Planning Your “Big Reveal” after Tummy Tuck in NYC

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Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and tightens sagging skin and muscles, resulting in a firm and trim abdomen. The pot belly that remains after pregnancy or massive weight loss can be rectified by tummy tuck in NYC that is offered at leading plastic surgery practices. The plastic surgeons utilize advanced techniques to extract stubborn fat and improve your abdominal contour.

Many people invest time and resources in tummy tuck to look natural but it needs great patience and care to recover from the plastic surgery. Although you may be eager to show off your new figure, it is important to prepare yourself before the “big reveal”.

Before going on to the topic of the right time to stage a public appearance after abdominoplasty, let us look at the procedure and how it is done. In NYC, plastic surgeons utilize innovative body sculpting workstations to provide this procedure and contour the body to perfection.

  • BodyTite: This technique uses radiofrequency energy for removing excess fat and skin tightening.
  • Smartlipo Triplex: This is a workstation that uses three unique laser wavelengths – 1320nm, 1440nm, and 1064nm to liquefy the fat and provide excellent tightening of the skin.
  • Vaserlipo: This is an innovative technique that uses ultrasound technology to break down fat with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues.

What to Expect and What to do

Don’t maintain high expectations regarding the results from the plastic surgery. The right motivation and realistic expectations are the key to successful plastic surgery. In the initial days after surgery, there may be swelling and bruising in the abdominal region. During this time don’t try your close-fitting clothes as there is least chance of fitting into them, and this can discourage you and make you pessimistic. Even the best surgeons will not be able to deliver optimal results if the patient has wrong motivation or unrealistic expectations.

To maintain your ideal figure it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and good exercise. In the initial days it is safe to restrict to light walking. After a month’s gap, you can move further to low impact aerobics, inclined walking, elliptical training, upright biking etc. By 3 months after the surgery, majority of your scarring and swelling will be gone and you can get back to your daily routine without any complication.

The recovery time varies from individual to individual. Minimal scarring and bruising are expected around the mid section of your abdominal region. A minimum gap of 3 to 4 months is necessary for complete recovery so that you can get back to your daily activities.

When planning for your big reveal, the best option is to wait for 6 months. This period of time is enough for you to recover from all the scars and bruises and show off your well-contoured and chiseled body at the poolside party or beach party with confidence and pride.

Make sure that you approach a good surgeon for your tummy tuck procedure in NYC. An experienced surgeon makes sure that the incisions are minimal, and are made in areas that would ensure hidden scars and quick healing.