually have smaller breasts. With breast enhancement fuller breasts can be achieved, and the shoulders will look smaller and more feminine. It provides a balance between the breasts and the waist and gives an ideal body shape.
  • Hourglass
    Hourglass body type is the most desired body shape as it has the perfect proportion of chest, waist and hips. A minor breast enhancement for women with small breasts helps in achieving a fuller figure with dramatic curves.
  • Pear
    Some women have pear body type with hips wider than the shoulders, and a perfect waist. With breast implants the waist can be enhanced and thereby the overall appearance of the body can be improved. Moderate to low profile implants with a wider base than high profile implants may be recommended by the surgeon.
    When you are planning to get breast augmentation done, make sure that you choose an experienced and trained plastic surgeon in NYC. A good plastic surgeon would keep your body type and aesthetic goals in mind when performing the procedure to ensure the best outcome.