Buttock Augmentation Using Fat Transfer for Natural Looking Results

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Achieving a firm, proportionate body with well-shaped buttocks is every woman’s dream. Like liposuction to remove excess fat, buttock augmentation has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. A major reason for this is that enhancing the size and shape of a woman’s posterior is possible without the need for invasive surgery to insert butt implants. Buttock enhancement with fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) is an innovative procedure that makes use of the patient’s own fat to enhance the buttocks and with attractive, natural-looking results.

Fat Grafting for an Attractive Derriere

Gluteal augmentation surgery using fat transfer can result in a firm, rounded and more youthful looking posterior. The plastic surgeon will first harvest fat cells from areas of the body where it is available in excess through liposuction, typically the abdomen, thighs or flanks. The donor site is numbed using local anesthesia and excess fat is extracted using minimally invasive liposuction techniques. The extracted fat is processed and purified for maximum survival and then injected into specific areas of the buttocks and at diverse depths in order to achieve the maximum permanent absorption rate. This results in a fuller more attractive posterior.

Since the patient’s own fat is used the chances of rejection are minimal. An added benefit of this procedure is the contouring of the donor site. In addition to enhancing size and contour, this procedure can also effectively address gluteal asymmetry.

To determine the position for fat placement and also the quantity of fat deposited, plastic surgeons use advanced technology such as TouchView Ultrasound Transducer. This system uses a sensitive, lightweight probe that works on the top 4 cm to 6 cm of the tissue from the dermis down through the superficial to deep fat layers.  In addition to helping to determine the areas where the fat needs to be placed, it provides an idea on the extent of fat deposited. It also detects complications prior to the procedure, which would allow the surgeon to take suitable safety precautions. By providing precise measurements, this technology allows more accurate and safe sculpting.

Some swelling, bruising and slight discomfort is typical following the procedure. In order to prevent fat damage, the surgeon may advice the patient to avoid prolonged sitting for about two weeks. As there are no large incisions and stitches, recovery time is also short.

Benefits of Fat Transfer Buttock Enhancement

  • Reduced chances of rejection
  • Implant-related complications can be avoided
  • Provides a natural feel and appearance
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Minimal risk of infection
  • Improves shape of the donor site
  • Less scarring and bleeding
  • Improved body profile

In reliable AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practices, plastic surgeons use Axis Three 3D and VECTRA 3D technology during the initial consultation. These platforms provide a preview of the results before the procedure is performed, allowing the surgeon to develop a personalized surgical plan and improving patient confidence.