Mommy Makeover – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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A healthy diet and regular exercise regimen help most women to get back in shape after childbirth. However, this does not work for all women and the failure to restore their pre-pregnancy figure affects their confidence and self-esteem. In many cases, this happens because they do not find the time to care for themselves due to their new responsibilities, often resulting in improper diets and lack of proper exercise. The package of cosmetic procedures called the mommy makeover is designed to resolve such issues and help women regain their pre-pregnancy shape. The popularity of this procedure has soared in recent times and to overcome the apprehensions that women may have about going in for the treatment, we provide the answers to some FAQs.

  • What is a mommy makeover? This is a blend of different cosmetic procedures designed to help women to restore the youthful looking body they had before pregnancy and childbirth. The treatment addresses different postpartum changes such as loss of breast volume, breast sagginess and loose skin, excess skin in the abdominal area, stubborn deposits of fat in various areas, stretch marks and wrinkles.
  • What are the procedures in a mommy makeover? This depends on individual actual aesthetic concerns. The procedures generally included are a breast lift to address saggy breasts, breast augmentation to restore volume, tummy tuck to get rid of excess fat and tighten skin in the abdominal area and liposuction to treat stubborn fat pockets and enhance body contour.
  • Am I a good candidate? You should be healthy with no serious medical conditions. You need to have a healthy lifestyle and not smoke. Importantly, you should be finished having children and have a stable body weight.
  • Is it a one-stage procedure? It may involve more than one stage, depending on the areas to be treated and the procedures involved.
  • What is the ideal time for the treatment? It is important not to rush into the treatments. Give your body some time to get back to normal. Wait until your body weight is stable and not fluctuating. And as mentioned earlier, wait till you complete having children.
  • What if I have kids after the procedure? Pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding can all affect the results of the treatment. Having the procedure after you have finished having children would provide a longer lasting outcome.
  • Are there any risks involved? All cosmetic surgical procedures involve risks. With a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon and the use of minimally-invasive technologies, risks of complications would be minimal.
  • When can I resume normal activities? This may take around 4 to 6 weeks, though the actual time would vary from case to case depending on individual considerations and the type of procedures involved. Personalized care and dedicated follow up can speed up recovery. It is also important that you adhere to post-surgical instructions.

Have Your Mommy Makeover in Manhattan

There are established practices in Manhattan offering effective mommy makeovers tailored to meet specific needs. A reliable surgeon will provide satisfactory answers to all your queries and help you take an informed decision.