Breast Lift Procedures on the Rise Worldwide

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Breast lift surgery is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure that helps women restore their youthful curves. The procedure addresses saggy breasts and results in an attractive bust line. In 2015, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) issued an invitation to 35,000 plastic surgeons worldwide to participate in a survey to analyze cosmetic surgery trends. According to the results of the international survey the demand for breast lift surgery procedures is on the rise. The statistics show that there is an increasing interest in the procedure in the US.

How Breast Lift Surgery Helps

The procedure involves removing excess, sagging skin, reshaping and tightening the breast tissue, raising the nipple and areola into a more forward position, reducing stretched, and large areole and makes wide breasts narrower or slightly smaller. It is performed using different types of incisions such as incision around the areola, below the breast crease, and in the underarm. It effectively resolves sagging, tuberous breasts, asymmetrical breasts, and nipples pointing downward, and provides a firmer and perkier appearance. Results are immediately visible, improve over a few months, and last long.

Breast Lift Surgery Statistics – 2014-2015

A total of 498,957 breast lift procedures were performed worldwide in 2014 and in 2015, this number rose to 512,248 procedures. The treatment was the seventh most popular globally in 2015 and comprised about 5.3% of the total surgical procedures performed. Interestingly, it has retained its position as the 7th most popular procedure for the past 3 years. As in 2014, the US was the country with the highest number of breast lift surgery procedures in 2015.

Total Breast Lift in 2015 USA Brazil South Korea India Mexico Germany Colombia France Italy
512,248 106,535 80,520 8,101 9,052 21,902 15,271 16,321 14,421 7,160
Total Breast Lift in 2014 USA Brazil Japan South Korea Mexico Germany France Colombia
498,957 108,864 80,836 4,775 4,971 18,492 15,821 16,426 13,718

Role of a Skilled Breast Lift Surgeon

If you are planning to undergo breast lift in NYC, make sure you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon who is specialized in the procedure. The right surgeon will provide personalized solutions that meet your expectations and preferences. The surgeon will recommend the incision pattern and technique that best suits your body and breast anatomy. If you have volume deficiency, an experienced NYC plastic surgeon may recommend that you have breast augmentation in conjunction with the lift to improve the overall outcome. At established practices, you can choose from FDA approved silicone gel, saline, gummy bear or IDEAL implants for augmentation.