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Recovery after CoolSculpting Zeltiq in NYC – What to Expect

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Stubborn fat pockets that are unresponsive to diet and exercise are always a concern for men and women looking to shape up their body. CoolSculpting Zeltiq is a widely accepted option among individuals looking for a solution for fat reduction without going under the knife. This non-invasive technique uses controlled cooling to freeze and remove unwanted fat cells. You can achieve the body of your dreams in virtually no downtime. Safe and natural-looking results can be obtained without any complications of an invasive surgery. This FDA-cleared fat reduction technology offers noticeable and lasting results.

CoolSculpting Procedure – What Does It Involve?

The plastic surgeon applies a specially designed cooling applicator to the area where there is excess fat. The process selectively targets the localized fat deposits which are then frozen and destroyed. The technique is FDA approved to treat areas such as the abdomen, love handles, bra rolls, muffin-tops, chin and neck. Unlike other areas, a more delicate, scaled-down applicator — CoolMini™ is used to treat double chin. This destroys the fat cells without aggravating the surrounding nerves, located along the jaw line. A typical procedure may take 1 to 3 hours to complete, and it may take longer depending on the particular area of treatment.

What Will the Recovery Period Be Like?

The highlighted benefit of this non-invasive fat reduction treatment is that you can achieve the desired results with virtually no downtime. Let us see more details on what you can expect during the recovery period after CoolSculpting.

  • As the treatment does not involve incisions, you will not have any injured surrounding tissues or the complications associated with an invasive surgery.
  • As there are no cuts or stitches involved in the CoolSculpting procedure, you may not probably face any downtime.
  • This non-invasive method is performed without administering any anesthesia and so there are no related risks.
  • Unlike other fat reduction procedures, no pain medications are advised as the treatment is virtually pain free.
  • You may face deep pulling, sensations of tugging, and pinching in the treatment area due to the vacuum pressure. As soon as the area becomes numb, the associated stinging, tingling, aching or cramping subsides.
  • You can stay wake and feel relaxed during the treatment and even spend the time reading magazines or newspapers.
  • You can resume normal activities as soon as the procedure gets completed.

Are you planning for CoolSculpting Zeltiq in NYC? You should find the right surgeon to perform the treatment. That is important to experience a successful outcome and enjoy all the benefits. Even a single treatment can offer you noticeable results and you can opt for additional procedures in 2 to 4 months time to improve the outcome.


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