Refine Your Figure with Vaser Liposuction

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Vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery that eliminates excess fat from your body that is resistant to even the strictest diet and exercise regimen. This procedure is suitable for both men and women for precise sculpting of the body. Among various technologies available for body contour, vaser lipo is one of the most effective procedures. This procedure can be performed on large as well as small areas of the body including the abdomen, thighs, arms, neck, face, chin and knees.

Vaserlipo is a procedure where a tumescent liquid or saline solution along with local anesthetics is injected into the body through a small incision to numb and expand the layers of tissue, which enables to remove the fat cells easily. The probe inserted underneath the skin emits high energy ultrasound waves that liquefy the fat and tighten the skin. The treatment leaves the surrounding connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels unharmed.   The recovery period for this procedure is minimal as it does not involve any large incisions or stitches. Patients can get back to their daily activities a few days after the procedure. This plastic surgery procedure improves the overall appearance of the treated areas. It can remove large quantities of fat, correct irregularities from previous procedures and sculpt delicate body parts precisely.


Vasershape is an ultrasonic body contouring technology that treats stubborn fat and restores your youthful body.  It combines ultrasound therapy and zonal lymphatic massage to warm the connective tissue and improve local blood circulation. It is the only non-invasive procedure that combines ultrasound and massage therapy for safe and effective contouring of the body. This body sculpting procedure can be performed on body parts like the arms, abdomen, flanks, hips, buttocks and thighs. This procedure provides long-lasting results with maximized comfort. Only local anesthesia is required and side effects are minimal.

This minimally invasive liposuction has the following benefits:

  • Quick and visible results
  • Less scaring and bruising
  • Reduced trauma
  • Faster recovery
  • Less treatment time

The ideal candidates for this procedure are people who are near their ideal weight.  If you consider to undergo vaserlipo in NYC, make sure that you spend some time with the surgeon and discuss what you actually want and what is best suitable for you. Ensure that your surgeons are trained and experienced and also go through the before and after photos of the surgeries they have performed. This will minimize the chances for any complications and also improve patient satisfaction.