Growth and Development of the Global Anti-aging Market

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Aging is a natural process that negatively impacts your natural, youthful fullness. As you age, visible lines form on the face and the skin becomes thinner and drier. The main reason for aging is biomedical changes. Aging can be natural or caused by extrinsic factors.

Natural aging is caused due to:

  • Reduced production of collagen
  • Declined cellular regeneration
  • Reduced exfoliation

Extrinsic aging is caused due to:

  • Ultraviolet exposure for long duration
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Poor diet and lack of antioxidants vitamins

All these factors lead to thinning and sagging of skin. The loss of elastic tissue causes the skin to hang loosely. It is prone to get easily bruised. Aging signs can be removed to a great extent through cosmetic surgery procedures, and anti-aging products.

The anti-aging global market is growing significantly; this is because of the boom in geriatric population and innovation of effective and technologically advanced anti-aging products and services. According to the World Health Organization, the population of people who are 60 years old and above is expected to increase by 15% in 2050. This will accelerate the growth of anti-aging products and services.

Anti-aging Market – Categorization

The anti-aging market is categorized based on products, services and devices. A number of anti aging products are available in the market – anti-aging creams, wrinkle lift lotions, hair color, anti-stretch mark products, UV absorbers and so on. Another set of anti-aging products are Botox and dermal fillers.These are injected into the treatment area, and work by removing lines and wrinkles that create an aged look. These affordable options give the cheeks a rounded, youthful appearance, add volume to the lips and give a smooth appearance to the skin.

Eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, chemical peel, hair restoration services are among the treatments provided to reduce the physical signs of aging.

Anti-aging market devices include radiofrequency devices, laser devices, ultrasonic devices, anti-cellulite treatment devices and microdermabrasion devices.

Growth of the Anti-aging Market – Influential Factors

  • Increasing aging population
  • Increasing personal care expenditure
  • Improved sedentary lifestyle
  • Innovation of safe and effective anti aging products and services

In addition to this, the following factors also boost the growth of the anti-aging market in the forecasted period.

  • Increasing prevalence of obesity
  • Increase in disposable income
  • Increasing awareness of aging signs

Studies show that the use of anti-aging products and services is going to increase in the coming years. North America will be leading the global anti-aging market in the immediate future followed by India, China and the Asia- Pacific region.