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Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon in NYC

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The number of plastic surgery procedures performed every year is increasing. Achieving desired results would be possible only if the procedure is performed by a surgeon with experience in that particular field. For instance, breast implant surgery is best performed by a cosmetic breast surgeon. NYC is home to expert plastic surgeons who provide treatment in high-tech surgical practices. However, you would still have to choose the right physician to benefit from safe procedures and optimal results. It’s important to find a surgeon with whom are comfortable, who understands your requirements and, most importantly, is experienced in the procedure.

Tips to Select a Cosmetic Surgeon

With advanced medical technology, cosmetic surgery has become safer and much more effective. Getting it done by the right surgeon would allow you to benefit from the best results. If you have made the decision to go ahead, begin your selection process by asking friends, family or relatives who may have undergone plastic or cosmetic surgery for references. Here are some guidelines to help you select a reliable surgeon:

  • Experience and Qualifications – This is a very important consideration, but sadly enough, it is often overlooked when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. You must check to ensure that your surgeon has proper qualifications and can legally practice plastic surgery. Although many surgeons perform an array of procedures and are skilled to do them all, there are certain surgeries that require a higher level of experience. He/she should have sufficient experience in performing the cosmetic procedure you plan to undergo. Ensure that the surgeon is knowledgeable and well-versed in utilizing the latest technology.
  • Practice Credibility – Confirm that the cosmetic surgeon you are considering performs the procedure in a reputable AAAASF-accredited surgical practice. Check out the facilities available, including staff.  The environment should be hygienic, comfortable and congenial and ensure patient safety and privacy.
  • Evaluate Skill – The surgeon’s skill in surgery can be evaluated from before and after pictures of patients. Though the outcome can vary based on individual considerations, examining the results of surgeries performed can give you a good idea about the surgeon’s skill. If possible, contact patients who have had surgery at that particular surgical practice. This could help with such evaluation.
  • Comfort Level – Make sure that you are comfortable when discussing your goals and other matters with the physician, who should help you feel relaxed and confident. Reliable plastic surgeons usually take great effort to make their patients understand all details regarding the procedure they are planning to undergo. They will also explain the importance of maintaining realistic expectations.
  • Initial Consultation – Once you have finalized the surgeon, the initial consultation can help you take the final decision. During the consultation, see if the surgeon understands your requirements and expectations, ensures your expectations are realistic, and explains the procedure in detail, including the potential risks involved.

When selecting a plastic surgeon in NYC, make sure they have all the surgical facilities needed to provide the treatment and that the facility in which the treatment is provided is AAASF-accredited. This will help confirm adherence to the necessary safety standards.  Reliable surgeons will strive to make the surgery a comfortable for their patients. Following the surgeon’s instructions carefully will help maintain the outcome from the surgery.


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