Look Younger with Breast Augmentation in Manhattan

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Sensuous-looking breasts are considered a great asset for women, and the right breast volume and contour can do wonders for the female body. Many common aesthetic concerns of the breast can be addressed successfully with a safe and popular cosmetic procedure, breast augmentation surgery. This procedure corrects conditions such as small breasts, flat breasts and asymmetric breasts. Many women lose their breast volume after pregnancy or major weight loss, and some women have under-developed breasts. In all such cases, breast enhancement can restore natural-looking, sensuous breasts that will make you look younger. Manhattan is an ideal destination if you are looking to undergo this procedure because there are state-of-the-art plastic surgery facilities there where experienced plastic surgeons provide the procedure.

Breast Enhancement Techniques

Breast augmentation in Manhattan involves using breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of your breasts. It can:

  • Enhance the fullness and projection of your breast
  • Boost your self confidence and esteem
  • Improve the balance of your figure

It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries as it improves the overall appearance of your body. There are various procedures available for enhancing the breasts.

  • Fat transfer: This is one of the best options for women, and doesn’t have any side effects. Excess fat from areas like the abdomen, waist or hips is removed and injected into the breasts to provide a fuller appearance. The chance of rippling, leakage or rupture is very rare with this technique.
  • Breast implants: This procedure uses saline, silicone gel, gummy bear or ideal implant that is inserted directly behind the breast tissue over the pectoral muscle, or under the pectoral muscle. The method for inserting and positioning the implant depends on the degree of enlargement required, type of implant, your body type, and your plastic surgeon’s recommendations.
  • Composite breast augmentation: This is a procedure that combines breast implant and fat grafting. This gives a more natural and softer appearance to the breasts. This procedure is also called lipoimplant augmentation.

Procedure Benefits

Breast augmentation has the following benefits:

  • Safe and effective
  • Requires only local anesthesia
  • No serious risks or complications
  • Pain free and no scarring or bruises
  • Minimal downtime
  • Excellent results

For effective shaping of the breast, 3D imaging technology is used nowadays at reliable plastic surgery facilities in Manhattan. This is to help patients visualize how their breasts will look after the augmentation and enable the surgeon to make necessary changes if needed. Axis three, and Vectra 3D are among the imaging technology used for better results. If you have decided to undergo this plastic surgery, ensure that you choose the right doctor who is trained and experienced. This will help eliminate the possibility of any risk or complications and also increases patient satisfaction.

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