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Consider Facelift Surgery to Improve Facial Contour

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If your face has started showing the signs of aging, then anti-aging miracle creams may not help you address them effectively. Rather than wasting time and money on such products, it is better to go for safe and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery such as facelift. Face lift surgery can successfully get rid of your saggy face muscles and facial wrinkles. This procedure is provided in Manhattan, New York City by trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons. Facial signs of aging affect women more than men and a face lift can ensure them a firmer neck and jaw line. When the sagging skin is removed, and the facial muscles are tightened, the overall facial contour is naturally improved. A single procedure usually offers long-lasting results.

The Face Lift Procedure

This cosmetic procedure involves the lifting up of the facial skin and muscles, which will make your facial skin tighter and smoother. Excess fat is removed through facial liposuction. The treatment can be provided for specific parts that include the lower regions of the face, neck and brow area; or you can go for a complete face lift. Plastic surgeons prefer using BodyTite, the radiofrequency liposuction device to perform the procedure. This ensures efficiency of treatment, safety and minimal recovery time.

  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia
  • Minimal discomfort, minimal swelling and bleeding
  • Quick and safe procedure
  • Quick return to work
  • Minimal downtime

Laser Lift for Reversing the Signs of Aging

Plastic surgeons at reliable plastic surgery facilities provide both surgical treatments and minimally invasive facelifts to effectively treat areas such as the jowls, jaw line and neck. Precision Tx is an advanced laser technology that is used to provide laser lift that reverses the signs of aging by lifting and tightening the lower face, improving the skin tone and texture, reducing wrinkles and restoring the youthful look. Precision Tx is manufactured by Cynosure and is an Nd:YAG 1440nm wavelength laser that is incorporated with proprietary side-firing SideLaze800 TM laser fiber and ThermaGuide TM. The laser energy coagulates the tissue and tightens the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin as well as the underlying tissue. The temperature of the tissue being treated is monitored by the ThermaGuide system. The procedure ensures safe and superior results and long-lasting results.

Facelift surgery is thus a good option for both men and women troubled by facial signs of aging. A good plastic surgeon can ensure attractive aesthetic results that are long-lasting.


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