Enhance Your Chest Contour with Pectoral Implants

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Just as women, men are also increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of having an attractive physique. Many men strive to develop their pectoral muscles to achieve a well-toned appearance. Some men are blessed with an athletic appearance, but some others work out extensively and are still unable to develop their pectoral muscles. There is an effective solution available now in the form of pectoral implant surgery. Pectoral implants for men are designed to provide men with the desired muscle tone and chest definition.

Reasons to Get Pectoral Implants

Pectoral implants are solid silicone implants that come in different sizes and shapes to mimic the pectoral muscles. It is one of the most popular methods for improving chest contour. The main reasons why men go for pec implant surgery are:

  • A more defined and muscular chest improves a man’s attractiveness and is also a symbol of manliness and strength.
  • It also improves their self esteem and self confidence.
  • To correct under developed or asymmetrical chest muscles by birth or by an accident.
  • Lack of muscle type which allows enlarging the chest with exercise

The Pectoral Implant Procedure

Before the procedure, the physician will help you make a choice from different sizes and types of implants available, which will ideally suit the curves and shape of your chest muscles.

  • An incision is made in the armpit.
  • A pocket is created under the pectoral muscles and the implant is inserted into the pocket.
  • The implants are kept in place by the overlying chest muscles and the sutures used to close the incision.
  • The muscle functions are not hindered and allow patients to continue their daily activities after healing.

Typically done under general anesthesia, this cosmetic surgery can be completed in 1 -2 hours. It can be performed in a hospital or the surgery suite in a plastic surgery practice as an outpatient procedure. The candidate can go home after the surgery.

Recovery and Results

For a complete recovery, you may need around 6 months, but most activities can be resumed within a period of one month. Most people are pleased with the results of their pectoral implant surgery, and the implants are designed to last a lifetime. The results may vary with different individuals.

Pectoral implants for men create more definition to the chest area and improve the chest contour. Only an experienced plastic surgeon can determine the right implant size that will give you the best results. Make sure that you discuss the changes you want with your doctor to ensure that they are achievable and reasonable. You can consult a good plastic surgeon in Manhattan, NYC who is recognized for offering safe and effective procedures that provide attractive and natural-looking results.

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