Gain Sculpted Buttocks with VASER Brazilian Butt Lift

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A round, well-contoured posterior surely improves the overall appearance of women. Women who want a more substantial rear end can benefit from VASER Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure involves extracting fat from your body areas where there is extra fat and injecting it into the buttocks to provide a beautifully sculpted derriere. With the emergence of this procedure, excess body fat that has been a problem is becoming part of an effective solution. Fat is a readily available substance that is economical, and long-lasting in addition to providing a natural feel and look. Best of all, it doesn’t cause any adverse immunologic reactions.

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks to Enhance Volume and Contour

Brazilian Butt lift under local anesthesia (BBLULA) is a safe and advanced VASER liposuction technology that can be used to harvest fat cells from different areas of the body. This procedure selectively targets and breaks down the fat cells without harming the surrounding blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves. The main advantage of this procedure is that it takes only two hours to complete and patients recover quickly.

  • Fat is harvested from areas of excess fat via tumescent liposuction and is purified.
  • Local anesthesia is administered to numb the buttocks while the patient remains awake.
  • The purified fat is injected into the buttocks to improve their structure.
  • The fat is injected into different layers of muscle and fat at different depths so that the fat cells are closer to a blood supply and are more likely to survive.

Who Is a Candidate for VASER Brazilian Butt Lift?

Many women want to enhance their buttocks and have a more rounded rear side with butt lift surgery, but it is important to meet certain criteria to qualify for this procedure.

  • Be in good health for quick recovery from surgery and anesthesia that is used for the procedure.
  • Have realistic expectations from the surgery and be in good mental health.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking as it can compromise your ability to heal from the surgery.
  • Have stable weight because weight fluctuations can reverse your results.

With VASER Brazilian Butt Lift, patients can enjoy a quicker recovery and scarless results. In this procedure there is no concern about the body rejecting the injected fat. With this plastic surgery patients get to enjoy a double benefit — not only do they have the desired volume added to their buttocks but also have unwanted fat deposits removed from specific body parts such as the hips, abdomen or thighs.

The Brazilian butt lift has never been more popular than at present. If you have decided to undergo butt lift surgery, approach a trained and experienced plastic surgeon for excellent results. Read patients’ testimonials that can help you learn more about the surgeon or go through the photographs of the surgeries the surgeon has done. The right plastic surgeon will make you feel comfortable during the procedure and also reduce the chance of any complications.