Popular Non-Invasive Procedures

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Noninvasive cosmetic procedures are gaining popularity as they involve little or no downtime, have minimal side effects, and provide results that are immediately visible. These treatments do not involve any surgery. Reliable plastic surgery practices offer a wide range of such treatments to help improve physical appearance. These include nonsurgical procedures to remove excess fat from areas such as abdomen, love handles, back, arms, hips, buttocks, thighs, and knees and also treatments to rejuvenate the skin, eyelids, cheeks and face.

Non-invasive Body Sculpting Treatments

Non-invasive body contouring procedures can reduce the stubborn, diet and exercise resistant localized fat bulges with no surgery and little or no downtime. The results are quickly visible and last long. Popular non-surgical body sculpting technologies include:

  • InMode – This versatile platform features several attachments that can be combined to provide two or more cosmetic procedures such as fractional skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal and body shaping. The treatments that can be provided via this technology are:
    • Fractora – This is a bipolar radio frequency fractional treatment used to treat areas such as the lower and upper eyelid, laugh lines, cheeks, mouth and neck for skin resurfacing. It can rejuvenate the skin; improve the wrinkles, scars, skin tone and increases collagen production to provide a more youthful appearance.
    • Diolaze – This painless laser is used to remove unwanted hair by combining high peak power, optimal pulsing and large spot size — all in one session. This treatment can result in a significant reduction in hair growth for a smooth and hair-free skin.
    • BodyFX – This alternative to traditional liposuction reshapes the body and tightens the skin by removing the fat cells through a combination of modalities such as radio frequency energy, deep tissue preheating and suction-coupled negative pressure.
    • Lumecca – Skin conditions such as pigmentation, superficial blood vessels, and diminished texture can be effectively treated with this procedure. It improves aging skin and rectifies pigmentation irregularities by reducing cellulite.
  • CoolSculpting – This is a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that uses novel cryolipolysis technology to remove the excess from the targeted area. It removes fat permanently by freezing it and without harming the surrounding tissue. The fat cells are eliminated naturally from the body and as they do not return, the area looks slimmer and tighter.
  • VASERshape – This modality uses a combination of ultrasonic therapy and zonal lymphatic massage to drain away excess fat from troublesome areas and increase the metabolic rate, providing a firmer, smoother appearance.
  • Liposonix – This treatment involves the use of high intensity ultrasound to remove stubborn fat. It only heats the targeted fat tissue and removes it through body’s natural healing process, resulting in a slimmer, toned body.
  • Vanquish – This revolutionary radio-frequency device utilizes radio frequency energy to heat and destroy fat cells without causing damage to the skin or surrounding muscles or tissues.

Non–invasive procedures can provide results that are immediately visible, with less pain and recovery time. For superior results, choose a qualified surgeon with experience in performing the procedure. Treatment in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice will ensure adherence to industry regulations on surgical standards and patient safety.