Manhattan Plastic Surgery Practice Offering Advanced Male Breast Reduction Procedure

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A reliable AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice based in Manhattan, bodySCULPT® offers advanced male breast reduction procedures for men. The treatment addresses the excessive growth of male breast tissue, the condition referred to as gynecomastia.

The plastic surgeons are experts in gynecomastia treatment and use advanced techniques to resolve excessive build-up of fat and tissue in the male breast and help patients achieve a manly physique. The procedure involves removing the excess fat and tightening the skin to restore the natural male chest contour. The treatment also improves the appearance and position of the areolas.

At this surgical practice, male breast reduction surgery is performed using minimally invasive liposuction modalities such as BodyTite RFAL (radio frequency assisted liposuction) device or the FDA-approved SmartLipo Triplex laser system. This minimizes surgical trauma and pain, and promotes quicker recovery.

For men who have lost a significant amount of weight, the surgeons offer an innovative approach to gynecomastia treatment referred to as the ‘Boomerang’ technique. This is often performed as part of comprehensive body contouring treatment for better results. In boomerang gynecomastia correction, a series of opposing elliptical excisions are made to get rid of excess skin and the resultant tight skin closure reveals the superficial muscular bulk.

Treatment at bodySCULPT® comes with the following benefits:

  • Only local anesthesia is administered
  • Minimal risks and complications
  • Short downtime
  • Quicker recovery
  • Optimal outcome enhances confidence and self-esteem

The surgeons and staff are focused on ensuring that patients have comfortable treatment experience. They provide guidance and support right from initial consultation through to complete recovery. The surgeons study individual goals and preferences to provide customized solutions.