Plastic Surgery Practices Keen to Improve Patient Experience

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Established plastic surgery practices offer personalized solutions to improve all types of aesthetic concerns people. This is encouraging more and more men and women to have plastic surgery to enhance their appearance and self-confidence. People choose a surgeon and surgical practice based on many factors such as the physician’s expertise and accreditation, experience in the procedure they are interested in, and so on. Now, in addition to all this, ambience is also proving to be an important consideration when it comes to the selection of the surgical center or practice. And leading centers are going all out to improve the patient experience by ensuring a comfortable, welcoming ambience where patients can relax. The cosmetic surgeon’s office and treatment rooms are no longer staid, uninteresting places with a clinical feel.

Studies indicate that a person’s immediate environment has a deep impact his or her level of comfort and anxiety. Most people are not at ease when they plan to have a surgical procedure and find themselves stressed when they enter a new environment. To ease anxiety and help patients feel completely relaxed, surgical centers are equipping themselves with all kinds of facilities. For instance, some modern combination medical offices even feature a spa, sports bar and smoking lounge where men can unwind while having treatments. More than just entertainment, this would help them feel that they are putting their time to good use. Some have refreshment centers and in-office surgery patients may be offered reading material or headphones and music to distract attention from the treatment. Offices and exam rooms have soothing colors and non-clinical artwork. Some even arrange convenient transportation for outpatients.

Plastic surgery is elective and patients tend to see themselves as customers rather than patients. Surgical centers focused on patient satisfaction certainly have an edge over others devoted only to providing treatments. The ambience of the practice and quality of its staff and facilities is true indication of the kind of cosmetic surgery services you can expect to receive. If you are planning on having a surgical, minimally invasive or non-invasive cosmetic procedure, here are some critical services that you should look for to choose the ideal office:

  • You are comfortable with the surgeon and staff as well as the surgery center
  • You feel relaxed and at ease as soon as you enter the office as the staff is courteous, friendly and helpful
  • You are not made to wait for a long time and you a quick response to your concerns
  • You can communicate easily with the surgeon, who provides you with information on the treatment and provides clear answers to your questions

Many plastic surgeons also have distinctive work styles. They offer virtual consultations. Patients can log in from their home or office from any location to provide personal information or learn more about the treatment before their in-office medical consultation, which saves the time and travel-related expenses.

More than just the advanced techniques for the procedure, plastic surgery practices are offering many other facilities to provide a pleasing treatment experience.